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Thursday, October 06, 2005

McD's blue doggie, Gay car & Manly car~~

Yeah, I know I shouldn't have go buy another McD's toys but I'll be damn their evil scheme is working like hell. I just couldn't resist to buy another of those cute cute toys.. >_< As before, I still like the box.. this time it's Blueberry Pompompurin, Oh yeah the last one was Green Apple Cinnamoroll..

OMG!! the poor doggie is choking, it's face is turning blue liao!!!

Ahh? what's that?? You are born that way one? Ok lor.. he's a cute one isn't it??

The maker of this toy clearly put too much detail on it.. maybe they are telling me that this toy is an asshole??
Hmmm.. I'll call him Analic from now on!


Question : How do you differentiate between a manly car and a gay car?

Answer : Easy lar.. just look at the plate there lor...

I'd fix that plate right away if I were you mister gay...


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