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Saturday, October 08, 2005

My 1st time~~~

Gotcha!!! If you are thinking about those naughty thinngs, sorry but I'm not talking about sex!! muahahahha!! this is about my 1st time eating fresh raw oysters, which some people say could be a turn on to whoever eats it.. which means this post is related to sex somehow!! muahahahhahahaha!!!

Okay this was from the buffet last time, I forgot to post it the last time and since I don't know what to blog about at the moment, I'll post this instead... muahahhahaa!

It was the 1st time I tried fresh oyster. I wonder why some people says fresh oyster can turn people on, frankly I ate quite a lot of them but I don't feel a thing except for a hint of stomach upset. (Okay, four fresh oysters are not that much, but it does feel like it when you are eating raw sea creatures which feeds on shit to survive.. seriously, u basically eating muscles and few of fish's craps and stuffs. How can that turns you on huh??)

WOot! fresh oyster!! that was my 1st try so I only took one on my 1st serving to see if I can stomach the raw muscle. Three more come afterward..

AAahhh .. before you eat the food of lust, you must 1st squeze some lemon juice on it. Why you ask? How the hell should I know? I was just following other people so that I won't be recognised as a 1st time oyster eater! >_<

Then finally use a fork to scrap the muscle off from its shell.. the 1st experience was kinda nice, but few more afterwards the taste kinda linger in my mouth.. which is not so good.. imagine a dead fish stuck in between your teeths for few days... yup its not good at all...

Strangely I rather seem to feel happy than turned on that night. A few oysters are enough to make me crazy.. better lay off those things before I get addicted.. Oh yeah, Hussien didn't eat any of the oysters but he is always that crazy so that explain the face..

Anyway, if I ever were feeling horny, I have something that will turn me off instantly so I won't end up raping anyone...

Hussien's tongue action!!!!!!! I think Eric would find this a turn on.. hahahhahaa.!


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