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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

neglected dishes!!

remember the dish that my housemate left in the living room? I did manage to get him to clean it up (it was few days ago...)

Image hosted by

Or so I thought..

it looks like he have live up to his reputation yet again... -___-

Image hosted by
In case you are wondering, yes it is the very same dishes that he left in the living room... how long have it been ?? over a week now if I have not mistaken....

Image hosted by
And it seems that he added few more dishes as a bonus.. sigh... wonder how long will the dishes stays there...

Stay tune as I will record how long it will take for the dishes to be wash!!!

Monday, November 28, 2005

I went to xiaxue blog to read on her latest post . ( coz i love a camwhore! ;] ) and read something about her anger toward 'selfish men'. Which is basically about how a guy made a move with her 1st then when he was declined (not directly , but she did went to dance without him) make another attempt... with her friend.

Which of course made this blog princess fused with anger. As the same with all those 'the world revolve around me' type of person. She went ahead calling him a bastard, and ask the world why does all these things happen to her, claiming the rule of :- "When you try to get to know one girl, you bloody STICK TO THAT GIRL THAT NIGHT! I mean, obviously if you failed you should move on, perferably to somewhere the first girl cannot see you, BUT YOU DO NOT, EVER, HIT ON THE GIRL'S FRIENDS!!!" is at hand.

As I recall , I never heard of such rule. Why can't a guy make a move on your friend? Is it so insulting to do so? Is your friend irritated by his move? Is she felt insulted? does it ever crossed your mind that maybe your friend have a mild interest in him too like you do? Won't you feel happy for her and not depressed with the fact that the guy didn't sit like a faithful dog yearning for your attention? If you feel that maybe he's insulting your friend by treating her as a PLAN B, don't you think that your friend has a mind of her own and decline him herself if she don't like what he's doing?

Can somebody explain to me why guys I am even the slightest bit mildly interested in always ends up liking my friends? WHY??

Errrmm.. maybe it's because you don't show him that you are interested with him? why would a guy waste his time on something that is not certain anyway? would you waste your time on a guy who treat you the same way?

Anyway, the place where this thing occur is at a club, where flirting takes place and a place where people wants to get a partner on the dance floor. So I think the guy has the right to make a move on your friend when you 'politely' leave him hanging there and your friend can take care of herself if she is insulted by his doing.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

pimple, the little bugger that just won't go away!!

I think when god made the mould of humans, he accidentally dropped the mould to the ground, making the dirt stick onto the face mould and thus created pimples.

I hate it. It's because I only start getting pimples from the age 15 and almost ten years after that I still getting it.. what gives?? Some people said you'll stop getting it after you pop the cherry but I've done it. So why am I still getting it dammit??!!! Did I missed something there??

I got this bad habit of squezzing those little buggers out when I know that I'm not suppose to. But it's fun!! it's addictive!! It's a thrill doing something that we are not suppose to. Now my face is decorated with acne scars.


I've started using cleanser this month, doesn't know if it's working because frankly I still don't see any improvements. Maybe I did something wrong here. Maybe I should have sex more.. I don't know...

Friday, November 25, 2005

the irony in police forces

There is once a malay friend (forgot whom) asked me why I and most of the chinese detest in joining the law enforcers, well I answered him . "Most of the chinese are brought up to be business minded, to be the boss of our own and to be rich.". And then I added. " I don't have confidence in police anyway. Most of them couldn't even uphold the law themselves." And then he told me that not all of them are that bad.

Yes I do agree that not all of them are bad, I've seen one young policeman helped the citizen with a smile. But that is only one time in my whole life. The rest of them doesn't really give me a good impression of them. Most of them, especially the experienced ones, are corrupted. Corrupted by either money or morally. I've seen them upholding my cousin in lock-up for a whole week for no whatsoever reason at all and demanded bribe. I've been accused of smoking weed one time during raid the last time at KK (I don't even smoke a ciggy at all) but when I checked on my urine test result and compared it to my friends who got off clean, our result are similar. Lucky that one of my friend have some-what connection with the KK's taiko who knows the inspector of that area that I got off that time. But not after we stayed at the police station from 11 pm to 7 am. And we even have to take a cab to go back our cars because the police station is far from the bar we went that night.

In short, most of my experience with the police force are not nice ones but a gripping one that would never let go.

I don't have much confidence in police forces.

And after what happened to the chinese tourists that have caused quite a stir. Everyone was shocked, they were disgusted by the act of some irresponsible police.

Frankly I were not really surprised. It's something that are bound to happen. Maybe it has for a long time but now it's out in the open because the victims are brave enough to bring it to the public or just because the stupid police who took the video of the incident aren't bright enough to think that the video footage is an evidence of their wrongdoing and weefully send it to someone else to see. Only finds out later that the someone spread it all over the internet. Dumb shit.

I think it will take a long time for them to store back the confidence in me with them.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

I'm a lamp post!!!!!!!!

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see that pic? okay, the bride is like the girl that I used to like and the bridegroom is like the guy that told me that I'm his best friend and they both have broken up the last time and got together again.

Ah? so where am I in this picture?? It's easy what, I'm in the centre of the picture.. Yepp.

I'm the lamp post... -___-

It's hard for me to hang out with them. From my perspective , the guy is someone I knew since Secondary school and he is the type that all loves to hate, the guy who is a playboy that cheats on his girlfriend when she went to study overseas, right in front of me when he knows that I personally know his girlfriend.

The girl on the other hand loves him too much that she won't mind that he have broken her heart once. Hurts her so much to the point that she had a massive ashtma attack. The girl that I used to like but I regret that I didn't make a move fast enough to have her. The girl who went to see me for advice when the guy plead her to come back to him when he was still with another girl (his ex-girlfriend now). The girl who told to me that she won't consider taking him back since he have hurt her so.

And then when the guy got back from Austria. He called me out for a drink and what did I find out??
That girl happily clinging on his arm. Looked at me like she never talked to me about her relationship. And utterly smitten by that guy that had hurt her before. Guess how was I feeling that time?

So last night I have to get in between their lovey-dovey, cuddly-wuddly while I'm all alone. With everyone else looking at me in OU thinking " Why the heck is that guy follow people 'pak toh' one? So pathetic, hey leave those couple alone lah!!!". I have to put up a face and pretend like nothing happens and at the same time thinking none stop when will this guy-friend of mine decided that he's bored with her again and start to cheat behind her... again.

Last night was the shittiest time I had in my life. And guess what, it will get shittier because they said they will call me out again soon.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Alert!! only for 18 above! hot pussy licking action!!

But before that, there's this one thing that I don't understand about one of my housemate. He have this one bad habit of leaving dishes right where he used it. Mainly the living room and his room. What is the purpose of doing so? Is he planning to cultivate a civilisation of his own? That is the question that only he can answer.

Image hosted by
The dishes that have stayed at that spot for days. If I don't tell him to clean it up tonight, I think it will be there till the end of the world. It's not that he has forgotten about it because I saw him accidently kicked the dishes but strangely he only put that dishes back at that very spot.


Image hosted by
closer examination of the liquid shows that the maggi soup has dried up and crystalized... in other words..



Anyway.... this is dedicated to all those perv.s out there, some hot pussy licking action!!! anyone who is below 18 should turn away and click the 'x' button before it's too late...

come on now.... move along, move along....

Why are you still scrolling down? Go away kids!!


Okay... don't say I didn't warn ya..


Image hosted by

Oh... Yeah!!!!

Image hosted by

what??? not enough?? okay... be ready for...

Image hosted by



Image hosted by


Okay, enough for now.. I don't want to be responsible for turning some pervs into a bunch of rapists. Hah!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Movie that is suppose to be enjoyable....

I'm sure alot of people noticed that Holywood has gone book-translate-into-movie craze right now. Be it from comic book or novel. Those things sells faster than poorly written porn novel that I can't seem to understand why people like reading it so much. It's just pages with words man, why do I have to imagine it myself when I can just simply watch porn. But of course I can imagine Siti N. and me there... but still...

For one thing , this is kind of good for someone like me, someone who reads slow..... and tends to stop in the middle because another book came out. So by watching the movie, I can get the overall story about the book in few hours instead of by reading. Plus I don't have to waste energy by flipping pages (yes I am a lazy ass), I can just sit there, watching the whole thing while sipping on soda and munching on chips. Isn't technology wonderful?

But for hardcore fan of the books, movie spells nightmare to them, the script writer changes the plot, the actors screwing up the characters they are potraying, those insolent people starting to read the book and speak rubbish about the book despite the fact that they are lacking of intelect to appreciate a good book.
Thus those people tends to hate that movie. They would go. "Oh .. its such a dissapointment!! they totally screw-up the story and insulting the writer."

But can you really cramp-up weeks worth of reading story into a avarage 2 hours movie? It's impossible.. can you possibly put in every detail mentioned on the book into the movie? it's possible but it would cost more doesn't it?

So why can't people just enjoy the movie? Why do they bother comparing it with a book when those two are total different media of entertainment and they know that movie tends to be different in some sort? I think as long as the movie is enjoyable then it will be okay. It will worth my RM10 watching it and it won't take up my time as much as reading does. Sometime those movie will even rekindle my interest in the book and motivates me to finish it. So its all good..

Unless that movie totally suck donkey's balls like that dreadfull dungeon and dragons....

Friday, November 18, 2005

Blogging is great isn't it?

Okay I know I've posted a subject about blogs before . But this is totally different from that. It's my opinion on the matter with a different point of view..
(actually I don't have anything to write about but let's just keep it between us okay? ;] )

Seeing that new blogs keep popping out like mushrooms or like new overrated amateur with so-so talent singers from a reality show on singing competition. we are getting lots and lots more of people wanting to vent their thinking out. Which is good because its about time that these people come out from their cave. Most of the time we will get to read pointless blogs that doesn't worth reading (like mine), but alot of time we will get to read some of mind-stimulating blog from people who wrote it sincerely , who doesn't write it under influence of others.

These are the people who are not afraid to voice their heart out. They are not afraid to talk about sensitive issue that are still "taboo" in the society because no matter how hard the gorvenment, parents, siblings and friends are trying to deny its existence. It is here to stay. It's not something that will be resolved by itself unless people bring it out and talk about it.

Blogging also let people know what kind of person you are. Provided what you post on your blog are true anyway. Postings on everyday lifes lets me know what's going on with friends that I seldom hang out with. Isn't blogging great?

But on the other hand

I find out alot more about my friends through their blog more than in real live because most of the people are not so open with their feelings yet. which is a good thing but isn't it sad that we know more about our friends through digital media than to knowing them directly?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

girls like them guys cocky - talk cock

Most of guys that I've known are very shy when they fell in love with the girl of their dream. When they are in that state, they will pathetically being humble in front of the girl and always seek for the girl's approval. Which most of the time girls find it a big turn-off. Especially girls who are looking for a guy who can provide them security. Unless she's a control freak who like to have a puppet boyfriend or the guy is a rich ball-less man (in which the control freak would love more). You won't get the girl to attracted to you with your lack of confident and lack of cockiness.

Usually when guys want to dig out useful information from the girl before hitting on her, they would first find out what kind of guy that the girl would like to be with. One of the most preference that a girl would say they want from a guy would be. " I want a guy who's tall , or at least not any less shorter than me. " thus would render a guy who's shorter than the girl feeling hopeless. Thinking that the girl would never be attracted to him.

But before you lose any hope, remember that just because she said that she prefer a guy who's taller, it doesn't mean that she won't be attracted to a guy who's shorter. She never said she dissed those type of guy, because if she did and really meant it, you won't be able to strike a conversation with her in the first place.

Attraction is the main thing in courtship not a prefference.
Am I right or am I right?

So in order to come over it, a guy has to appear confident, not to care of his own lack-of-ideal-guy's-quality and don't appear affected by other's opinions. In which the girl would find him irresistable. (Unless the guy really is cocky and annoying beyond words.)

So when a girl say that you are short. Don't make that puppy look and let your balls shrinks like a dried prune yet. Deal with it. You can start with..

"Well I got over it, are you yet?"

By stating this, it would make you looked like you know what is going on and you are not afraid of dealing with it. And it will also addresses the issue in such a way that you'll know where she stands on it. Don't worry, if she really just can't get pass the fact you are shorter than her, she will tell you.

A counter-attack of her remark with cockiness also works.

girl : wow, you're shorter than me..

guy : Yeah, but you're kind of a freak. I think something like 1% of women are as tall as you. It must suck trying to find nice pants, huh? You have to wear all those weird pants made for freaks and stuff.

see? It will lead to some teasing with each other which is considered as one of the courting technique.

so remember guys. You have to be a little cocky when dealing with the girl you like. So stop being a wuss because

Women aren't attracted to men who are APPROVAL SEEKERS.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I've got mentioned by other blogger!!

Actually it's not a really positive comment from her and it's not entirely about me but still it's the 1st time that someone that I don't know in real life mentioned about my blog! The 1st time always feel good. Heehehe.

I got mentioned here.

There are two bloggers with the name Kenny in the Malaysian blogosphere (that I know of anyway). One of them, is of course the famous Kenny Sia of The other is hteekay of

"that I know of" .. ahhhh.... she knows me? cool.. well I know she don't mean that I'm famous anyway. Kinda overshadowed by Kenny Sia. But just let me savoured the moment okay? =]

well that's the peak of good thing mentioned about me, later it's all downhill from there. =[

What got my grannypants into a twist is that, WHY THE NEED FOR THE USAGE OF THE WORD OTHER KENNY AND ACTUAL KENNY?
Who is to say that Kenny Sia is the original Kenny and has copyrighted his name whereas everyone else has to be contented with being known as the OTHER Kenny?

Got surname right? Use the surname to distinguish who is who la! What for need ‘the other kenny’, ‘the actual kenny’ , ‘the fake kenny’, ‘the kenny in KL’ or whatever to differentiate yourselves?!

And why should you settle for ‘the other kenny’? Like second prize like that only! If your name is Kenny Wong then just type Kenny Wongla! Kenny Sia and Kenny Wong. So much clearer and easier. Too many ‘the whatwhat kenny’ can get people confused, you know.

Got scolded liao.. haiz..
Anyway the I know la I can use my surname , but it would be boring wouldn't it? I mean it would be a really plain and forgetable nick that everyone has heard of it before.
And I'm sure somewhere out there, there are alot of Kenny Sias and Kenny Hos surfing the net too! =D

You must admit, there isn't much of variety on chinese name. My name is one of the most typically used name for Chinese (I heard too many times of my name on movies and the like). So how would I make myself different from the other that has the same name as mine? That is where nick name comes in.

You are not bound to use specified nick name on the internet. Heck, you can call yourself 'MILF' for all I care. In fact, I'll probably remember you better with that name than Robin , John, or Kelly or whatever your real name is.

As for me, I used that nick when I comment on other's blog because I find that kinda fun nick to use. I'm happy that Kenny Sia sees that and joined in the fun too. I'm definately not a humble guy but I don't mind to ridicule myself just to make a few people have a laugh. It's a bad habit of mine that I can't shake off. =]

ps : Don't worry, I won't start a blog war with you entwined. (seeing you studying law and may some day sue my ass off.) simply because I'm too happy that I got mentioned by you and you're just too pretty to get mad at. Have a nice day! ^^

Friday, November 11, 2005

I made a boo boo again.. Haiz~~

Apparantly I made a boo boo again. This time its the real thing. Wee San's freelance work on Baskin Robbin

Thanks to Ed for correcting me after those endless lies.. >=[

Tomorrow I'm gonna guest blog at minishorts blog and I still don't know what to write there. What am I gonna do??!!! {=[

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Opppss.. I made a bo-bo, it seems that Wee San didn't make that Bonia whacamacallit art. She did make this Baskin Robbins one though...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

It's.... nice.... very... artistic.... I ..... guess..... O_O
Okay, let's move on~~

Last night I went to watch Chicken Little with my colleagues, yeah I know, I may be a little too old for that overly cute and children friendly movie. But I am a huge fan of Disney (especially their 2D animation movies, why do they have to switch to 3D anyway??!! Damn them!!) , and I don't look my age. My colleague who is three years younger than me looked like he can be my older brother. Heh! You know that I got asked once for my I.C. when I want to buy tickets for 18 SG movie? I'm not bullshitting you, maybe the cashier trying to hit on me or suspect that I am wanted man..

Anyway I took a cab to One Utama and the cab driver tried to strike a conversation with me. I don't really like to talk alot to strangers but I don't wanna be called an ass so I simply gives him simple respond to what he have said by humming "HHMMM", "HMmm??" and 'HHmmm~~~~".

He said "There's a lady that wanted a ride to Puncak Damansara there but I don't wanna go there 'coz it's a hassle to get out of there afterward. That place is so full of cars that they double or triple park there. I mean sure it's none of your problem once you paid the fair and got off from the cab but you think I should take you wherever you want to go just because you're a paying customer meh? Paying customer 'dai sai' meh ? huh right?"

Then I go " HHmmmm~~" (what the? Who do you think I am? your relative ah? I'm a paying customer also what)

Then he say " Just now I went to brickfield there to go to the deepavali open house they held there... blah blah blah... " (I phased out after that...)


Chicken Little was an enjoyable movie. A bit too short but overall enjoyable. To the guys, don't ever go McDonald with your girlfriend after you two watched that movie, I bet she'll force you to buy her that chicken little plush toy later. It's just that cute. But I like the pig better, he's a funny lad and he reminds me of 'Fei Mau' (fat cat) when I see him run.

After the movie, we decided to go to the funfair at the one utama car park since it's early to go home after that.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Frankly I think that place sucks ass, it's too expensive for my little budget, and the prizes are cheap rip-offs but hey that's what fun fair is all about right?

Image hosted by

Took a ride on this with one of my colleague, oh boy, it was fun seeing him crying his heart out saying "I'm scared, I'm scared, I wanna go down!!" That guy is a wuss , ahahhahaha..

it's fun to laugh at someone who can't stand straight after playing those thrill seeking ride. Too bad he won't let me take a picture of him though...

Monday, November 07, 2005

Image hosted by
And I thought spam mail only exist on the internet..

Image hosted by
A work from someone I know , the talented and might I say blur blur cute Wee San ( I'd like to say that she's my friend but I'm not that close to her anyway. But it's fun bullying her.. >=] )

If you want to see more of her work, go to her deviant site in here


Deeparaya holidays must be the worst holidays I ever had in my entire life. I'm actually glad that it's over now and I get to work on the job that I am not very fond of. Let's see what I did during the holiday shall we?

Day 1 of holiday (2 Nov. 05) : Sleep the whole day till 6.30 pm ( I'm serious! I think I broke a record over here. Mum should be so proud of me if she know this.) Woke up, shower, watch some tv, found out tv shows doesn't really have anything interesting thing to see (so much -ing there!), go down for dinner, watch tv , tv , and more tv (not really watching, more like looking at it), play some game, watch dvd.. (God! I've just realised that my life revolve aroung TV, the instrument of evil!). Realise that's it's 5.30 am so I went to sleep..

Day 2 of holiday (3 Nov. 05) : woke up on 1.30 am, shower, looking at tv (again), play some game.. (only now I start playing FF 7, yeah I know it's a game ages ago but I never get to finish it, I don't know why..) shower, dinner. (yup I skipped brunch. Too lazy to go out on a hot day), continue FF7.. sleep on 5.00 am

Day 3 of holiday (4 Nov. 05) : Ditto except I clean up the living room since it is a eyesore for almost half a year and didn't want to wait for my housemates to come back from their respective kampung to clean it up together. The excuses they gave me the last time I asked them almost made me wanna strangle them. (although they are partially right about it)

Day 4 of holiday (5 Nov. 05) : Ditto as day two. Went to cyber cafe to blog (whine) about my day. Planned to continue on my comic (keyword: planned) but didn't since my mind was a total blackhole at that time. Lack of motivation is the cause.

Day 5 of holiday (6 Nov. 50) : Finally decided to go out of the house. Planned to go to Bangsar cari - cari makan since I never actually been there before but guess what happened after I was all dressed up and ready to go?

Image hosted by
Why god? Why???!!!!! God apparantly have a good sense of humour.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

When I said I wanna kick my own ass but my leg won't bend the other way. I mean't that I can't kick my own ass by the end of my toes. So to speak..

What to talk about what to talk about~~~~~ Hmmmm..

I'm glad I got my licence in time

Oh yeah, I forgot to blog about it but I'm now officially a full fledged road hazzard. Well... can't really say because for one I don't have a car.. yet.. and my friend would rather have his car stolen than to let me drive. Not that I asked him about it, but given his behaviour, I bet he'll say that to me.

They have finally wanted to it harder for people to earn a driving licence, thinking it would reduce the amount of road accidents. The Prime Minister said.

"The training for motorists to get their driver’s licence should be made more difficult. It must be so intensive that it will be difficult for them to get a licence."

I think it will mean that people will have to fork out more bribe money if they want to pass the driving test. Bribing for driving licence is not a new issue over here. The moment you call a driving school, they will hint you in any way that you need to bribe in order to pass. Of course it is still up to you I mean, I dicided to pass without bribing but I have to tell you. Unless you have learn to drive even before you start to learn how to walk, it will be very very hard for you to pass the test. especially when you're a guy, the test inspector are not gay, he's having a lousy day, it's near Hari Raya and he needed extra money to get by the holiday. Luckily I'm skilled enough to be able to pass (thanks to my past exprience of driving without licence and my charming personality ;]). Passing the test without bribing truly boost your ego. Heck, having to pass the test without paying RM 200 more than you suppose to is good enough for me.

“Every year such accidents happen here. I just do not understand why Malaysians allow themselves to be killed on the roads,” he said.

Are you really the Prime Minister of Malaysia? Don't you know that our country is quite well known for its rude and inconsiderate drivers? Not that I'm proud about it though.

It's hard to control the accident rate since the number of drivers are increasing by days. Making the driving test harder doesn't mean you can create a more civilised and good drivers because since the bribe doesn't stop, it will only mean people have to pay more to pass the test. Just stop the bribing issue and you'll get less ignorance people on the road. Not that it is easy to do..

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Since when I used the nick the other kenny?

I don't seem to remember when I started to use the nick the other kenny.. I remember why I start using it though. It's damn Kenny Sia's fault!! Or what I like to call him. Kenny Sial ( hahahha, kidding kidding... really , I adore that guy's coconut actually, he's the reason I started blogging. So blame him if you find my blog a waste of cyber space. Really.. )

It was because of him that I have to use the nick when I want to comment on other's magnificient blogs. I mean, I don't want them to go "OOHhh, the almighty Kenny Sia left a comment on my blog!" and then when they check on the link to my blog, they'll go. "Kanasai, it's not the Kenny with the coconuts, it's just Kenny with peanuts" (Not that I have balls with the size and the shape of a peanut, I do have a reasonable size of chicken eggs. Anyway we're not talking about human's nuts here okay... move on move on , nothing to see.. )

I know that there's no turning back for me now since I started to get respond from others on my comment. They have acknowledge me as none the other than the other kenny. This is not good, is it not good at all.. I can really see it now that if I ever to go on blogger's gathering. (Oh please please please let me join.. pretty pretty please... I want to be among you!!!! <-- desperate man at work) They would say "Hey you must be.... the other kenny!! HI! you do know that by using that nick, you have declared yourself as second rate pathetic loser next to The Kenny Sia don't you?"

-___-;;; I hate myself now..

Trying to kick my own ass but my leg can't bend the other way..

Thursday, November 03, 2005

blogspot is getting crappy

Is it just me or is it is getting crappy by the minute? It's getting harder and harder for me to log in and do a post. Maybe my recent posts are so crappy, blogger trying to stop me from blogging by being down everytime I log in? It's a conspiracy I tell ya. A conspiracy!!

Well, 1st of all Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya to all who celebrates it. I'm all alone here for the week since both of my housemates went back to hometown to celebrate Hari Raya with their families and the rest of my friends are either went back to their parent's home or have planned something with their loved ones. Leaving me all alone at home and blogging on cyber cafe to past the time. Thus the I will sing a ritual song of mine everytime it's a holiday and I'm all alone

"I feel lonely , lo lo lo lonely... " haiz...

I've cleaned the living room today, well sorta. It's hard to totally clean it since there are bundle and bundle of boxes and furnitures that belonged to one of my housemate's relatives left at our house. There's simply no place to put them away. So they have to end being a sore eye at the living room. Not that it will be eye candy without them in the 1st place. Our house are so dirty, even if a thief broke in, he'll clean our house up because he won't stand the dirtinest. HHHmmm... maybe I should leave the front door open tonight..

Okay, in case one of my housemate read this (which is highly unlikely). I've cleaned up the living room okay! Seriously if I ever hear the excuse "Most of the stuffs there are yours" or "I don't even lepak there as much as you". I won't clean it up ever again! Oh and Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin. Tolong kirim kuih raya dan juga ketupat dan rendang bila balik nanti, kepunan saya tak dapat makan.. ahahaha!

Maybe I'll clean up my room tomorrow, and continue on my comic, been stop drawing for weeks now and quite frankly if I don't start doing it anytime soon, I'm gonna lose interest in it.