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Thursday, September 22, 2005

I hate myself today....

No I'm not depress if you are wondering.. Its just something happened this morning and I didn't do anything to change it. Was I chicken out? Were I concern of how the others think of me if I did it? Maybe I am. That's why I hate myself today, for having my balls shrink and didn't say anything when clearly there's something wrong and someone have to say a thing about it. And for only having the courage to bitch about it on my blog that not many would bother to come and read. ( which is kinda of a good thing since I'm talking about myself being ball-less here ). I'm so malu if minishorts sees this..... >_<

Anyway, this morning, there is a blind woman standing in front of this woman who are sitting there, 'reading' some sort of statistic that I don't really see why that she have to read it on a train. Is it that important woman??!! Can't you wait until you get to your office or something? When she have read whatever that can be read, she looked up and around the train. She looked around but can't see a blind woman standing in front of her!!! WTH??!! Is she blind ( no pun intended ) or something?? Is that blind woman standing on your blindspot? ( again, no pun intended ). What the hell has her parents taught her when she was still young anyway???

"Now do you remember what i have taught you sweetie pie?"

"Errm.. aha! I remembered dad!! If i were sitting on a train and there is someone who needed it more than me boarded the train, I would pretend to be sleeping or if I got anything on my hand that is readable, I'll pretend to be reading it!" *smiles because she manage to remember that awfully long teaching*

"Good girl!! I teach you this so that you don't have to offer your seat and people won't think of you as being inconsiderate because they would think that you didn't notice the poor people who needed the seat." *pats on sweetie pie's head*

Seriously if i find out any parents that teaches their childrens like that, I swear that I'll hunt them down and burn them alive!!!

I was so fumed about it I nearly burst in flame, but I just looked at her with much much hatred and didn't even open up my bloody mouth to have her offer the seat to the blind woman.

"Where the hell are your balls Kenny??!! You left it at your home?! Why didn't you say something about it?? All you do is fumed over it and rant it on your blog!!"

-__- , yeah I'm mad at myself... I'm mad for being someone that is all talk and no action, someone who's not satisfied about something but didn't do anything to change it. I'm even more mad at myself now that I have just bitch about how loser that I am on my own blog.. God damn it!! I will change myself from today onward!!!!!!


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