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Monday, November 28, 2005

I went to xiaxue blog to read on her latest post . ( coz i love a camwhore! ;] ) and read something about her anger toward 'selfish men'. Which is basically about how a guy made a move with her 1st then when he was declined (not directly , but she did went to dance without him) make another attempt... with her friend.

Which of course made this blog princess fused with anger. As the same with all those 'the world revolve around me' type of person. She went ahead calling him a bastard, and ask the world why does all these things happen to her, claiming the rule of :- "When you try to get to know one girl, you bloody STICK TO THAT GIRL THAT NIGHT! I mean, obviously if you failed you should move on, perferably to somewhere the first girl cannot see you, BUT YOU DO NOT, EVER, HIT ON THE GIRL'S FRIENDS!!!" is at hand.

As I recall , I never heard of such rule. Why can't a guy make a move on your friend? Is it so insulting to do so? Is your friend irritated by his move? Is she felt insulted? does it ever crossed your mind that maybe your friend have a mild interest in him too like you do? Won't you feel happy for her and not depressed with the fact that the guy didn't sit like a faithful dog yearning for your attention? If you feel that maybe he's insulting your friend by treating her as a PLAN B, don't you think that your friend has a mind of her own and decline him herself if she don't like what he's doing?

Can somebody explain to me why guys I am even the slightest bit mildly interested in always ends up liking my friends? WHY??

Errrmm.. maybe it's because you don't show him that you are interested with him? why would a guy waste his time on something that is not certain anyway? would you waste your time on a guy who treat you the same way?

Anyway, the place where this thing occur is at a club, where flirting takes place and a place where people wants to get a partner on the dance floor. So I think the guy has the right to make a move on your friend when you 'politely' leave him hanging there and your friend can take care of herself if she is insulted by his doing.


  • I understand your point but also nobody wants to be come onto as the second choice. I had very pretty friend once and guys would approach her all the time and if she turned them down they'd go to me. I found that kind of insulting.

    By Blogger Melissa, at 2:06 PM  

  • yeah , but have you read what she wrote? she didn't mentioned anything about her friend's feeling but herself!

    As in when I reject you, don't insult me by flirting with my friend.... or something like that..

    It was all about herself... well I guess she can do so because it is her blog.. O_O

    By Blogger hteekay, at 11:29 AM  

  • yeah true also that her friend might have some interest in the guy. i don't understand this "code" which females have. like, if a friend openly confesses that she has a crush on A, it's just manners for the rest of the girl-friends who know to let her go ahead. something like, first come first servedla. i abide by it, but i don't understand why, sometimes. what if the guy and your friend are meant for each other? then how? dilemma right? wah, thinking about how to solve the problem giving me a headache already. guys got such "code" ah?

    By Anonymous entwined, at 2:18 AM  

  • i guess in a way , guys do have such "code", that's why I became a lamp post when they both wanted to see me... (see the past "I am a lamp post" post.

    It's harder when you know both of the guy and the girl personally. Especially when you like the girl.. -__-

    By Blogger hteekay, at 9:40 AM  

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