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Friday, October 28, 2005

Don't cross the line and hide behind your religion dude!

Usually I don't often post my two cents about social stuffs on my blog because it is meant for me to be pointless, self amused, and make jokes that only me laugh about alone with noone understand it.

But upon reading something Minishorts in her letter post. A guy nicknamed Menj has post something on his blog that could or maybe have enraged alot of Malaysian Bloggers. I don't even bother to put his link here. ( but you could find it easily, it just take a bit of effort to click here and there ). This guy so claimed himself as Muslim found that the word Deepa raya as an insultment to his religion and strongly against that.

Chill out dude. Why the rage against something that only you think as an insultment yourself?

This guy, with the theme “Waging Jihad By Speaking My Mind” in his blog is clearly not a peace loving dude. Where did he get all those ideas man. His hatred toward other religion has clearly blinded his eyes and now everything that not related to Islam he would see as sinned and flawed. But this guy is a hypocrite, he distest those things but he made exception to something he like, namely Lindsay Lohan and some other western stuffs. In which most of the 'holier than thou' muslims clearly doesn't approve at. I guess he is still young afterall.

But this guy is giving Islam a bad name. It's bad enough that those suicide bombers doing their stuffs under the name of the religion. This guy have to make more people hate Islam. It's already a mindset to societies to be racists so the mass won't just say its his fault but would include the religion that he held onto, especially with the way that he's speaking his mind. What do you get from all this man? Why all this hatred? Why would you want to destroy the religion that you believe in?

Some people actually defending him, saying that he's got something inside him that would make him big. Some claims him as a intelligent dude who have very constructive opinion. I say that he would be as on par with what Adolf Hitler have in mind. Sure that Hitler has made it big, but in the end he is just known as sadistic mass muderer and plain evil. Menj is slowly going toward that path.

Those "I am holier and more supreme than thou" mindset should not exist in a mutlicutural place. As much as you hate other religions here, they are here to stay. Learn to live with it dude.


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