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Friday, October 14, 2005

WTF story?? story of little Timmy

Once upon a time ar, deep in the forest there ah live one small kid named Little Timmy lah. This Timmy is so cham ler, eat everyday also not enough one. One little green pea also have to share with his little sister, Shirley. Aiya what to do, when he was still small small ah, his dad died because too much sex and viagra lor.. the heart went overload then him pun go condemn oledi lar. So Timmy, Shirley and his mother have to live at the pondok durian there. Every month pay RM 2 only. So cheap so they can afford lor.

Anyway la. Timmy everday hor, have to go chop wood to sell one lar. So he take his trusty and rusty axe. And away he went into the deep forest there to chop wood. Walk and walk and walk, he reached a place nearby the lake there. Timmy feel abit scared there coz he once heard the locals said the lake is haunted one. But only the trees there is the easiest to chop and since Timmy is small in size, he only can chop trees near the lake one, so what to do, if the ghost want to kill him then kill la! He don't care anymore. So he start to chop one of the trees there.

*CHOP CHOP CHOP*! Timmy try to chop the tree as fast as he could so he can go home early.

*CHOP CHOP CHOP*! he chop harder and harder this time...

*CHOP CHOP FLIP*!! Aiyar, poor Timmy.. the axe slip from his tiny fingers and flown into the lake. *PLOP*!!

"Haiya, like this how ler?? cannot afford to buy another axe oledi.. now cannot chop wood to find money.. die la die la die la" Little Timmy said. He begins to weep like a little girl. "weep weep" "weep weep weep"

And then suddenly the lake begins to glow, magical fairie dust begin to encircle the middle of the lake. Timmy saw the event and startled by it, startled but not scared. In fact oh he is actually feeling excited and happy. Why you ask ah? Well he heard of a little fairy tale about this fairy who give a poor boy a golden axe for being honest one. Haiya that story le.. You never heard of it one meh? heh! kids nowaday. Movies and games only. Never read one..

Slowly and surely ah the fairy dust begin to form a figure.

"WAH, this fairy is shok shok le, got a devil's figure one!! Sllluuuurrrpp~~" Aiyak, Timmy got perverted liao..

So he waited patiently and weefully (is that a word? If it's not then I don't care myahahhaa) for the fairy to fully appear.. he can see the fairy's figure is holding something that looked like an axe.

"Wah, so the fairy tale must be true one!! heeheheh.. I'm gonna be rich then no need to chop woods liao!" thought Timmy. Timmy could imagine himself selling the golden axe on e-bay, get loads and loads of money with it and start a business himself. Later he gonna buy a Ferrari and to have super model as a girlfriend..

Finally ah the transformation is complete and Timmy can finally see the fairy. But as soon as he sees the beautiful fairy holding his rusty axe, Timmy got really scared and run as fast as his little leg can carry him!

*ZZZIIIPPP*!! In a blink of mata, Timmy is gone out of sight..

The beautiful fairy look around the lake and said

"Pukima, who's this fucker go throw the axe ah? my head is bloody already!!"



  • Your sentences are translated.
    It is difficult though easy English is understood.
    To understand your story, it studies.
    Please write a lot of stories.

    By Blogger sakura56, at 4:54 PM  

  • Ermm.. actually the story that I wrote here bad English because I added some Malay and Chinese into it. HAhahhahahaha. And I'm sorry if it caused confusion to you. =(

    You does type like Yoda though... XD.. sorry, crude joke.

    By Blogger hteekay, at 6:27 PM  

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