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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ah?? what??

I love music, in fact in one day, I spent more than sixteen hours listening to music. So From the moment I walk out of my house to go work till the time I'm back at home from work. I will always stuff earphones on my ears. I reckon when I get old, I'll be as deaf as a ... erm... a.... rhino?

Some say that music heals soul. But I don't agree if they are talking about most of the old malay slow rock and ballad songs. I find them drepressing. I mean how can you sing along happily with songs about you getting dumped, rejected, looking at who you love loved someone else? Heck , even most of their Raya songs are depressing. Why would they listen to it on a joyous day baffles me. Luckily nowaday composers are more leaning to make happy songs for Hari Raya. It's a wise thing to do..

Speaking of which, most of the Hari Raya commercials in the old days are about poor old folks waiting at their house for their children to come home to celebrate Raya with them. Its depressing because they potray something as if their children totally disregard them. Just look at the old folk's sad faces makes you curse their children for not coming home to celebrate Raya with their parents. I hated that.

If it wasn't about that, it would be about old folks celebrate Raya by visiting their children's grave. Depressing~! Why in the hell they like to promote sadness in a joyous day?
Thanks to Yasmin Ahmad ( did I say her name right? ) this past few years Raya commercials are more happy inducing than the last time. I really love her work.
If it not for her, I would end up thinking malays are such a sad people.

Okay back to music, there's one kind music that I hated most , those new chinese new year songs sang by kids. Oh.. my god! blogging about it now is making me angry. those are a bunch of uncreative people who rip hit songs, Altered the lyrics to be CNY material, get some kids whose parents think them as the most talented individuals in the world, dress them up in crappy colourful clothes, plastered their face with generous amounts of make up to make them looked slutty. And get them to sing the crappy songs. I HATE them!! And the fact that my parents actually buy those crap to play at home during CNY makes me hate them even more. I actually threw some of the cds away during CNY without my parents knowing it.

Okay... I'm going off track now.. Don't know what to blog about since I'm all flamed up about crappy CNY songs.. bye


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