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Friday, November 25, 2005

the irony in police forces

There is once a malay friend (forgot whom) asked me why I and most of the chinese detest in joining the law enforcers, well I answered him . "Most of the chinese are brought up to be business minded, to be the boss of our own and to be rich.". And then I added. " I don't have confidence in police anyway. Most of them couldn't even uphold the law themselves." And then he told me that not all of them are that bad.

Yes I do agree that not all of them are bad, I've seen one young policeman helped the citizen with a smile. But that is only one time in my whole life. The rest of them doesn't really give me a good impression of them. Most of them, especially the experienced ones, are corrupted. Corrupted by either money or morally. I've seen them upholding my cousin in lock-up for a whole week for no whatsoever reason at all and demanded bribe. I've been accused of smoking weed one time during raid the last time at KK (I don't even smoke a ciggy at all) but when I checked on my urine test result and compared it to my friends who got off clean, our result are similar. Lucky that one of my friend have some-what connection with the KK's taiko who knows the inspector of that area that I got off that time. But not after we stayed at the police station from 11 pm to 7 am. And we even have to take a cab to go back our cars because the police station is far from the bar we went that night.

In short, most of my experience with the police force are not nice ones but a gripping one that would never let go.

I don't have much confidence in police forces.

And after what happened to the chinese tourists that have caused quite a stir. Everyone was shocked, they were disgusted by the act of some irresponsible police.

Frankly I were not really surprised. It's something that are bound to happen. Maybe it has for a long time but now it's out in the open because the victims are brave enough to bring it to the public or just because the stupid police who took the video of the incident aren't bright enough to think that the video footage is an evidence of their wrongdoing and weefully send it to someone else to see. Only finds out later that the someone spread it all over the internet. Dumb shit.

I think it will take a long time for them to store back the confidence in me with them.


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