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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Dispute over a once innocently but posted in a wrong way blog

Now everyone who's are in the blogosphere society in Malaysia and Singapore should know about the current hot topic that have been swirling around. It all started when XX rant on how suckie trip that she had at KL. She couldn't have done it better because at that time it was August, Merdeka Day that had many many residents of Malaysia feel very very patriotic. So almost all of the Malaysians attacked her in the end. Even a UK born guy ST who's living in KL now joined the dispute.

And here is me, sitting on the middle fence of two sides. Reading on all the harsh words thrown on each other from two sides. I saw poor K (who has the same name as me.. -__-) getting dragged into the pointless fight between XX and ST just because he's both their friend. He later then put on a post about patriotism (which is really really good!!) and hoped that the dispute between the both infamous bloggers end soon. I do too because i love both of them. >_<. I know that XX didn't mean that KL sucked , i know that XX didn't mean to ridicule an Arab woman, she was just making a joke that she thought won't do any harm about their culture ( don't we all make those jokes about other cultures just for fun? don't deny it, we all do. ). I know that ST initial intent was to trying to tell XX that she's wrong at that post because she is not being careful at what she wrote, being a famous blogger that she is nowaday, she can't just write anything to her content because frankly "this is my blog and i can do whatever the hell i want with it" has its boundary. Especially when your blog has thousands of viewers each day from all over the place. You have to somehow be careful in what you writes so that you won't step into shit.

To XX, i understand how you are feeling about the trip, getting conned, harassed, and treated badly will angered anyone who's human. I understand that with all the anger built inside you, you will of course write out whatever crossed your mind without thinking of the consequence that it will bring. All humans do that. But just being hard headed and deffending yourself over it are just a foolish way to do. That's why u ended up in a situation that you are in now.

To all the Malaysian bloggers or blog readers who attacked and still attacking XX for her blog, I understand how you all feel when our much beloved country are being described like an uncivilised country. I am a Malaysian myself. But then why bother putting up a pointless deffend over the flaws that our country have? Do you mean that we should accept the flaws and be proud over it? I know Malaysians complained about Malaysia too. What can we do to stop other country's perception on us? May i suggest that we take in the complains on us which are we all know true and correcting it so that they won't make that remarks on us again? Isn't that a wise thing to do? Be a Malaysian that truly love our country. Correct all of our flaws so that the other countries out they can't come up with facts about our country to put us down.

I do hope that noone is offended over this post that i made. I do love my country. I'm not being on anyone side on this dispute over two countries. I'm just mearly pointing out the obviously pointless fight between two countries in this blogosphere because of the once innocently but posted in a wrong way blog.


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