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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Complaints on easy exam?? What the hell??!!

Today while I browse through The Star, something caught my attention. It seems that this year's PMR was too easy and the teachers complained about it..

A Mathematics and Science teacher from Seremban said her students were “disappointed” with the Science paper as the questions were “too easy.”

"Wei! you want to complain, you complain lah!! don't pull your students into it saying that they are "dissapointed" because of the easy questions on Mathematics and Science subject!!" . Seriously lah, I don't think the students mind about it. I know I wouldn't if it were easy during my PMR.

“One of my students commented that had he known the questions were to be that easy, he would not have studied so hard!

“They were disappointed that the paper was not a challenge,” she added.
Heh! this teacher sure "know" her students... If you haven't noticed what he meant, let me point the obvious reason he was "dissapointed" at the PMR questions.

"he would not have studied so hard!"
Doesn't that explain it?? He meant that he is dissapointed that noone inform him that the exam was gonna be easy, if he knew, he would have spent those restless nights out partying like a monkey on loose.

Malaysian Examination Syndicate director Dr Salleh Hassan said that the level of difficulty was about the same for every examination – including this year's – so the syndicate could chart and compare students’ performance over the years. Honestly I think the Malaysian Examination Syndicate is not really doing a great job at keeping the standard to Malaysian's education qualities. All they ever care was to keep the percentage of students passing the exam to high but not so high that other country would think that the standard of Malaysia's education are low. How do they keep the percentage in tact you ask? Well they will raise the difficulties based on the previous passing percentage of some subjects the last year. So I guess the students that will be taking PMR next year are pretty much screwed because of the system that the MES are applying.

How are you suppose to produce quality students by doing that? Yeah sure by that result, they can enter some prestige universities and brag on how they got "high scores" on that paticular exam but do you think they can do better later on? Maybe they will even do worse than ever since their balls or punanies gonna expand to the size of a planet and they won't be so hardworking on their studies anymore. And that would bring a bad image of Malaysia to the world if they are to study oversea. Very 'tiu ka' leh....


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