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Friday, September 16, 2005

Misinterpreted meaning

Am I crazy? Everytime I do anything, if I were given time to think at all, there are always two voices inside my head talking to each other. One sees the logical term behind all things while the other is just a perveted guy who's likely to think from his 'other' head. I'd like to give them names now since its kinda hard to explain who's who in this blog. The logical one should be called Mr. Brown (anything that he says would turn out in brown colored text) and the perveted one shall be known as Mr. Blue (anything that he says would turn out in blue colored text).

Anyway this is one of example what happened in my head when i go through a magazine.

"Ahahahhaha!!! why would they put the statue like that? The guy in blue shirt looked like he's enjoying the fart from the red shirt guy! XD . Funny la the shop owner, he crack me up!"

"Erm , actually he's trying to pose the two statue as hip hop dancers and the blue shirt guy is performing a hip hop move."

"Then why the red shirt guy fart on the blue shirt guy? Evil la him! but he's funny! XD"


Which one is actually dominating my mind? I like Mr. Brown coz he won't make me looked like a dumbass in public but sometimes he's just serious. I like Mr. Blue coz he's so dumb but at least he's a fun guy and don't stuck up so much....

Note that the last two posts before this are actually Mr. Brown and Mr. Blue talking. I'm not making this up. It's just at that time i never thought of introducing the two 'persons' to the readers.


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