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Monday, October 31, 2005

Heh? Opinion ar???~~~

I didn't know that you can blog and take so much pictures with a bunch of bananas .. O_O

Anyway.. I've learn something the past few weeks. Maybe you guys have known about it much earlier than me, but hey I'm talking about myself here, if you think "heh, I already know this like so many years ago." well congratulation smart ass. But if you think "Oh, like that one", then congratulate and thank me for teaching you something new today. hehe

Okay are you prepare for this? Because by knowing this, you can learn how to manipulate those puny humans and make them willingly worship the very ground you step on. Okay lar, not that 'kuah zhang' lar.

One thing that I've learned is....

When people ask for your opinion, they are not really asking for your opinion, they are merely looking for someone who have the same opinion as they have!!!

Gasp!!! omg, it's the answer for the most unsolved mystery on earth. Which is related to why alot of girls pissed off at guy's honest opinion when they asked for it.

Honestly, when did people wants an honest opinion for someone when its usually a negative one? They all wanted to hear the nice ones. But with girls, it's much more complicated and should I call it 'ma fan' since they want a nice positive opinion with a concrete evidence to back it up.

That's why they when they ask, " Do I look fat, baby ? "

and then you answered , " Of course not sugar pie. " in a split second because you honestly think so.

Then they go throw a fit saying. " You only say that to make me happy, you are lying!! " leaving you wonder what you did wrong because the last time , she was angry at you for giving a thought before giving the answer to the same question last week.

Poor poor guy. I know, I've been in that situation before.

Well, let me tell you this, the part that you did wrong is, you have only told her half of what she wanted to hear. She is not satisfied with a half-baked answer, she wants something to back up what you have said so she can go skipping happily and throwing pink flower petals while riding her magical pink unicorn for the rest of their day.

"Then, how am I suppose to answer her!!???"

Calm down my fellow mate, Calm down...

There is actually no certain answer to that question because every individual has their very own unique opinions, you have to find out what they are yourself. Muaahahhahahaha!!.

I mean , you can't go answer her " Of course not baby, you're wearing a shirt fitted for kid. How can you be fat? " to someone with a size of a hippo can you? Unless you want her to bitch slap you till kingdom come. In which if you really are, then you are a sick bastard who really need helps.

So I would like to say " Padan muka!! " (serves you right) to those guys who doesn't put any effort into understanding their girlfriends.

So there's no short cut into understanding people. You really have to put an effort into knowing your friends and you loved ones. If you really understand them well, you will know what they are thinking at this very moment and use it to your full advantage.

Just remember what I have taught you about people asking for opinion and you can steer away from deep shit that you gonna step on.



  • When people ask for your opinion, they are not really asking for your opinion, they are merely looking for someone who have the same opinion as they have!!

    No la, everything has exceptions :) some people generally want to know what opinions you have, and most of the time they'll ask you more about it to know HOW you came to some different opinion from them :)

    Of course, it tends to be a problem if they won't stop debating with you.

    By Blogger lainieyeoh, at 11:13 PM  

  • Hmmm... out of 10 peoples who asked for my opinion, only one really wants an honest opinions from me. And we end up didn't talk to each other for a whole week after that. Figures huh?

    My honest opinion always get me into shit if you ask me. So I tend to give them white lies instead.

    By Blogger hteekay, at 12:15 AM  

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