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Monday, November 21, 2005

Movie that is suppose to be enjoyable....

I'm sure alot of people noticed that Holywood has gone book-translate-into-movie craze right now. Be it from comic book or novel. Those things sells faster than poorly written porn novel that I can't seem to understand why people like reading it so much. It's just pages with words man, why do I have to imagine it myself when I can just simply watch porn. But of course I can imagine Siti N. and me there... but still...

For one thing , this is kind of good for someone like me, someone who reads slow..... and tends to stop in the middle because another book came out. So by watching the movie, I can get the overall story about the book in few hours instead of by reading. Plus I don't have to waste energy by flipping pages (yes I am a lazy ass), I can just sit there, watching the whole thing while sipping on soda and munching on chips. Isn't technology wonderful?

But for hardcore fan of the books, movie spells nightmare to them, the script writer changes the plot, the actors screwing up the characters they are potraying, those insolent people starting to read the book and speak rubbish about the book despite the fact that they are lacking of intelect to appreciate a good book.
Thus those people tends to hate that movie. They would go. "Oh .. its such a dissapointment!! they totally screw-up the story and insulting the writer."

But can you really cramp-up weeks worth of reading story into a avarage 2 hours movie? It's impossible.. can you possibly put in every detail mentioned on the book into the movie? it's possible but it would cost more doesn't it?

So why can't people just enjoy the movie? Why do they bother comparing it with a book when those two are total different media of entertainment and they know that movie tends to be different in some sort? I think as long as the movie is enjoyable then it will be okay. It will worth my RM10 watching it and it won't take up my time as much as reading does. Sometime those movie will even rekindle my interest in the book and motivates me to finish it. So its all good..

Unless that movie totally suck donkey's balls like that dreadfull dungeon and dragons....


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