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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Happy Wo~man

Upon reading The Star today , I found out this particular interesting story about this woman that would make you go "Woh~man!"(pun intended). One look at he-r would make any guy drool and go ga ga. If they have no issue with transversetives I mean.

Yes, Jessie Chung was a Jeffrey Chung the last time. After three major operations, Jessie can now proudly say that she is one hell of a hot woman and I'm tumpang happy with her. Kudos to you for not being afraid to be what you are and congratulations for finally fulfilled your dream and upon on getting married next month. You are lucky that you are not born Islam because if you were, you would have gotten yourself into alot of troubles by now.

This have got me into thinking. (WOW.. Kenny actually thinks? There, I've said it for you. So shut the hell up). How would a normal guy accept the fact that his love was a male before? Sure after the operations and stuffs, her former dee dee has now become a fully functioned mei mei but still it wouldn't change the fact that she was a man before. Doesn't that would sometimes crossed your mind at some point and kills the joy of sex? (Unless of course that you are gay). And so now that she can basically call herself a woman. Would her relationship still be called gay? Does she need to lube since her artificial mei mei since it won't lube itself? (okay, this is getting sick so I should stop thinking now.. Pretty much tells you what state of mind I'm in, doesn't it?)

But hor, You know there are some good things with having a Woh~ man as a girlfriend la. I mean for one she won't have Dai Yee Mah so she can't use it as a excuse to throw tantrum. She pretty much know how a guy thinks and act so she won't be affacted by all guy's nemesis, Those woman and girl magazines that keep on feeding all woman's mind with those crazy opinions about guys. Hey, come on la, those so called experts in men are women themselves. How can women know more about men other than men themselves??. And I bet she is more 'woman' than some girls I know. Do I sound sexist by saying that? well do you want to be know to have the behaviour of thinking with your genital and perverted like guys? No? well shut the hell up!

Do I resent tranversetives? I would like to think not, I don't mind making friends with them. Had a couple of pondans as friends and I like to say that I enjoyed their company. Their perspective in life are different and I found it pretty interesting. I just don't like the ocassional touching on my bum bum and when they trying to manja - manja.. Would I accept and get married with a former man? I don't think so... friend sure but girlfriend or wife? that's out of the line!


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