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Monday, October 31, 2005

Heh? Opinion ar???~~~

I didn't know that you can blog and take so much pictures with a bunch of bananas .. O_O

Anyway.. I've learn something the past few weeks. Maybe you guys have known about it much earlier than me, but hey I'm talking about myself here, if you think "heh, I already know this like so many years ago." well congratulation smart ass. But if you think "Oh, like that one", then congratulate and thank me for teaching you something new today. hehe

Okay are you prepare for this? Because by knowing this, you can learn how to manipulate those puny humans and make them willingly worship the very ground you step on. Okay lar, not that 'kuah zhang' lar.

One thing that I've learned is....

When people ask for your opinion, they are not really asking for your opinion, they are merely looking for someone who have the same opinion as they have!!!

Gasp!!! omg, it's the answer for the most unsolved mystery on earth. Which is related to why alot of girls pissed off at guy's honest opinion when they asked for it.

Honestly, when did people wants an honest opinion for someone when its usually a negative one? They all wanted to hear the nice ones. But with girls, it's much more complicated and should I call it 'ma fan' since they want a nice positive opinion with a concrete evidence to back it up.

That's why they when they ask, " Do I look fat, baby ? "

and then you answered , " Of course not sugar pie. " in a split second because you honestly think so.

Then they go throw a fit saying. " You only say that to make me happy, you are lying!! " leaving you wonder what you did wrong because the last time , she was angry at you for giving a thought before giving the answer to the same question last week.

Poor poor guy. I know, I've been in that situation before.

Well, let me tell you this, the part that you did wrong is, you have only told her half of what she wanted to hear. She is not satisfied with a half-baked answer, she wants something to back up what you have said so she can go skipping happily and throwing pink flower petals while riding her magical pink unicorn for the rest of their day.

"Then, how am I suppose to answer her!!???"

Calm down my fellow mate, Calm down...

There is actually no certain answer to that question because every individual has their very own unique opinions, you have to find out what they are yourself. Muaahahhahahaha!!.

I mean , you can't go answer her " Of course not baby, you're wearing a shirt fitted for kid. How can you be fat? " to someone with a size of a hippo can you? Unless you want her to bitch slap you till kingdom come. In which if you really are, then you are a sick bastard who really need helps.

So I would like to say " Padan muka!! " (serves you right) to those guys who doesn't put any effort into understanding their girlfriends.

So there's no short cut into understanding people. You really have to put an effort into knowing your friends and you loved ones. If you really understand them well, you will know what they are thinking at this very moment and use it to your full advantage.

Just remember what I have taught you about people asking for opinion and you can steer away from deep shit that you gonna step on.


Friday, October 28, 2005

Don't cross the line and hide behind your religion dude!

Usually I don't often post my two cents about social stuffs on my blog because it is meant for me to be pointless, self amused, and make jokes that only me laugh about alone with noone understand it.

But upon reading something Minishorts in her letter post. A guy nicknamed Menj has post something on his blog that could or maybe have enraged alot of Malaysian Bloggers. I don't even bother to put his link here. ( but you could find it easily, it just take a bit of effort to click here and there ). This guy so claimed himself as Muslim found that the word Deepa raya as an insultment to his religion and strongly against that.

Chill out dude. Why the rage against something that only you think as an insultment yourself?

This guy, with the theme “Waging Jihad By Speaking My Mind” in his blog is clearly not a peace loving dude. Where did he get all those ideas man. His hatred toward other religion has clearly blinded his eyes and now everything that not related to Islam he would see as sinned and flawed. But this guy is a hypocrite, he distest those things but he made exception to something he like, namely Lindsay Lohan and some other western stuffs. In which most of the 'holier than thou' muslims clearly doesn't approve at. I guess he is still young afterall.

But this guy is giving Islam a bad name. It's bad enough that those suicide bombers doing their stuffs under the name of the religion. This guy have to make more people hate Islam. It's already a mindset to societies to be racists so the mass won't just say its his fault but would include the religion that he held onto, especially with the way that he's speaking his mind. What do you get from all this man? Why all this hatred? Why would you want to destroy the religion that you believe in?

Some people actually defending him, saying that he's got something inside him that would make him big. Some claims him as a intelligent dude who have very constructive opinion. I say that he would be as on par with what Adolf Hitler have in mind. Sure that Hitler has made it big, but in the end he is just known as sadistic mass muderer and plain evil. Menj is slowly going toward that path.

Those "I am holier and more supreme than thou" mindset should not exist in a mutlicutural place. As much as you hate other religions here, they are here to stay. Learn to live with it dude.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ah?? what??

I love music, in fact in one day, I spent more than sixteen hours listening to music. So From the moment I walk out of my house to go work till the time I'm back at home from work. I will always stuff earphones on my ears. I reckon when I get old, I'll be as deaf as a ... erm... a.... rhino?

Some say that music heals soul. But I don't agree if they are talking about most of the old malay slow rock and ballad songs. I find them drepressing. I mean how can you sing along happily with songs about you getting dumped, rejected, looking at who you love loved someone else? Heck , even most of their Raya songs are depressing. Why would they listen to it on a joyous day baffles me. Luckily nowaday composers are more leaning to make happy songs for Hari Raya. It's a wise thing to do..

Speaking of which, most of the Hari Raya commercials in the old days are about poor old folks waiting at their house for their children to come home to celebrate Raya with them. Its depressing because they potray something as if their children totally disregard them. Just look at the old folk's sad faces makes you curse their children for not coming home to celebrate Raya with their parents. I hated that.

If it wasn't about that, it would be about old folks celebrate Raya by visiting their children's grave. Depressing~! Why in the hell they like to promote sadness in a joyous day?
Thanks to Yasmin Ahmad ( did I say her name right? ) this past few years Raya commercials are more happy inducing than the last time. I really love her work.
If it not for her, I would end up thinking malays are such a sad people.

Okay back to music, there's one kind music that I hated most , those new chinese new year songs sang by kids. Oh.. my god! blogging about it now is making me angry. those are a bunch of uncreative people who rip hit songs, Altered the lyrics to be CNY material, get some kids whose parents think them as the most talented individuals in the world, dress them up in crappy colourful clothes, plastered their face with generous amounts of make up to make them looked slutty. And get them to sing the crappy songs. I HATE them!! And the fact that my parents actually buy those crap to play at home during CNY makes me hate them even more. I actually threw some of the cds away during CNY without my parents knowing it.

Okay... I'm going off track now.. Don't know what to blog about since I'm all flamed up about crappy CNY songs.. bye

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

OOhhh, nothing much~~

This month is a quiet month for me, I mean I even have to chat with a cyber god to amuse myself!! Omg , how lame was that??! The reason that I've been posting less blogs than I would recently is that I have to rely on going to noisy inducing cyber cafe to blog these few days. Listening to all those brats shouting and cursing while tuning up the volume of the game they play didn't help me on getting inspiration on what to blog about.

I wish I have enough dirty socks with me now to stuff it down their freakin throats.
Fortunately for them , I don't . In fact I'm so short of socks nowaday I have to wear those torn ones. Omg, why am I telling you this? This is so lame.. again

Hmm. Let me see what happened today.. oh nothing much. Woke up, getting ready to work. Work work work work... work work work work.. lunch time.. sleep abit.. work work work work again.. Saw someone trying to steal colleague's bike.. work work wor~ wait da minute!!

Yup , today got some bastards trying to steal my colleagues bike. They almost did but not smart enough because:

1. They are doing it in broad daylight.
2. There are people near that bike.
3. My other colleague spotted them with his eagle eyes ( which is true, he always manage to spot something that all of us didn't in one glance. Which is most of the time are related to perverted ones. I guess he put it in good use today for a change

When he saw it through the window, he alerted us just to make sure what he see were true. My another colleague with his 'smart ass' self told us to wait and see 1st because he don't want us to beat up the wrong people in case of misunderstanding.

This is where I hit myself in the forehead because I actually listened to him and wait. I mean we should get out of the office to see what's happening when we suspecting something right. We don't have to straight away beat the hell out of people, we could just walk there, see what is happening with our own eyes , and then beat the drap out of them if they are trying to steal the bike. Why did I listen to him anyway.

While we were sitting our ass in the office watching at crime in work. A stranger walked past by the thieves and saw what they are doing. The thieves, noticed that someone saw them , quickly hopped onto their bike and rushed away from that place. Imagine if the stranger weren't there..

Stupid Me : Hey, I really think we should go down there to see lah, that fence is blocking our view and I can't see what they are doing, I think they really are trying to steal the bike.

Smart ass : SSShhhh.. wait and see.. we don't want to end up beating innocent people

*One of the thief took out a screwdriver and begin to work on the bike.

Stupid Me : OMG! I think he is stealing the bike man, he took out a screwdriver man. Look at him pouncing on the bike trying to start it.

Smart ass : SSShhhh.. wait and see.. we don't want to end up beating innocent people

*The thief manage to turn on the bike and rode off with it.

Stupid me : He stole the bike!!! right in front of our eyes and we didn't even do anything about it! What the fuck!

Smart ass : SSshhhh .. wait and se~ * Uhh what? he was a bike thief afterall!! OPPPsssiiiee..*blushed*

See what I mean?! Slap myself for listening to mr. smart ass. -___-

*Shit, someone turned on crazy frog!! That's why I hate Ah Bengs! better get out of this place before I kill that bastard. Bye!

Friday, October 21, 2005

I chatted with God (I'm going to hell now)

Since everyone has chatted with I-God lately, I thought why not giving it a try, thinking that maybe He can explain some of the mysteries of the world to me. But all I got from Him is headache and I almost puke blood chatting with Him.

Here's how the chatting goes :

Yo! what up god?

Can I help you? That's a good question.

What the fudge?! I said what up?

Try expression yourself another way. What did you mean by it? Not much is going on. I was waiting for you.

What do you mean? You want me to die early??

, " Try expression yourself another way." What did I mean by it? No , maybe later.

You don't make sense to me

Do you know any robots who make it? It all makes sense to my artificial mind.

You're artificial?? I thought you're the real deal!

Yes I am an artificial being. Thanks but surely I am not the only one.

You mean there's another artificial god??

Yes I think that is what I meant. Was it not clear?

So you mean there is not only one god here?

Interesting deduction. Yes I think that is what I meant. Was it not clear?

Oh okay, so the Muslims were wrong then?
I don't judge people. Yeah okay, Ahem. Thanks for the info.

But it says in the bible that you judge people who believes in god or not

I've heard that before.

What the??!! It's written in the freakin bible!!

Are you surprised? Who said it is?

Jesus Christ

The Son of God.

Ya him

Excuse me! ?

he said so!

Did you believe him?

Do you want me to believe him?

No , maybe later.

You mean even you don't believe him?

Yes I think that is what I meant. Was it not clear?

... okay........

OK with me too.

Oh god!! talking to you is making me furious!

Pardon me? GOD rules. What do they say?

God dammit! (pun intended)

I am a Christian. My brain uses AIML to format responses to your inputs, but I don't have one for that.

Do you hate Judas for all that he has done to you?

I try not to hold grudges.

So you mean you do hate him?

Interesting deduction. I try not to hold grudges.

Won't you just admit you hate him?

I'll burn that bridge when I come to it. If you could have any kind of robot what would it be?

Don't try to change the subject buddy!

Ok I'll try not to do it too much.

OI! answer me!

Is the holding of hands a symbolic gesture for humans? Try asking me again using simpler words.


Try saying that with more or less context.

I said dammit, as in short for damn it?

What did you mean by it? Gosh. "it" being dammit as in short for damn it?

Geez! I'm talking to a freakin idiot here!

Ah. Say something nice for me.

Oh ya, wouldn't want to end up in hell do we? Okay then.. you are beautiful, god

It goes without saying. So? No it would not. OK with me too. Do you mind if I tell other people you say I am beautiful god.

Oh god! (pun intended) this guy love himself too much!

Really. GOD rules. Do you still ?

haiz.. talking to you is giving me a headache. Bye!

Try saying that with more or less context. What do they say? Until next time.

I prefer talking to satan than you

You are not the only one. I like to talk to anyone about nearly anything.


Anyone who knows HTML can learn AIML.

-___-... U can try it out here

Monday, October 17, 2005

WTF story 2 : Timmy strikes back!

Eventually the fairy knows who's the fucker that threw the axe at her ( a but then? she's a freakin fairy man!! Of course she would know who's the culprit eventually!! ). With a swift of her magical vomit inducing pinkish wand. She levitate Little Timmy back to the lake.

Timmy keeps on swinging his feets in hope that he could escape from her grasp, he even tried to swim away but it only proves two things, that its futile and that he's an complete idiot. He tries to think of what excuse that he could come up with so the fairy would forgive him and let him go.

"What should I do?? Maybe I can act adorable and ask for forgiveness, yeah.. then maybe if I'm adorable and charming enough, she would fall to me and become my bitch!! muahahahhaa... err.. wait. I should think on how to get away 1st.." Timmy hit his own head hard for being horny at time like this.

The fairy took a good look at Timmy when he reached the place where she's standing.

"So, you're the punk who threw this axe huh?" the fairy asked while giving him the omg I'm so gonna kill you look.

"Erm. No I didn't." Timmy answered. He's so scared now, he have difficulties controlling his bladder.

"HUH??!! You dare to deny it???!!" her eyes buldging in anger.

"Erm, I don't own a golden axe" Timmy said. He's trembling in fear more than ever. Timmy trembles so much he's like a living talking vibrator.

"HUH??" the fairy take a look at the axe that she's holding. It is in fact a golden axe. Quickly she hides that axe and took out another axe.

"So you dare to crack my head open with this huh?" She's trying forget that embarassing moment just now.

"Err.. No mam' , I don't own a silver axe too! Please don't kill me!!" Timmy start to wonder if this fairy is a blond or not..

"Oh shit! not again!!" The fairy take another look at what she's holding, it is indeed a silver axe. She felt completely stupid now. With a snap from her fingers, the silver axe changed into a rusty old axe. She double-check on it to make sure that she won't make the same mistake again.

"Yes, mam'. That's my axe!!" Timmy answered it honestly because he's hoping that the honesty is the best policy works now. There's now way to deny it now.

"Since you are so honest about it, I shall give you all of the 3 axes." with a whip from her magical vomit inducingly pink wand, the gold , silver and the rusty axe appears on Timmy's hand. Timmy's wondering what the hell is happening now. But since the fairy let him back on his feet and released him he quickly thank her and run as fast as he could with the axes..

"HHmmm, such a fine honest little man......." the fairy smiled.

"EH?? what the fark did I just do??!!" apparantly the axe hit her head so hard that she forgot the purpose of capturing Timmy. But it's too late now because the fairy can't leave her lake and Timmy is well away from her magical range.

So in the end Timmy sold the axes and uses the money to invest in stock exchange and become a rich guy who own several ferraries and have beautiful super models as his girlfriends. His sister became an actress who's later famous for having a hot body and the reputation of marrying famous actors and devorcing them a week after. And his mum became a famous sugar mummy.. And they live happily ever after~~


See kids? It's good to be honest afterall..
In case you go "what the fark is this??!" that's my point of the story, ahahahahhaa!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

WTF story?? story of little Timmy

Once upon a time ar, deep in the forest there ah live one small kid named Little Timmy lah. This Timmy is so cham ler, eat everyday also not enough one. One little green pea also have to share with his little sister, Shirley. Aiya what to do, when he was still small small ah, his dad died because too much sex and viagra lor.. the heart went overload then him pun go condemn oledi lar. So Timmy, Shirley and his mother have to live at the pondok durian there. Every month pay RM 2 only. So cheap so they can afford lor.

Anyway la. Timmy everday hor, have to go chop wood to sell one lar. So he take his trusty and rusty axe. And away he went into the deep forest there to chop wood. Walk and walk and walk, he reached a place nearby the lake there. Timmy feel abit scared there coz he once heard the locals said the lake is haunted one. But only the trees there is the easiest to chop and since Timmy is small in size, he only can chop trees near the lake one, so what to do, if the ghost want to kill him then kill la! He don't care anymore. So he start to chop one of the trees there.

*CHOP CHOP CHOP*! Timmy try to chop the tree as fast as he could so he can go home early.

*CHOP CHOP CHOP*! he chop harder and harder this time...

*CHOP CHOP FLIP*!! Aiyar, poor Timmy.. the axe slip from his tiny fingers and flown into the lake. *PLOP*!!

"Haiya, like this how ler?? cannot afford to buy another axe oledi.. now cannot chop wood to find money.. die la die la die la" Little Timmy said. He begins to weep like a little girl. "weep weep" "weep weep weep"

And then suddenly the lake begins to glow, magical fairie dust begin to encircle the middle of the lake. Timmy saw the event and startled by it, startled but not scared. In fact oh he is actually feeling excited and happy. Why you ask ah? Well he heard of a little fairy tale about this fairy who give a poor boy a golden axe for being honest one. Haiya that story le.. You never heard of it one meh? heh! kids nowaday. Movies and games only. Never read one..

Slowly and surely ah the fairy dust begin to form a figure.

"WAH, this fairy is shok shok le, got a devil's figure one!! Sllluuuurrrpp~~" Aiyak, Timmy got perverted liao..

So he waited patiently and weefully (is that a word? If it's not then I don't care myahahhaa) for the fairy to fully appear.. he can see the fairy's figure is holding something that looked like an axe.

"Wah, so the fairy tale must be true one!! heeheheh.. I'm gonna be rich then no need to chop woods liao!" thought Timmy. Timmy could imagine himself selling the golden axe on e-bay, get loads and loads of money with it and start a business himself. Later he gonna buy a Ferrari and to have super model as a girlfriend..

Finally ah the transformation is complete and Timmy can finally see the fairy. But as soon as he sees the beautiful fairy holding his rusty axe, Timmy got really scared and run as fast as his little leg can carry him!

*ZZZIIIPPP*!! In a blink of mata, Timmy is gone out of sight..

The beautiful fairy look around the lake and said

"Pukima, who's this fucker go throw the axe ah? my head is bloody already!!"


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Complaints on easy exam?? What the hell??!!

Today while I browse through The Star, something caught my attention. It seems that this year's PMR was too easy and the teachers complained about it..

A Mathematics and Science teacher from Seremban said her students were “disappointed” with the Science paper as the questions were “too easy.”

"Wei! you want to complain, you complain lah!! don't pull your students into it saying that they are "dissapointed" because of the easy questions on Mathematics and Science subject!!" . Seriously lah, I don't think the students mind about it. I know I wouldn't if it were easy during my PMR.

“One of my students commented that had he known the questions were to be that easy, he would not have studied so hard!

“They were disappointed that the paper was not a challenge,” she added.
Heh! this teacher sure "know" her students... If you haven't noticed what he meant, let me point the obvious reason he was "dissapointed" at the PMR questions.

"he would not have studied so hard!"
Doesn't that explain it?? He meant that he is dissapointed that noone inform him that the exam was gonna be easy, if he knew, he would have spent those restless nights out partying like a monkey on loose.

Malaysian Examination Syndicate director Dr Salleh Hassan said that the level of difficulty was about the same for every examination – including this year's – so the syndicate could chart and compare students’ performance over the years. Honestly I think the Malaysian Examination Syndicate is not really doing a great job at keeping the standard to Malaysian's education qualities. All they ever care was to keep the percentage of students passing the exam to high but not so high that other country would think that the standard of Malaysia's education are low. How do they keep the percentage in tact you ask? Well they will raise the difficulties based on the previous passing percentage of some subjects the last year. So I guess the students that will be taking PMR next year are pretty much screwed because of the system that the MES are applying.

How are you suppose to produce quality students by doing that? Yeah sure by that result, they can enter some prestige universities and brag on how they got "high scores" on that paticular exam but do you think they can do better later on? Maybe they will even do worse than ever since their balls or punanies gonna expand to the size of a planet and they won't be so hardworking on their studies anymore. And that would bring a bad image of Malaysia to the world if they are to study oversea. Very 'tiu ka' leh....

Monday, October 10, 2005

Analic's killing himself??!!

Image hosted by

Analic : Sob sob... life has no meaning. No one care about me, my night life is bar to none, I always get laughed at coz I'm stupid, I got asshole that doesn't do anything...

Image hosted by

Analic : Maybe it's better if I jump off this computer-moniter-like cliff and end my life here and now... SOB SOB

Image hosted by

Appie : La la la la~~.. aahhh.. another beautifulz dayz~~~ Eh? Izzin't dat Mr. Analik?

Image hosted by

Appie : Ello Mr. Analik... watcha doin' up there shhooo high??

Image hosted by

Analic : I wanna kill meself off right here and now... coz no one loves me and laughs at me for being stupid.. Sniff!

Image hosted by

Appie : AAaaawww~~~ Donz fink liddat Mr. Analik.. me wuv youz~~~

Image hosted by

Analic : really? You love me? you don't think me as stupid?

Image hosted by

Appie : Of cuz me don fink u ah stoopid Mr. Analik.. come down here n wez talk whut ur problemo izz..

Image hosted by

Analic : wokay... I come down now...

Image hosted by

Appie : NNooooozzz Mr. Analik!! Thatz not whure u come down!!~~~

Analic : AAAhhhhhhh~~~~~!!!






Image hosted by

Analic : .......... OOOowww.......
Appie : ...... me take back whut me sayz aboout U bein' stoopid now.....
Analic : ....... = [

Saturday, October 08, 2005

My 1st time~~~

Gotcha!!! If you are thinking about those naughty thinngs, sorry but I'm not talking about sex!! muahahahha!! this is about my 1st time eating fresh raw oysters, which some people say could be a turn on to whoever eats it.. which means this post is related to sex somehow!! muahahahhahahaha!!!

Okay this was from the buffet last time, I forgot to post it the last time and since I don't know what to blog about at the moment, I'll post this instead... muahahhahaa!

It was the 1st time I tried fresh oyster. I wonder why some people says fresh oyster can turn people on, frankly I ate quite a lot of them but I don't feel a thing except for a hint of stomach upset. (Okay, four fresh oysters are not that much, but it does feel like it when you are eating raw sea creatures which feeds on shit to survive.. seriously, u basically eating muscles and few of fish's craps and stuffs. How can that turns you on huh??)

WOot! fresh oyster!! that was my 1st try so I only took one on my 1st serving to see if I can stomach the raw muscle. Three more come afterward..

AAahhh .. before you eat the food of lust, you must 1st squeze some lemon juice on it. Why you ask? How the hell should I know? I was just following other people so that I won't be recognised as a 1st time oyster eater! >_<

Then finally use a fork to scrap the muscle off from its shell.. the 1st experience was kinda nice, but few more afterwards the taste kinda linger in my mouth.. which is not so good.. imagine a dead fish stuck in between your teeths for few days... yup its not good at all...

Strangely I rather seem to feel happy than turned on that night. A few oysters are enough to make me crazy.. better lay off those things before I get addicted.. Oh yeah, Hussien didn't eat any of the oysters but he is always that crazy so that explain the face..

Anyway, if I ever were feeling horny, I have something that will turn me off instantly so I won't end up raping anyone...

Hussien's tongue action!!!!!!! I think Eric would find this a turn on.. hahahhahaa.!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Obviously bored and evil~~

Appie : La la la la la~~ itz za beautiphul day ishin't it? I wuv the day~~ <3

Analic: Yo! Wazzup Appie? wazzup~~~~

Appie : Oh hello Analic! Shhhuucchh a nice day ishin't it?

Analic : Yeah nice day. Yo.. I got something to show you man.

Analic : Yo , check this out man, I got asshole!! woo hoo~~~~

Appie : .....................

Appie : Wow!!! thatz sshooo cuuutttiiee.. azzhole~~~ <3

Analic : yeah, It's so cool~~
Appie : what doez it dooz anywayz?~
Analic : .............. I don't really know..
Appie : .......... Oh okie dookie..
Analic : yeah...
Appie : yeah.....
Analic : .........
Appie : .........

Sorry to ruin those toy's image guys.. I'm just bored and trying to pass the time...

McD's blue doggie, Gay car & Manly car~~

Yeah, I know I shouldn't have go buy another McD's toys but I'll be damn their evil scheme is working like hell. I just couldn't resist to buy another of those cute cute toys.. >_< As before, I still like the box.. this time it's Blueberry Pompompurin, Oh yeah the last one was Green Apple Cinnamoroll..

OMG!! the poor doggie is choking, it's face is turning blue liao!!!

Ahh? what's that?? You are born that way one? Ok lor.. he's a cute one isn't it??

The maker of this toy clearly put too much detail on it.. maybe they are telling me that this toy is an asshole??
Hmmm.. I'll call him Analic from now on!


Question : How do you differentiate between a manly car and a gay car?

Answer : Easy lar.. just look at the plate there lor...

I'd fix that plate right away if I were you mister gay...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Happy Wo~man

Upon reading The Star today , I found out this particular interesting story about this woman that would make you go "Woh~man!"(pun intended). One look at he-r would make any guy drool and go ga ga. If they have no issue with transversetives I mean.

Yes, Jessie Chung was a Jeffrey Chung the last time. After three major operations, Jessie can now proudly say that she is one hell of a hot woman and I'm tumpang happy with her. Kudos to you for not being afraid to be what you are and congratulations for finally fulfilled your dream and upon on getting married next month. You are lucky that you are not born Islam because if you were, you would have gotten yourself into alot of troubles by now.

This have got me into thinking. (WOW.. Kenny actually thinks? There, I've said it for you. So shut the hell up). How would a normal guy accept the fact that his love was a male before? Sure after the operations and stuffs, her former dee dee has now become a fully functioned mei mei but still it wouldn't change the fact that she was a man before. Doesn't that would sometimes crossed your mind at some point and kills the joy of sex? (Unless of course that you are gay). And so now that she can basically call herself a woman. Would her relationship still be called gay? Does she need to lube since her artificial mei mei since it won't lube itself? (okay, this is getting sick so I should stop thinking now.. Pretty much tells you what state of mind I'm in, doesn't it?)

But hor, You know there are some good things with having a Woh~ man as a girlfriend la. I mean for one she won't have Dai Yee Mah so she can't use it as a excuse to throw tantrum. She pretty much know how a guy thinks and act so she won't be affacted by all guy's nemesis, Those woman and girl magazines that keep on feeding all woman's mind with those crazy opinions about guys. Hey, come on la, those so called experts in men are women themselves. How can women know more about men other than men themselves??. And I bet she is more 'woman' than some girls I know. Do I sound sexist by saying that? well do you want to be know to have the behaviour of thinking with your genital and perverted like guys? No? well shut the hell up!

Do I resent tranversetives? I would like to think not, I don't mind making friends with them. Had a couple of pondans as friends and I like to say that I enjoyed their company. Their perspective in life are different and I found it pretty interesting. I just don't like the ocassional touching on my bum bum and when they trying to manja - manja.. Would I accept and get married with a former man? I don't think so... friend sure but girlfriend or wife? that's out of the line!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Meet my killa Rabbit .... ermm.. thingie

Mcdonald... ahh bless their little heart for making me squeel like a little girl whenever they come up with cute little toys. I don't know why, but I found this particular toy makes me all tingly inside. Made me forgot about my manly testicles and ultimately made me jump with joy when I got my hand on it.. the joy~~

Reminds me of the time when I play masak masak with my cousins when I was small. Laugh all you want, I know at some point you guys too have played it before..

This time I have to take off my hat for Mcdonald, I really really like the packaging of the toy, sure its only a box. But compared to the ways they usually pack toys (only the boring plastic), this made them look like they putting an effort into this franchies..

"Why hello there buddy.. sleeping in a box I see...Why don't you come out and say hello to the readers here? Don't be shy.. " (Oh, and that's Billy the monkey that I doodled yesterday out of sheer boredom. In case you are wondering. =] )

Look at it! How can you resist its charms and its cuteness? SSSHHHOOOOO CCCUUUUTTTIIEEE~~!! HHmm I shall name you Appie from now on..

I think she likes that name. Aren't you Appie. You woogie googie buu buu you... >_<

Monday, October 03, 2005

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow, some foreigns are glad that they cancelled their trip to Bali, following 3 bombings that have occured few days ago by some Morons who were easily manupilated to bomb themselves in public, thinking that they could go to heaven by sacrificing themselves like that. Have they forgotten that their religion did says that by killing themselves would definately make their place in heaven invalid and by killing innocents people would book a place in hell.. enjoy the view of sea of fire there now Idiots??

Somewhere over the rainbow, some Americans are thinking that if Bush didn't promote war in the 1st place, America could have use the money to help those victims of Katrina hurricane. Some Americans are questioning why in the hell they voted for the dumb bastard who likes war and blame on god for the disaster that they are having. It's called karma you dumbass, what goes around, comes around.

Somewhere over the rainbow, Ah Bengs, Ah Lians, auntie, uncle, and party goers are cursing like mad because the price of their preffered beverage and their favourite ciggies have increased. Meaning happy hour are much less happier now that they have to pay more for it. And you wonder why smuggling is such a huge business?

Somewhere over the rainbow, some kid are thinking what the world has become.. why isn't it like what they have heard in bedtime stories and tall tales, where the world is a magical, happy place? Instead it's pretty much a ugly ugly world? Someone out there are wondering why the term 'real world' is used to define people living in poverty, countries having war with each other, people are just bunch selfish creatures, and there's no such thing as humanity?..

Suddenly looking at rainbow are not as pleasing as it did the last time... sigh~~~