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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I've got mentioned by other blogger!!

Actually it's not a really positive comment from her and it's not entirely about me but still it's the 1st time that someone that I don't know in real life mentioned about my blog! The 1st time always feel good. Heehehe.

I got mentioned here.

There are two bloggers with the name Kenny in the Malaysian blogosphere (that I know of anyway). One of them, is of course the famous Kenny Sia of The other is hteekay of

"that I know of" .. ahhhh.... she knows me? cool.. well I know she don't mean that I'm famous anyway. Kinda overshadowed by Kenny Sia. But just let me savoured the moment okay? =]

well that's the peak of good thing mentioned about me, later it's all downhill from there. =[

What got my grannypants into a twist is that, WHY THE NEED FOR THE USAGE OF THE WORD OTHER KENNY AND ACTUAL KENNY?
Who is to say that Kenny Sia is the original Kenny and has copyrighted his name whereas everyone else has to be contented with being known as the OTHER Kenny?

Got surname right? Use the surname to distinguish who is who la! What for need ‘the other kenny’, ‘the actual kenny’ , ‘the fake kenny’, ‘the kenny in KL’ or whatever to differentiate yourselves?!

And why should you settle for ‘the other kenny’? Like second prize like that only! If your name is Kenny Wong then just type Kenny Wongla! Kenny Sia and Kenny Wong. So much clearer and easier. Too many ‘the whatwhat kenny’ can get people confused, you know.

Got scolded liao.. haiz..
Anyway the I know la I can use my surname , but it would be boring wouldn't it? I mean it would be a really plain and forgetable nick that everyone has heard of it before.
And I'm sure somewhere out there, there are alot of Kenny Sias and Kenny Hos surfing the net too! =D

You must admit, there isn't much of variety on chinese name. My name is one of the most typically used name for Chinese (I heard too many times of my name on movies and the like). So how would I make myself different from the other that has the same name as mine? That is where nick name comes in.

You are not bound to use specified nick name on the internet. Heck, you can call yourself 'MILF' for all I care. In fact, I'll probably remember you better with that name than Robin , John, or Kelly or whatever your real name is.

As for me, I used that nick when I comment on other's blog because I find that kinda fun nick to use. I'm happy that Kenny Sia sees that and joined in the fun too. I'm definately not a humble guy but I don't mind to ridicule myself just to make a few people have a laugh. It's a bad habit of mine that I can't shake off. =]

ps : Don't worry, I won't start a blog war with you entwined. (seeing you studying law and may some day sue my ass off.) simply because I'm too happy that I got mentioned by you and you're just too pretty to get mad at. Have a nice day! ^^


  • Hahahahah! Okay okay! I didn't mean to scold you! :D As long as it's all done in good fun then it's no problem with me :) Have a nice day! And wah, you praise me so many times today, how to go to sleep? Lol. :P Thanks :P

    By Anonymous entwined, at 4:18 PM  

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