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Thursday, September 08, 2005

What a great way to start your day..

To all the people who are reading this blog. A reminder for all of you.

" Be very catious when you want to offer seat to a pregnant lady!!"

This morning as usual i took a ride on the putra lrt to get to my work place. Lucky enough for me, there was empty seats so i sat on one of it. As the trem went from one station to another, i sat there happily while reading a comic book. "Not an elderly or pregnant woman nor a physically challenged people on sight. Woo hoo~~ i can sit here all the way until i get off." (now don't go off saying that nobody points at my head forcing me to give seats to them because when i offer my seat, i offer it sincerely thank you.)

Then the trem stopped at Asia Jaya and that is when the humiliation begins. ( i don't know if its more embarassing for me or for her). As always i peep on whoever that are going in the trem, getting ready to offer my seat to anyone who need it more than i do. ( Yes i do that, i'm not saying that i'm a saint. It's just i'm used to do that so stop giving me that doubting look.) And i saw this one lady. My instinct telling me that her rounded n buldging abit kind of tummy means that she's a pregnant woman. Plus the fact that she's wearing a lose clothing further ensure me that she's pregnant.

"Maam' , would you like to have a seat? " *smile*

She looked at me , didn't speak for like 10 seconds.
feeling uncomfortable because i've lifted my tush halfway up i repeat myself.

"Maam' , would you like to have a seat? " *smile sheepishly*

Then she finally opens her mouth,

"Actually i'm not pregnant but thanks anyway" *kinda blushing*

Omg! that was one of the most embarassing thing happened in my life!! I didn't know how to react to that statement for a full 4 seconds (which is long in an embarassing moment) and everyone around was giggling..

"Omg, i'm so sorry. I didn't mean to insult you in any way..." *face turned all red*

So she took the seat and we had the most akward silent between us. Except for signs of someone laughing and alot of people giggling.

To that lady, I'm so sorry to have insulted you even though i really really don't mean it. It shows me that sometimes a good willed offer can sometimes turn into insultment if you 1st don't understand the real situation.




    By Blogger Sandra Khoo, at 1:42 AM  

  • -___-

    come to think of it, why can't that woman just zip her lips and take the seat...

    but yeah.. its funny! hahahhaha~~

    By Blogger hteekay, at 10:17 AM  

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