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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Since when I used the nick the other kenny?

I don't seem to remember when I started to use the nick the other kenny.. I remember why I start using it though. It's damn Kenny Sia's fault!! Or what I like to call him. Kenny Sial ( hahahha, kidding kidding... really , I adore that guy's coconut actually, he's the reason I started blogging. So blame him if you find my blog a waste of cyber space. Really.. )

It was because of him that I have to use the nick when I want to comment on other's magnificient blogs. I mean, I don't want them to go "OOHhh, the almighty Kenny Sia left a comment on my blog!" and then when they check on the link to my blog, they'll go. "Kanasai, it's not the Kenny with the coconuts, it's just Kenny with peanuts" (Not that I have balls with the size and the shape of a peanut, I do have a reasonable size of chicken eggs. Anyway we're not talking about human's nuts here okay... move on move on , nothing to see.. )

I know that there's no turning back for me now since I started to get respond from others on my comment. They have acknowledge me as none the other than the other kenny. This is not good, is it not good at all.. I can really see it now that if I ever to go on blogger's gathering. (Oh please please please let me join.. pretty pretty please... I want to be among you!!!! <-- desperate man at work) They would say "Hey you must be.... the other kenny!! HI! you do know that by using that nick, you have declared yourself as second rate pathetic loser next to The Kenny Sia don't you?"

-___-;;; I hate myself now..

Trying to kick my own ass but my leg can't bend the other way..


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