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Saturday, August 20, 2005

What the hell are you wearing???

I like KL youngsters nowaday in terms of they are not afraid to wear something that's different and shows their individuality . It makes me feel that i'm not the only one that dares wearing something that's out of norm that made me a weirdo among the publics. Of course there are still alot of the people who are stereotypes wearer (trends victim) tends to giggle at what i am wearing, but i don't really give a fuck what they are thinking of me because one : At least i'm not wearing something that everybody else are wearing, and two : i'm not a sheep like those people who are enslaved by famous fashion designers. Ever seen a flock of sheeps? You can't really differentiate them all right? Well that's what you looked like to me too..

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MMBBEEEKKKK?..(i'm wearing Armani now.. cool right?)
MMMBBEEKK? MMMBBEEKK!!..(Really? i'm wearing it too! Tee hee!)

But sometimes there are people who trives so hard on being different, they wears something that's totally FUGLY. I mean sure you can wear whatever you like , mix match anything on your wardrobe to make it more interesting and fresh. But come on people, have a bit of fashion sense! I'm not a trend setter per say. I too sometimes wear something that's totally out of this world. But at least i know the basic of mixing clothes to make it different but acceptable (well kinda. But at least people don't look at me in disgust).

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UUggghhh!!! What the hell are you wearing??

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This girl is cute, with pink sweater and all, but what's up with that shorts?? she looks like she's wearing boxer and forgot to put on her pants. What a shame.. but maybe she just wanna turn those perverts who enjoy watching girls wearing male's garment on?

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yummy dim sum!!!

Last Sunday was the 1st time i had dim sum this year.. walao... so long time oledi i didn't have a traditional chinese breakfast (i'm losing touch with my chinese side.. >__<). It was my auntie who treated me this yummy breakfast (Thank you so much, it was good!!!) since i stayed at her house overnight after the saturday party.

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KEDAI KOPI DAN MAKAN SEONG KEE (seong kee coffee and eatery shop) does the shop only serve coffee as drink?? If not then why does it only says here coffee??

Image hosted by
If you can find this road, then you certainly can find that restaurant..

When i say that i'm losing touch with my chinese side i really do mean it because i was so suprise to see that the place was packed with customers. "Holy crap!! Why so many people one? They all looked like they never had dim sum for years oledi.. (sounds like me no?)" i asked my aunt. Thus she look at me with her puzzled eyes and said, "Wah.. you really turning into Malay gui la. Dim sum has always been chinese's choice of breakfast on weekend mah. Why so suprise one??" I blushed, my cousin smirked at me. Crap!

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Seriously i never seen so much people eat at one place before.. I feel so sakai... and the fact that people are willing to risked their lifes sitting on the road to eat even amazes me more..

We waited for 15 minutes , 15 MINUTES!! waiting for a vacant table. I was kinda pissed about it and ask my aunt. "there's no other dim sum restaurant meh? we waited here for so long liao, have to fight for table too..". She told me there are several more dim sum restaurant nearby but it's just the same as this one, packed with hungry chinese people. Chee seen!!! since we've waited for so long, we might as well keep on doing it. I don't want to waste any more time by starting all over again at a new restaurant. During the waiting period, there was an accident happened just across the road. Everyone stopped eating to see what happened for about 5 seconds then continue stuffing themselves silly with the yummy dim sums. This fact suprises me too because Malaysians like to watch accidents, they willing to slow down their car and causes traffic jam just to see wat have happened on the road, n buy lottery based on the plate numbers if they manage to catch it.. but now they don't give crap what happens across the road. All because of their breakfast.

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"Ceh! accident only mah.. don't even bother to look what the plate number are now that i'm having my yummy dim sum.. MMMmmm har kow rocks!!"

Finally we got a vacant table to sit on and started ordering some food to fill our empty stomach. But since we have to fight with others calling for the har kow and siew mai . I only manage to take this pic before my aunt yelled at me. "Oui! quit taking pics and start eating oledi!!"

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Incase you are wondering, No.. this are not the only food we ordered on that day. There were more, much much more afterward but my aunt won't let me take pics while we're eating..

After the delicious breakfast, i'm on my home.. i was too tired to go anywhere else because i woke up too early on sunday, which is something that i won't normally do on weekend . I can't wait to get to my comfy room and sleep on my comfy bed...

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AAAhhhh... my comfy roo..... wait.. err .. hehehe i forgot to clean it up... wait ar....

20 minutes later.....

Image hosted by
This is more like it... AAAhhhh my comfy room~~~~

Monday, August 15, 2005

Jared's full moon..

last saturday was my nephew (my cousin's son) jared's one month old celebration or as chinese call it full moon. i was invited to attend to his party. it have been almost half a year that i didn't meet them and quite frankly i feel akward being around them because one, i don't talk much around my family and two, i'm too lazy to come up with an excuse of why i haven't got myself a girlfriend yet. Yes, the question that every people use as a ice-breaker when talking to their relatives that they didn't meet for centuries or have just met for the 1st time.. i know you have had that experience or pop that question before.. ;)

my cousin live in a place i've only went for a couple of times so i have to rely on my aunt to take me there. Since the party is on saturday night, i have to decline my friend's offer to go watch "someone (don't remember the name) n the chocolate factory". And go to my aunt's place right after my half day work. After 12.30pm. i'm off from work and went to S & M to buy my nephew a present. There i've noticed that Malaysians are invincible and doesn't really give a damn to the law of the road.

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"Police?? what police?? oh you mean the white monkey who stand in the middle of the road, is it??"

there's a bridge erected very near the Petaling Street but most of the people just braving through the heavy traffic because they are just too lazy to walk up a few steps..

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The bridge that are there for display only..
oh btw, that girl with the black t-shirt is quite cute hor? hehehe..

After i had lunch at McD, i went off to the Star LRT station at masjid jamek to take a trip to Tasik Selatan.. the trip costed RM 1.70 so it was cheap but after i bought the ticket, i've realised that i did something stupid. I have a monthly pass for unlimited ride and i forked out money to buy a ticket???!! i feel more stupid than i already am.. Fcuk...
Reaching the Tasik Selatan station, i call my aunt to pick me up.. while waiting for her, i saw graffities which are quite nice, the government call it a vandalism act, but if it were done nicely, i don't think it as an act of vandalism, it's an art..

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the forbidden art.

after a few minutes of waiting, finally my aunt arrived. Guess what's the 1st question that pop out from her mouth? YUP .. "So, found a girlfriend or not??" =___=

The party started at night n suprisingly i had quite a blast there despite having to answer the million ringgit question from every single relatives of mine.

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The star of the night Jared. cute no? :)

Image hosted by
picture of mother M during her teen years holding the big J..
( nah its just my cousin Suet Yan (Maggie as we like to call her) holding our nephew Jared.. hehehe)

Image hosted by
The satan from hell holding the big J .. ( quite true actually, i'm kinda evil.. ;) )
Oh ya, in case you are wondering why am i trying to kill my nephew by shaking him violently, i didn't do any harm on him, it appear that way because my cousin's shaky hand holding the camera handphone. Rest assured that no babies were harmed during the picture was taken...

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Yan Yi, Jared's sister.. which i always tend to forget her name.. hehehe...
i'm not good at remembering names... i'm so sorry!!! >__<

We stayed the n chatted until after 11pm ( well its actually because of my aunt trying to sell some health products to my cousin's friends ) i have to spend a night at my aunt's because the LRT station was closed down then..

Thursday, August 11, 2005


haze.. a problem that started when man learned how to use fire in their everyday task..... seems to be a norm here in KL.. but now the haze is alot more serious than it were the last time..To the people from some other country that burn openly, thank you for poisioning us slowly n let us die in vain all because u want to clear some field.. THANK YOU!!!

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for all of u people who doesn't read the paper.. this is the headline of yesterday's star..

Image hosted by
as you can see (or not coz the haze is thick) in this picture that i took.. the haze has almost completely covered the building that usually can be seen miles away.. if you are wondering what building it is, it's KLCC
Even though the government haven't advise us to wear a mask when we are going outdoor.. i don't want to be stupid to wait for the advice.. coz seriously i don't want to die choking on haze.. its a pathetic death.. so i now wear a mask whenever i'm going outside.. the mask at 1st was just a plain boring old thing that serve the purpose of filtering air.. but after a few modification from me, it is now a fashion statement!! muahahaha!!

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because i'm one lousy photographer like someone said i am, i'll tell u that i wrote "better to look silly than to die a silly death" on the top part of the mask. A reminder for all those people who don't wear a mask coz they're afraid that they won't look good on it.. XD

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in case the people want to laugh at me wearing this, i'm drew a smiley at the bottom part of the mask to give them an illusion that i'm laughing with them, but the truth is that i'm laughing at them because they are filling their lungs with smoke more because of their laughter! muahahaha!!

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damn!! i look good wearing it.. hehehe... PEACE!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

i don't look chinese???

There have been one too many people telling me that i don't look chinese to them, i don't find it insulting because from the way i see chinese youths nowaday (which more keen to being LA LA boys aka Ah Bengs), i'm kinda glad that i don't resembles abit like them.. All that being said, i still don't get it why that majorities of new friends that i have known of thinks of me as non-chinese.. "You look like kadazan" "Are you Dusun?" are the words that i have heard of countless of times. Maybe the fact that i speak lousy chinese n i don't read chinese made them think that.. =__=

I've spent my fair share of time staring at the mirror trying to figure out what makes me doesn't look like chinese ( and prepping myself, trying to look handsome. In which i always fail at doing T__T.. ) but i still find myself looking as chinese as a chinese can be. Still unsatisfied with all those answers (if there are any.. what am i talking about??). I search for a website that can analyze faces.. Thus i found this website (well i didn't find them by searching actually.. i read someone's blog and she put a link there. hehehe ) anywho~~~

i registered at the site n uploaded my pic for the site to analyze, with my heart pounding, my palm sweating ( not because i'm nervous or anything, its just that i was suppose to work at that time so i was afraid that my boss will find out about this.. hehehe ) .. after a minute or so.. the result finally came in...

I only have 36 % in me that is chinese.. :( to make it even worse, i match one of the star that i hated all my life, Leon Lai.. suck donkey's ass!!

Monday, August 08, 2005

spiderman action!!!!

yesterday me n hadibi aka gndagnor went to A & W outlet opposite Amcorp Mall to have brunch...
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The setting of the place is quite nice, it has the theme like those american fast food outlet during the 70's where its a drive in n u can have ur meal inside your car...

Image hosted by
much to my suprise, they still got those rides that operates on RM1 token, but wat pulled my attention was this spiderman ride!!! screw the other rides ( in which i didn't take pics of them coz i had my eyes on this baby only!! ) but wait! this spiderman looked kinda weird... upon close inspection, spiderman has mutated ears the size of elephant's ears!!! finally his dream came true n he can fly now.. all he have to do now is to cut holes on his mask so that he can get his ears to flap freely..

Image hosted by
maybe spiderman is not satisfied with his image now that he made a tiny makeover, since that the spider logo is not as scary as it used to be, he made a desicion to change it into mutated spider!!! "nothing scares the thugs more than a spider with 12 legs!!!! muahahahahhaa!!!".
I tried so hard to resist taking a ride on him.. but he dares me over n over again until i decided that i can't take this anymore.. i took up his challenge n gave him some spidey action that he'll never forget the rest of his life.. consider he's pwned!!!!!

Image hosted by

Saturday, August 06, 2005

its weird~~~

yesterday when i was waiting for the train to come at masjid jamek lrt station, there's this one girl that got my attention, (she's quite cute :) ).. anyway wat attract my eyes more than her look is the t - shirt that she's wearing that day..

Image hosted by

this kind of slogan (is that wat u call it?) can only be expressed from mouth.. i mean that relief word has been spelled correctly in the 1st place so the question is kinda stupid isn't it? on the other hand, if the designer decided to spell that word wrong, the reader might misintrepeted the whole thing n wouldn't get wat is the designer trying to say... then it would end up as an stupid question also.. HHmmm...
pic credit goes to the cute girl that got my attention ( n took her pic without her knowing.. )

Friday, August 05, 2005

police force are here to protect us or otherwise??

i was reading through STAR newspaper yesterday n i've come across this...

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crime have increased drastically over the years now making the world more and more dangerous place to live in.. when i was still young, i once wanted to be a cop, thinking on how cool it would be to protect the innocents, to serve side by side with the law. (well actually i just wanna hold a gun.. hehe).
But now as i'm a full grown man, i have little faith with the police in this country. I've seen enough of those 'bad' cops to make me hate them even more. They ask for 'undertable money' shamelessly in public, n some of them even likes to misuse their power...
However i think of their acts on certain things, there's still some faith i had in them (no matter how little they are) i always tell myself that even though some of them did what they did, they would never do anything that criminal would ( senseless killing.. etc.. )
Well that was 2 weeks ago, after that news, u can be sure that i'd never believe in police force doing the right thing... all thanks to the rapist cop. RAPIST COP.. I THANK YOU for destroying the little faith i had with the police force..

human? more like robot to me..

here is how i think humans go through their everyday lifes (including mine of course, well i am an avarage joe u know ;) )

Image hosted by

*bbzztt.. bzztt... aproaching transportation area.. must get to work b4 8.30am..
Image hosted by

*bbzzt.. clip clip... doors open..
Image hosted by

*bbrrttsss.. estimation of reaching point of destination... 00:27:53 n counting...
Image hosted by

*... bssttt.. percentage of reaching point of destination.. 100 %
Image hosted by

*... bzzttt.. estimation time for reaching main point of destination = 00:15:23 n counting...

life that are routine based are soo boring n uneventful.... *sigh...

Thursday, August 04, 2005

wee... 1st posting

okay.. i'm new at this blogging thing.. so i think i should introduce myself....
name : Kenny Ho
age : 24
hometown : Kota Kinabalu, Sabah... the land below the wind (not fart mind u >_<)
now living in : PJ, selangor..
i think that's enough for now.. its just too boring... i almost fell asleep typing it... for now i'm gonna show u some of favourite things in the world!! (which can be boring too but bare with me.. >_<)
hahhaa.. here we go..

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here is me n my favourite hat in the world!! bought it early this year.. It was hard to find coz back then trucker cap are in trend.. now that i heard its making a comeback now, alot of shop starting to sell it.. i hope that not a lot of ppl gonna buy it, coz it would mean that my hat is just another normal trend that ppl are following ... >_<

Image hosted by

i tried so hard to look for pocky but all that i can find is rocky!!! its quite cheap compare to imported pocky so i guess it will have to do... tasty.. :)

Image hosted by

AAhhh~~... a combination made in heaven... its banana flavoured milk!!!! anyone who've been to ak (wat happened to the site anyway??O_O) will understand y i love it!! hehe

Image hosted by

i love me banana flavoured milk!!!
until next time.. chiao!!!