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Monday, September 05, 2005

2nd step on being a road hazzard!

Mr Yew called me on Saturday and asked me if i can be ready to take the test on Sunday in which i said yes straight away because i wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. So he'll be there to pick me up on 9am and told me to be ready then.. Ohh i am more than ready. Eventhough i just touch the book he gave me a bit and never read it afterward. And that was 2 weeks ago. I told myself to at least go through the book once on Saturday night but i ended up hanging out at hussien, edward and ayon's house until 3am! So I entirely forgotten about it, sue me. I'm a lazy bum! >__<

Apparantly my friend Eric is taking the test with me too on that day. Good, at least i have a company to pass the time with since we all know that doing an official matter enquire you to wait, wait and wait. Its unavoidable.

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Doesn't look really happy about the test because he told me that he's really bad in bahasa melayu. Eric, you couldn't be that BAD gua...

The fact that i slept on 3am Saturday night and waking up on Sunday morning doesn't make me a happy person too.

Mr Yew came finally at 9.45am (he's freakin late!) and we hopped into his car. I think that Mr Yew is more nervous than Eric and I because he kept on telling us what to do on the test. It's kinda annoyed me because i was trying to strike a conversation with Eric about the wonder of blogging.

Eric : You're into blogging too? crap. What's so interesting about it anyway?

Me : It's fun!.. well if your blog is as famous as He's really famous now and gets to hang around with celebra...

Mr Yew : So don't you guys worry ah. The test is easy one... blah blah blah..

Me & Eric : Ok Mr Yew, we understand... (everyone stays quiet..)

Me : So as i was saying.. Kenny get to hang around celebreti......

Mr Yew : The test is easy one.. don't worry about it guys... blah blah blah..

We arrived at the place and prompted on waiting for our turn to take our test.

The girl is cute ya? You're lucky that you turn your head just in time girl. Now everyone all around the globe can see your pretty face. If they know about my blog. Which is highly unlikely.

They offer a computer there for you to take a demo test so that you'll know what to expect. I went to check that guy's result after he done with it and he failed miserably. only 27%!!! muahahaha!! That guy is gone afterward and i never see him again. Maybe he's just too dampered about it and went home straight away. Ahahahaha! pathetic!

While we were waiting. Eric asked me something.

Eric : Eh, why the answers to this question says 10 eyes la, 20 eyes la.. i don't get it..

Me : Huh? what are you talking about? let me see it. Haahahahaha! it means point la!

Eric : *gave me the puzzled look* Huh? mata doesn't mean eyes in malay meh?

Me : Ya but they used it in describing points too.

Eric : WTF why didn't they just create a specific word for points anyway? This is stupid..

Me : O__O .. Damn Eric, You are that bad in Malay? You're pretty much screwed now.

Eric : Yeah, i know... *sigh~~*

Sometime he made me laughed so hard, i almost soiled myself.

i thought of while waiting, i should be revising the book since i brought it with me anyway. And i found out that my book has defects on it. A couple of pages were missing from it. Damn! not that i'd be reading it anyway but i should get whatever i paid for.

"Walao, you got that book for 2 weeks and now only you realised that it's flawed?" *yeah i know, i'm a lazy bum! >__<

So i ended up taking the test without revising whatsoever. Most of the questions were easy to me but i got a problem answering the section C questions which are on the law.. After i revised it times and times again and changing the answers every minute or so. I clicked on the finish button and prayed that i pass..

I got 84%! Phew~~~ i am now officially one step closer on becoming a full fledge road hazzard , Malaysians now can start to live in fear this couple of month ... tee hee~~

I actually got lucky because apparantly i got 42 out of 50 questions right which are the minimum marks that i have to get in order to pass the test. Not bad for someone who didn't study at all..

We went home and i imediately go on studying how to drive on a driving simulation on PS2!

101 on how to crash in style! woot!

Oh yeah, in case you are wondering, Eric didn't pass the test. -___-
But he'll be retaking it next week and i hope him the best! >__<


  • Cong"RATS" Ho! *dang*
    Oh dear,Know what's it like to fail. That stinks!>.< Well, as long as you two ain't bribing your way to passing then I commend the both of you on your efforts.
    Nevermind, everyone will get their own licence eventually. Veni,Vedi and VICI!

    By Blogger Sandra Khoo, at 1:48 PM  

  • u mean vinci? XD
    woo hoo~~~ thanks on conging the rats!
    um.. i think Eric is considering about the bribing though.. hmmmmm~~~

    By Blogger hteekay, at 1:53 PM  

  • u boker man!!! ken ken kentut!!! hahahaha

    By Anonymous Lina, at 2:51 PM  

  • so is the test easy???

    By Anonymous Lina2, at 3:02 PM  

  • -___-
    its easy i guess.. i didn't study and i passed..

    By Blogger hteekay, at 3:10 PM  

  • kenny u loked like u had shot a cicak off the ceiling!! lmao

    **guess who**

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:28 PM  

  • hahaha~ I guess my malay isnt that bad! hahaha~ eric suxx~ XD

    By Anonymous ed, at 1:46 PM  

  • Stop laughing at him u meanie!!
    ur malay is as bad as his anyway!!

    By Blogger hteekay, at 9:08 AM  

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