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Thursday, November 24, 2005

I'm a lamp post!!!!!!!!

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see that pic? okay, the bride is like the girl that I used to like and the bridegroom is like the guy that told me that I'm his best friend and they both have broken up the last time and got together again.

Ah? so where am I in this picture?? It's easy what, I'm in the centre of the picture.. Yepp.

I'm the lamp post... -___-

It's hard for me to hang out with them. From my perspective , the guy is someone I knew since Secondary school and he is the type that all loves to hate, the guy who is a playboy that cheats on his girlfriend when she went to study overseas, right in front of me when he knows that I personally know his girlfriend.

The girl on the other hand loves him too much that she won't mind that he have broken her heart once. Hurts her so much to the point that she had a massive ashtma attack. The girl that I used to like but I regret that I didn't make a move fast enough to have her. The girl who went to see me for advice when the guy plead her to come back to him when he was still with another girl (his ex-girlfriend now). The girl who told to me that she won't consider taking him back since he have hurt her so.

And then when the guy got back from Austria. He called me out for a drink and what did I find out??
That girl happily clinging on his arm. Looked at me like she never talked to me about her relationship. And utterly smitten by that guy that had hurt her before. Guess how was I feeling that time?

So last night I have to get in between their lovey-dovey, cuddly-wuddly while I'm all alone. With everyone else looking at me in OU thinking " Why the heck is that guy follow people 'pak toh' one? So pathetic, hey leave those couple alone lah!!!". I have to put up a face and pretend like nothing happens and at the same time thinking none stop when will this guy-friend of mine decided that he's bored with her again and start to cheat behind her... again.

Last night was the shittiest time I had in my life. And guess what, it will get shittier because they said they will call me out again soon.


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