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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Chao pan min~~~ yummy~~

There is this one neighbourhood market that i like to go to on saturday morning before i go to work. Its located at Jalan Segambut luar on one of the taman there... (i don't know the place's name okay.. i know , i sucked!)

Anyway, that stall provide quite a variety of foods there. Pan min, chao kuew tiao, kon lo min, kari min, wat tan hor.. all of yummy those stuffs.. makes me hungry writing this blog.. >__<

This morning i ordered chao pan min....( yeah i had it for breakfast but writing this blog makes me go hungry again~~ -__-)

Image hosted by
Iron chef doing his magic... The wonderful chao pan min!!!

1st he heat up the oil, then he puts in chopped garlic.. after the garlic turns into golden brown, he added pork meat and a mixture of chopped up mushroom and porks (MMMmm more porks!! ^_^). He let that cook for a while (around 5 minutes i think..)

And then came in the pan min that he cooked in boiling water earlier..

And then he add in his special sauce.. well i think its soya souce mixed with a bit of sugar and some ajinomoto *msg*.. coz that's wat i usually add in my stir fried food when i cook.. he kept on stirring it while adding some water n the 'special sauce' and let it shimmer a while.. lastly he puts in vegetables into it and keep on stirring for few minutes and its done!

It may looked like any normal food you've come across but let me assured you that this chao pan min is yummy!! just don't kiss your lover after eating it because the garlic is quite strong.. hehehe.....

So there you go.. chao pan min... i'm gonna order it again next week!! >_<


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