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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

After all this time!

Just when I finally get an idea ( not even funny one at that...) on what to draw for my comic strip. My housemate got home from his hometown and bugging me to give back his internet line..


oh well.. at least I did get to finish one piece before I go hiatus again....

the other kenny will be back!! It would take another few months or years maybe..
but I will be back!!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

WOW!! I'm back!! kinda..

Phew.. I'm back!!
for a while only la..

Before you guys go on and say "I thought you're dead?" or "Huh? what? who are you again?" I want to tell you that I've been on a mission.

To find all the unanswered questions of the universe!! by meditating!!! up on some mountain somewhere!!!

After months of meditating, I've realised that I have better chance of finding the answers on the internet... :(

anyway, that's not really the case.. I'm just to lazy to drag my ass to some noisy IT savvy Ah Bengs filled internet cafe to update my blog.
Man, I really should apply for a line...

My housemate Hadibi went back to his hometown for the upcoming Hari Raya Puasa (bring me cookies and stuff, and don't forget the duit raya!! hehehe) so he's lending me his internet line for a week or two.(bless his little heart!)

For now I don't have any comic strip to show you guys, but rest assured, your eyes will be polluted with my awful drawings soon! better stock up eye drops! muahaahahhahhaha..

Thursday, June 08, 2006

An update!!!!????

I got two bloody ulsers now and it hurts s0 bad........


Monday, May 15, 2006

Eyepatch 2000

this is what happens when I'm too bored..... sigh...
click to enlarge..

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!!!

sometime mother knows best. Even if she looked like she's being mean to you, it is all for your own good. Happy Mother's Day!!!
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Monday, May 08, 2006

for sandra.

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The 1st drawing I did using my now beloved Wacom tablet.. well not exactly the drawing.. i drew it on a piece of paper and then scanned and colored it on photoshop cs2 with my (you've guessed it!) tablet! wwooo!!!

Okay okay , I know it sucked, the lighting it everywhere and the shadings are out of place. Its my 1st time what... I'll improve.. ;)

Anyway, its for you Sandra . Hope you like it, oh ya... your tablet is still with me.. maybe I'll leave it at Ed's place so you can go pick it up later? .. and I'm sending you the better quality one of this drawing so you can oggle at its flaws... >_<

Finally after so long....

No I still haven't apply a connection yet, I'm now at my friend's house uploading this crap since the stupid cyber cafe at my place doesn't allowed uploading and downloading with a flash drive..

Just bought me a wacom tablet (WWWeeee~~) that costed me RM 344!! (wahhh~~!!) end up using my credit card for it.. hmmm..

Anyway that thing kick ass (as a device and as in kicking my wallet's ass) but sadly the price of it are not fixed, it goes up and down whenever it like and unfortunately I caught it when the price went up.. from RM 200 ++ to a bloody RM 338! ...

anyway, i think its worth it so that's it then.. well...
see you guys around and enjoy this comic!
don't forget to inform me when there's another gathering or meeting ya?
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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sorry, guys....

So the company finally putting on stop for its workers to go online since the last virus attack, it was a really messy stuff and the my boss decided that he had enough.

Now I'm on hiatus, my housemate does have an internet connection, but I won't have any chances on using it. He hogged the damn thing like it is his life, well I can't really say much about it since... heck , he pay for it.. >_<

If my budget for this month goes according to my plan, I should be able to apply a line of my own. But that too would take weeks for me to get connected. So I don't know when exactly I'll be back again..

Right now I'm like a junkie who hasn't got his daily fix, I felt so disconnect the 1st week but that feeling is slowly dying out with time. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. O_O

While its a good thing that I won't waste more of my time just surfing away on the internet. But still its a media that connects me to you guys.... HHHMmmmm..

Anyway I'm just here to inform whoever reading this (if there is any) that the fact is I'm DOWN, but definately NOT OUT.

See you guys when I see you..