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Sunday, November 06, 2005

When I said I wanna kick my own ass but my leg won't bend the other way. I mean't that I can't kick my own ass by the end of my toes. So to speak..

What to talk about what to talk about~~~~~ Hmmmm..

I'm glad I got my licence in time

Oh yeah, I forgot to blog about it but I'm now officially a full fledged road hazzard. Well... can't really say because for one I don't have a car.. yet.. and my friend would rather have his car stolen than to let me drive. Not that I asked him about it, but given his behaviour, I bet he'll say that to me.

They have finally wanted to it harder for people to earn a driving licence, thinking it would reduce the amount of road accidents. The Prime Minister said.

"The training for motorists to get their driver’s licence should be made more difficult. It must be so intensive that it will be difficult for them to get a licence."

I think it will mean that people will have to fork out more bribe money if they want to pass the driving test. Bribing for driving licence is not a new issue over here. The moment you call a driving school, they will hint you in any way that you need to bribe in order to pass. Of course it is still up to you I mean, I dicided to pass without bribing but I have to tell you. Unless you have learn to drive even before you start to learn how to walk, it will be very very hard for you to pass the test. especially when you're a guy, the test inspector are not gay, he's having a lousy day, it's near Hari Raya and he needed extra money to get by the holiday. Luckily I'm skilled enough to be able to pass (thanks to my past exprience of driving without licence and my charming personality ;]). Passing the test without bribing truly boost your ego. Heck, having to pass the test without paying RM 200 more than you suppose to is good enough for me.

“Every year such accidents happen here. I just do not understand why Malaysians allow themselves to be killed on the roads,” he said.

Are you really the Prime Minister of Malaysia? Don't you know that our country is quite well known for its rude and inconsiderate drivers? Not that I'm proud about it though.

It's hard to control the accident rate since the number of drivers are increasing by days. Making the driving test harder doesn't mean you can create a more civilised and good drivers because since the bribe doesn't stop, it will only mean people have to pay more to pass the test. Just stop the bribing issue and you'll get less ignorance people on the road. Not that it is easy to do..


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