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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

OOhhh, nothing much~~

This month is a quiet month for me, I mean I even have to chat with a cyber god to amuse myself!! Omg , how lame was that??! The reason that I've been posting less blogs than I would recently is that I have to rely on going to noisy inducing cyber cafe to blog these few days. Listening to all those brats shouting and cursing while tuning up the volume of the game they play didn't help me on getting inspiration on what to blog about.

I wish I have enough dirty socks with me now to stuff it down their freakin throats.
Fortunately for them , I don't . In fact I'm so short of socks nowaday I have to wear those torn ones. Omg, why am I telling you this? This is so lame.. again

Hmm. Let me see what happened today.. oh nothing much. Woke up, getting ready to work. Work work work work... work work work work.. lunch time.. sleep abit.. work work work work again.. Saw someone trying to steal colleague's bike.. work work wor~ wait da minute!!

Yup , today got some bastards trying to steal my colleagues bike. They almost did but not smart enough because:

1. They are doing it in broad daylight.
2. There are people near that bike.
3. My other colleague spotted them with his eagle eyes ( which is true, he always manage to spot something that all of us didn't in one glance. Which is most of the time are related to perverted ones. I guess he put it in good use today for a change

When he saw it through the window, he alerted us just to make sure what he see were true. My another colleague with his 'smart ass' self told us to wait and see 1st because he don't want us to beat up the wrong people in case of misunderstanding.

This is where I hit myself in the forehead because I actually listened to him and wait. I mean we should get out of the office to see what's happening when we suspecting something right. We don't have to straight away beat the hell out of people, we could just walk there, see what is happening with our own eyes , and then beat the drap out of them if they are trying to steal the bike. Why did I listen to him anyway.

While we were sitting our ass in the office watching at crime in work. A stranger walked past by the thieves and saw what they are doing. The thieves, noticed that someone saw them , quickly hopped onto their bike and rushed away from that place. Imagine if the stranger weren't there..

Stupid Me : Hey, I really think we should go down there to see lah, that fence is blocking our view and I can't see what they are doing, I think they really are trying to steal the bike.

Smart ass : SSShhhh.. wait and see.. we don't want to end up beating innocent people

*One of the thief took out a screwdriver and begin to work on the bike.

Stupid Me : OMG! I think he is stealing the bike man, he took out a screwdriver man. Look at him pouncing on the bike trying to start it.

Smart ass : SSShhhh.. wait and see.. we don't want to end up beating innocent people

*The thief manage to turn on the bike and rode off with it.

Stupid me : He stole the bike!!! right in front of our eyes and we didn't even do anything about it! What the fuck!

Smart ass : SSshhhh .. wait and se~ * Uhh what? he was a bike thief afterall!! OPPPsssiiiee..*blushed*

See what I mean?! Slap myself for listening to mr. smart ass. -___-

*Shit, someone turned on crazy frog!! That's why I hate Ah Bengs! better get out of this place before I kill that bastard. Bye!


  • So sad, and funnay, and also dramatic at the same time. What an unexpected event you encounter. Hahahaaa... opss, sorry for your friend bike!

    By Blogger clouze carniva, at 5:47 AM  

  • Hahahaha... shit happens..

    By Blogger hteekay, at 7:05 PM  

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