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Monday, October 17, 2005

WTF story 2 : Timmy strikes back!

Eventually the fairy knows who's the fucker that threw the axe at her ( a but then? she's a freakin fairy man!! Of course she would know who's the culprit eventually!! ). With a swift of her magical vomit inducing pinkish wand. She levitate Little Timmy back to the lake.

Timmy keeps on swinging his feets in hope that he could escape from her grasp, he even tried to swim away but it only proves two things, that its futile and that he's an complete idiot. He tries to think of what excuse that he could come up with so the fairy would forgive him and let him go.

"What should I do?? Maybe I can act adorable and ask for forgiveness, yeah.. then maybe if I'm adorable and charming enough, she would fall to me and become my bitch!! muahahahhaa... err.. wait. I should think on how to get away 1st.." Timmy hit his own head hard for being horny at time like this.

The fairy took a good look at Timmy when he reached the place where she's standing.

"So, you're the punk who threw this axe huh?" the fairy asked while giving him the omg I'm so gonna kill you look.

"Erm. No I didn't." Timmy answered. He's so scared now, he have difficulties controlling his bladder.

"HUH??!! You dare to deny it???!!" her eyes buldging in anger.

"Erm, I don't own a golden axe" Timmy said. He's trembling in fear more than ever. Timmy trembles so much he's like a living talking vibrator.

"HUH??" the fairy take a look at the axe that she's holding. It is in fact a golden axe. Quickly she hides that axe and took out another axe.

"So you dare to crack my head open with this huh?" She's trying forget that embarassing moment just now.

"Err.. No mam' , I don't own a silver axe too! Please don't kill me!!" Timmy start to wonder if this fairy is a blond or not..

"Oh shit! not again!!" The fairy take another look at what she's holding, it is indeed a silver axe. She felt completely stupid now. With a snap from her fingers, the silver axe changed into a rusty old axe. She double-check on it to make sure that she won't make the same mistake again.

"Yes, mam'. That's my axe!!" Timmy answered it honestly because he's hoping that the honesty is the best policy works now. There's now way to deny it now.

"Since you are so honest about it, I shall give you all of the 3 axes." with a whip from her magical vomit inducingly pink wand, the gold , silver and the rusty axe appears on Timmy's hand. Timmy's wondering what the hell is happening now. But since the fairy let him back on his feet and released him he quickly thank her and run as fast as he could with the axes..

"HHmmm, such a fine honest little man......." the fairy smiled.

"EH?? what the fark did I just do??!!" apparantly the axe hit her head so hard that she forgot the purpose of capturing Timmy. But it's too late now because the fairy can't leave her lake and Timmy is well away from her magical range.

So in the end Timmy sold the axes and uses the money to invest in stock exchange and become a rich guy who own several ferraries and have beautiful super models as his girlfriends. His sister became an actress who's later famous for having a hot body and the reputation of marrying famous actors and devorcing them a week after. And his mum became a famous sugar mummy.. And they live happily ever after~~


See kids? It's good to be honest afterall..
In case you go "what the fark is this??!" that's my point of the story, ahahahahhaa!!


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