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Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year's Resolution..

I know its the time of the year that every bloggers are tempted to relive the whole year, to wonder at they have achieved and what they have done wrong. Most of them will probably talked about what had happened in their life during the days of 2005 and start posting what new resolution they have for 2006.

I say Fark that, resolutions are nothing. Most of the resolutions made are impossible to accomplish , nor they will make an impact on your life if it does came true.

Fat kid (during new year's eve) "next year I will lose that extra pounds on me!! Yes I will do it!!"
Fatter than before fat kid (during near the end of next year) found out that he's alot heavier than last year because he celebrated his success of diet the last time by going to all you can eat buffet and stuffed himself silly for the past few weeks.. "HMMMmm, I gained 10kg more than last year.. well, at least I did lose that extra pounds before I gained this. Well next year I will lose that extra weight!!"

it's a vicious cycle!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Warning, do not read this in between meals!!

Seriously I am not kidding about this....

Unless you are planning on diet and need the motivation to stop eating, then you are welcome to read this post and take a closer look to the wonder of sewerage world~~!

Okay, the last time I talked about when my colleagues went on to site visit without me. Today I have the opportunity to have a tour with others that haven't been there like me. We were to go there at 10am so that we'll be right in time for lunch after the tour finishes (another ingenious mind courtesy from my boss). I've said it before and I'll say it again, sewage treatment plant IS NOT A PLACE TO BE if you are planning to have a meal.

I were not to disclose any secret from the company so I'll just post some important pics just to show you guys what I have seen before I went on to my lunch. But anyone who are interested in knowing how does a sewage treatment plant works are welcome to ask me questions and I'll try my best to answer them. (Who really want to know about it anyway?)

Image hosted by
Can you see those brownies on the floor there? Anyone who can guess what those are get ten points from me (in which those points doesn't mean anything at all anyway)

Image hosted by
yep... more of them nasties!! Look closely and you can see Mr. Hankey Poo from South Park there..

Woot! what a place to be before your lunch!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

All I got for Christmas are these???

So me and my (hanging out) colleagues went for a Christmas eve's lunch @ gifts exchange (sorta like a) party on.. well... Christmas eve! after work. Yep, the boss won't let us take a break even if it was only a half day work.(It was Saturday).

I was a bit worried if my colleagues wanted to cancel the lunch because they went to a site visit that day and trust me, it is not a place you want to visit before you eat. Sewage Treatment Plant is not a place to be at all.

I was instructed to tag along but alas my boss with his ingenious mind suggested two from the drafting department have to stay back in case he wants us to draft a drawing. (Which we never did at all).

My colleagues decided that they want to share the view of the site and sent me some of pics they took there. (how considered of them!). Lucky for me, the resolution in handphone are not high so I can't figure what the picture is and thanks to recent technologies, handphone doesn't have smell 'o' rama so I can't have a whip of the air from the site.

So after work we went to a steak house somewhere I don't really know of, and I forgot the name of the restaurant. (Yes I know I'm bad at being a journalist but hey, I'm not one lah ok?). Had lots of laughs, a hearty meal and took some pictures.

Image hosted by
You know if someone's a truly camwhore when he/she ignore the person speaking to him/her just to pose in the picture.

"So the clothes of the girl was like soooo yesterday and.... hey are you listening??"

Image hosted by
Kelly and me. Can't think of anything to say about this pic.

Image hosted by
Miss 'Curry' Kuah and Kelly. Two of the most pretty girls in my workplace (which proves that my workplace doesn't really have pretty ones working in it. = [ )

Image hosted by
They both begged me to take a picture with them because I'm so irresistible.... okay okay, it was the other way around!

Image hosted by
Thought I might have a chance to take the presents underneath the christmas tree but alas I realized that I'm doing it in public and the owner of the restaurant have begin to dial 999.

Group photo. Which is taken with shaky hand. (thank you shaky hand waiter!!).

We exchanged gifts after all that..

Lucky that Miss 'Curry' Kuah have a credit card in hand because we realized that none of us have enough cash in hand after that hearty meal. Or else we would all end up spending Christmas together in a cell. But if we really did, I would at last know how Martha Steward feel... hehehe?

I happily open up my christmas present after I got home to see what Miss 'Curry' bought. And my happy, grinning face quickly turn into "bleh" look when I peek inside the gifts wrapping.. What did I get for Christmas you ask?...

Image hosted by
It looked so promising from the outside. But inside is...

Image hosted by
A body shampoo with the body washy thingie?? What the hell??? I want a refund!!

Hahaha I was kidding, I love the present miss 'Curry'. Imagine me smelling fruity and nice, I bet a lot of girls would pounce on me the moment I step into the LRT. WOOT!

I just hope that my ass won't get harassed again like last time!

*Oh yeah, I got a great gift from Sandra. Thank you Sandy! she's truly an angel, bought us the gang a present each even though she knew that all of us are so kiam siap that we didn't bother to buy her one. We are so evil.

Sorry that I forgot to take a picture and blog about it Sandy!*

Saturday, December 24, 2005

christmas eve!!

Image hosted by
I'll be wearing this the whole day and tomorrow too. Why don't we all wear one today?!! woot!!

I bought a present for exchanging gifts with my colleague. Anyone who got my present shall be declared as the most luckiest among all because I always buy teh pwned ass present!! woot. What is it you ask? well I don wanna tell!! but rest assured that it is not something that's disgusting. I was tempted to give that buy alas I manage to resist the devil inside me. Good shall triumph this time of year! mwahahahha!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
I almost forgot all about it. So I wrapped the thing early in the morning today.. It was 5.30 am when I woke up suddenly and remembered that I didn't wrap the gift yet. Lucky I printed a tracing paper with "merry christmas!!" written on it yesterday or else I have to wrap it with just plain a4 paper, or newspaper, or just use that 7-11 plastic bag.

Merry christmas everyone!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Chistmas is near!

AAaaaahhh.. Christmas is here! woot!! Or maybe I shouldn't say 'Christmas' since some people from another religion might get 'offended' by it... like saying that is a Christmas tree would get anyone who are not Christian to think "Those bastich Christian are so not considerate of other religion. Who cares if it is to celebrate Christ's birthday? It doesn't mean you can go say out loud Christmas!!"...

Oh wait, I'm not in United States, and I'm not even Christian. Pheww~~
I seriously think that Americans have too much free time in their hand.

Anyway, I'm not here to ramble about that now.. (since Kenny Sia have already did).
Christmas is the season of giving, the season of receiving, the season of getting real drunk and getting laid, and to wake up tomorrow and be shocked to find out that the mate you have been humping on last night pee standing up. No, I haven't experienced that before. But don't you find it funny if your friend did have that 'pleasure'? It's not?... okay lor...

Santa must really hate sending gifts in Malaysia since well you know, our house doesn't have a chimney. The only way he could get in is through the windows or doors. Which could be proved as really dangerous because we could mistaken him as a buglar and beat the hell out of him when he got stucked on the window ( and he will, since he's a jolly big ol' chap to begin with, and the windows are so small for him to get through ). Imagine your dad, pulled out his metal bat, ran toward poor Santy who got stuck on the window and start swinging hard at him..

Santa : "HO HO HO ... Hi there chap, can you kindly help m... hey , what are you doing with that bat? HO HO .. OOWW!! OOOuUUCCHH!! stop it, I'm santa!!"

Daddy : "yeah, and I'm Batman!" *keep on swinging the bat at Santa*

That's why Santa gave the responsibility to the parents to buy presents for their own children here. But parents are just humans, they tend to make mistake. So don't get angry at your parents when they bought you another T-shirts for the 15th times and not the PSP or PS3 that you keep on hinting them to buy. For god sake, standing in front of the plaything that you want and keep on staring at it while your parents try to drag you away from it won't make them buy it. So stop the foolishness and if you really want that thing, keep on stomping and cry as hard as you could while pointing at the girt you want while scream on top of your lung that you WANT THAT THING. If they give in and really bought the gift you want, e-mail me and tell me it works so I can use it on my parents, and if they hand you over to foster home well... it's you mistake for listening to me in the first place.

And its lucky that Santa has stopped letting children sit on his lap, or else he might end up like Jacko. Since when such an innocent and cute practice that has been done for generations turn into as child's sexual harrasment? And stop wondering if Santa's getting a boner by just having children sit on his lap. It's not right. Unless you noticed that Santa's hip is in motion and his face is showing an orgasmic expression, He is not a child molester dammit, let him do his job peacefully.

Oh this is the time of the year that my surname will the heard all over the world. Sometime it annoys the heck out of me, but this time I'll let it slip. After all, it's a season to be jolly!

HO HO HO!! Kenny Ho want to wish all you out there Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Just something that I'm thinking right now

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

I sometime find myself wondering how did the 1st guy find out that milk from cow is drinkable... If at 1st he tried it on a bull then how??

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas card for charity

I bought this few weeks ago and up until now I still don't know who should I give it to.... -___-

Image hosted by

It's not that I need to buy it in the 1st place. It's just I can't resist cute and pretty girl's charm. It's one of my weakness. And it's the weakness that almost always get me into deep shit.

Well I guess I can lie to myself by saying that the reason I bought the card is for charity and all. I mean it was for the little kid's heart condition for christ sake. He need the money for operation dammit! For all we know that you can't even get submitted to a hospital unless you got at least RM5000 in your hand. So being such a nice guy, I can't just sit my ass and doing nothing for him.

But I was contradicting myself for buying that card from that girl. Because before I bought it, I was talking about on how people nowaday like to cheat money out of sympathy with my colleagues. So you can imagine the look they gave me when I forked out Rm10 for that card.


"...Just now who told us that we shouldn't trust those asking money for charity one har?"

"But this is different what, she got the picture of the poor kid le, you dare not to help when you know that the kid's life depends on you?"

"Just admit that the reason you bought the card is because the girl is cute."

"hehehehe... at least I'm doing good at the same time.."

Image hosted by

It does worth Rm10 right guys? right??.....

Who wants this card? I really don't know what should I do with it... I mean it's just one card so I can't send it to everyone and ask them to share it. And I don't have that special someone that I want to give it to...

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Movie Night..

Went to watch Harry Potter with the gang last night, (yeah, I know that movie is couple of weeks old. But its new if you haven't watch it yet. Apparantly Ed read my blog and the rest know how I felt when they went off watching Narnia without me (Sob sob). So there's alot of blaming and finger pointing on who's fault for not informing me. They're like a bunch of ministries in parliment, pushing the responsibility toward one another.

Eric got food poisoining last night but he insisted to join us. Looking at him puke beside the drain reminds me the night I drank 12 shots of tequila for the 1st time during the college day. Aahhh.. feeling nostalgic.
He does remind me of the little girl from exorcist.

Image hosted by
well he's not lying down puking like her.... its more like this...

Image hosted by
or this...

Image hosted by
or this..

Image hosted by
... anyway, you get the picture, it was bad...

(picures are from curtesy of okay okay, I just take the pics without their concern! Don't sue me, I got no money >_<)

Luckily he didn't puke in the car. Or else the other five of us would join him. Huss the monkey boy didn't plan to go with us earlier because his relatives told him that they'll visiting him last night but at last stood him up, so he went along in hoping that he will be able to buy a ticket there. Which we all assured that there will alot of seats available since the movie has been aired for a couple of weeks. Boy were we wrong...

By the time we reach there, there were three long lines of people, all wanting to watch movies and Harry Potter's tickets was at the sold out condition, meaning there is still couple of tickets left there. So Huss made a plan B to watch another movie if the tickets sold out. Which we all agree upon since he's the one with the car.. Luckily he manage to get a ticket, right behind us. So it's all good...

The movie is okay, the rest of the gang liked it except for Ed, who finds it boring... I think I saw Wee San drool a little when Harry Potter was half naked. (She's a big fan of Harry Potter... well, more to the actor actually. She doesn't read the book. But isn't the actor a tad too young for her? O_O).

And i swear I saw two strains of hair on Harry's left nipple. =___=
No, I'm not that fetish..

After the movie, its time to go home. It was 2 am and the mall is empty. So Huss and I took chance to do something that we (almost) wouldn't dare to do in public..

(sorry about the horrible pic quality.. have to use handphone's camera since you know, I don't have a digital camera... If Santa's reading this, Kenny demand a digital camera now because he's been good the whole year!)

Image hosted by
Went for a ride with Ernie and Bert, I think bert's abit jealous of the sheer amount of attention that Ernie have thrown at me..

Image hosted by
Fulfilled my childhood's dream of driving a train.. it was hard to fit inside though, I guess I've grown out of it.. hahaha get it? grown out of it?? hahhahaha.. hahaha.. haha.. ha.... okay, move along...

Image hosted by
Huss don't want to miss out too..

Image hosted by
and he got stuck...

Image hosted by
Pervert knows no boundaries..

Image hosted by
what the hell is he doing there??

Image hosted by
oh... my... god.....

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

how time has change

Today, my supervisor (a mother) asked me how much does a PSP costed, she've noticed that her nephew had bought one from Hong Kong and her 12 yr old son are pretty much smitten by that thing. (I would be too!). After telling her how much that thing costs (which should be less than RM1000 but no less that RM900 by now), with her mouth gapped wide open and her eyes buldging out she said " I guess I should just buy a playstation for him then ".

" Are you buying it as his christmas present or something? " I asked.
" No la, it's just his UPSR was over and I promised him that I'd buy him a videogame as reward "
" Wah, you people negotiate 1st for the reward? "
"ya la.. "

Kids nowaday are so lucky...

Back in my days, I dare not to ask for anything in return for good marks that i get from exam with my parents. It's just something that I thought was too much to ask after they give me good care for years. Well I don't actually come from a rich family to begin with. My parents owes several loan sharks back in the day when our restaurant went bankrupt and my dad got ripped off by his best friend. So we don't really have the moola to buy anything fancy and I never asked them for any present since then. But my super parents or shall I say supermum manage to put the family back into one piece and helped us get through the day (there isn't a day that I didn't thank god for her). The only toys that I would get during that time were toys from that Doraemon lookalike box called Ding Dang and much more expensive and have better biscuits than Ding Dang toy snack called TORA.

Anyway I remember the 1st time I own my own videogame ( which is an outdated micro genius at that time, because others have been playing Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo for years already ). It wasn't really a good idea to buy it without consulting with my parents 1st. I've used my two years of ang pow moneys and my savings to buy that console and my parents wasn't really pleased with that. I got scolding of my life for one night after that and my parents almost sold off the micro genius to someone else. But fortunately for me, nobody want that outdated thing. So i get to keep it and made an agreement with my parents that I'd not play with it too much that it would affect my studies.

But now when I stroll along the mall, I'd see teenagers and sometimes little kids have those niffty gadgets hanging on their neck and in their pocket. Gameboy SP, micro, DS, PSP... dammit! don't the parents know that they are spoiling their children??!!

I remember back in the day I was so happy when I bought my 1st handphone (NOKIA 3310) after working for a year but quickly find my phone as outdated when I saw a kid (around 11 or 12) talking on his NOKIA 8850 (which have just came out at that time). How crazy was that? A kid, who doesn't even work, can afford more advanced handphone than a worker. And during that time, most of the teenagers own a handphone.

I continued on using that NOKIA for five years before I've decided to buy another one. Which I can say that the damn NOKIA 3310 is one heck of a handphone. I've dropped it hundred of times and yet until now it still works perfectly. Never once had I take it to a shop to repair it. People don't make good handphones like that anymore.

Anyway there was this one time that I saw kid throwing a mighty tantrum at a videogame store just because his parents won't buy him a PSP.

"But honey, you have just the gameboy (SP) as your birthday present." his parents said..

"I don't care, Jason have it ( I assume that Jason is his friend, or that show off snob at school. ) and its better than this one!!!"

What the fuck with that? If I did that with my parents long time ago, my dad would have bitch slap me and ask me who's the daddy right there and then ( wait, that doesn't sound right... ).

Kids should really appreciate the life they are living now... (talking like an old geezer)

Dammit I feel so old talking about it..

Monday, December 12, 2005

Another emo entry ( since I don't have suitable topic to talk about)

Three more weeks and it will be the end of the year! Not that it means anything to me though, I mean there will be few minor changes but I will still living my life, do you know what I mean?

Spending time alone almost everyday does tend to make me a bit of paranoiac. Especially when a bunch people I know went to do some activities behind my back. It got me thinking of what I did to them that made them dissed me like that, or maybe those smartass remark that i've made earlier has finally come back and bit me on the ass. Maybe its because I don't draw more and good like most of them? Maybe they figure that I won't mind that they went on without me? Maybe there is no space on the car anymore so they have to cut me out? (that's not really a good excuse to cut people off) . There are alot of maybe's when you don't ask question directly from the source and instead asking yourself why.

Aahhh... I feel like crap.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

crappy weekend

Great, just great... today the rest of the gang went on to watch a movie without me. How does that make me feel? I don't want to be emo but it damn make me feel like an outkast.

Where's the love people? where's the love??

Angry? sure I feel angry. Been spending the rest of the day watching old movies at home while imagining them merrily watching the latest movie that maybe I've been planning to watch it with them.

I don't know what to say anymore, and I don't intend to ask them why they didn't invite me to save them and me from further akward situation.

Will they read this post? Maybe they will because they do know about this blog but I doubt they ever read it anyway.

One of the day to look at the mirror and reflect on oneself to see what he has done wrong...

Saturday, December 10, 2005

What's the meaning of this?

Image hosted by
Someone put this cactus in the toilet for quite a long time ago...
The more I look at it, the more the thing seem to resemble something.... What is he / she trying to tell us here?? O_O

Thursday, December 08, 2005

button pushing

While listening to Sugarbabes's push the button song (love their songs, very light and uplifting.) it got me thinking. "If the guy who invented button get paid RM 0.10 everytime a button pushed. He'd be filthy rich..... well filthy because he's six feet down under by now and rich because every human being love to push buttons!! Humans, they will poke at anything they can get their pointy finger at. Nose, pimples, woman's neither region. You name it, they will poke it.

And sometime this behavior can be very irritating. Even though they know they aren't suppose to push that button, they don't need to push that button, there's a warning sign telling them not to push that red button! (in fact warning sign encourage them to do the opposite of what it is written. "Warning! Do not push the red button!" will be translated in their mind as "warning! do not push the red button!") . They will in the end let their curiosity triumph over their rationality and push that damn thing.

Don't believe me? Let me give you some example... let me see..

Aaahh.. let's look at elevator..

Most of people are lazy bastards. They won't go the extra mile, they'll do anything to get to one place without moving their muscle so much. And in this case, they won't take the stairs if there are elevator available. I don't mean those who have to go to 3rd and above floors, I meant those who got in the elevator just because they want to go to one floor above. Those lazy bastards annoys me the most.

Anyway, have you ever noticed that when you waiting for the elevator, some people (or maybe yourself) will push the up or down button even though it has already been pushed?

You go to a elevator, you noticed you're the 1st to arrive and the elevator in several floors above you. So you push the button and wait for it to come down. And then one girl come along, dressed up like an athlete going for a training. You take one look at her and think "She must be going to the gym.... wait a minute, that gym is only one floor up from here, why couldn't take the stairs instead? I mean she will get herself a workout later, why not take the stairs as part of the workout?... what a stupid b-" before you can finish that thought, she go push that button again. What the hell is she thinking?

Maybe what's on her mind is " Lalalala, going to the gym.. don't wanna sweat before I reach there.. so I take the elevator instead.. gonna push the button and wait for the elevator... alallaala.. eh? the button has been pushed, but I'll push it one more time so that the elevator will know that this floor has more than one people waiting for it and will come down faster.. LAlalalala"

Another one example is the button on the traffic light post. You know, the one for pedestrian to push if they want to cross the road? I don't think that button works anyway, maybe it is just there to fulfilled people's urge to push something...

Anyway.. you were walking , you want to cross that road to get to the other side. You reached at the junction where there is a traffic light post in front. You saw a guy standing there, clearly he want to get across too. He has pushed that button and were waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green. Then you go push that button again thinking that maybe the guy has used the wrong button pushing technique because the light should have turned green by now. The guy look at you, you look at the light. You both wait...

Then another guy came, he push the same button. You look at him, thinking " hey idiot, this guy already pushed it, I've pushed it. No need to push it one more time la. You think the light would turn to green if you push it more ah?" Then you look at the previous guy, thinking he can read your mind and give him the "Can you believe this guy?" gesture.

Doesn't that push your button sometimes??

Monday, December 05, 2005

The red carnival and the TV3 carnival

So I went to Sungei Wang yesterday. Had quite a good time although I'm all by myself. One of my housemate have to go on a training, the other one have to work. As a comic artist, you do have to be a sell out even if it means that you won't have a break on weekend.. The others , well let's just say they are busy with something. Unlike them I tend to have nothing to do on weekend, they see it as bliss, I see it as boredom.. grass is always greener on the other side..

Anyway.. i was there somewhere between 2 - 2.30 pm. Was planning to see some local perfomance that was held there but it only starts around 5 pm. So I went window shopping around Sungei Wang and Times Square. Have alot of things that I would like to buy there but goddammit I have a really tight budget!! (where's money when you need them?!) . So i heard that one of my housemate is gonna be at Times Square promoting his comic magazine (JOM) and went there to see all his glory.

where's that bugger??..

Image hosted by
AAAaahh.. there he is...

Image hosted by
He's the one who draw Obscura in the JOM magazine.. it's a story about ... er... about... vampire and stuff... I don't really like that magazine but it doesn't mean that it's not good. Go buy it guys!!

Image hosted by
Saw my dream car!!! which one??

Image hosted by
This one!!

There were some show that TV3 and Digi put outside the Times Square compound. Something like TV3 carnival. There alot of zombies there too. Why? because those who stands there and watch are basically living dead. They give little or no effort at all to respond to the show. The host begged them to clap, shout or anything at all to liven up the atmosphere abit but it does seem like he's talking to a bunch of lifeless figurines. Well that's Malaysia's live show for you..

Image hosted by
Can i have a bit of hand here? when I say hey you say hoo~~~


Image hosted by


........ you guys suck!!!

After wandering around aimlessly and google at all those beautiful people. It's 5 pm and I dashed off back to Sungei Wang to see the show. It was a show put on to teach people about AIDS, I've learned quite a lot of things about HIV and AIDS there guys and felt that the amount of money I donated to them that day was worth it (don't really know how much did I donated but it was a lot of RM1s .. i didn't count..)

Image hosted by

This is the group called Ambers. The singer's name is Ina (I think)and she's has a really beautiful voice. And quite pretty too..

Image hosted by
This is one of the time that I wish I have a decent digital camera, I would have gone in Sungei Wang and buy one straight away but again I'm on a very tight budget. Bummer...

A group of RED CARNIVAL's girls. I don't get what's with pretty girls putting up cat walk on stage have got to do with educating people about HIV and AIDS but hey, you don't see me complaining. ;)
There were few mini games to play and Q & A sessions after the performance. I have to say that even thought the amount of people watching the show was little compare to the TV3 carnival held at Times Square but at least they are people , not an army of zombies like the crowd on the TV3 carnival. The atmosphere here is alot better here then there..

After that it was Ben's Bitches time to make the end performance.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
They are fun to watch and their music are fun to hear... alot of screaming and mumbling but its good..
their songs are... ermm.... quite... interesting... O_O

I saw a guai low sang along to their cover song from 'The Who'.. which is cool..

*I think I saw Lainie there but I didn't go to her to introduce myself because I'm afraid that I would mistaken and might have make horrible joke about her rack and got her smacking me down silly on public.. wouldn't want that to happen... =S

Friday, December 02, 2005

can guys and girls be just friends?

Can woman and men really be just friends? Of course they can, if the guy finds the woman ugly...

This is what crossed my mind when my really attractive colleague ask me the question. Yes I am attracted to her, yes she have boyfriend, no I don't tend to steal her from him. But by knowing the fact that she is 'owned' by someone , something that you can't have. Makes her even more attractive. It's something that I'm cursed at, maybe I'm not alone in this.

That's why you girls would find a particular male friend that treat you really well, they are considered as hell, they never get mad at you. They would fetch you even though it's really late and far away from where they stay. They would answer your call even though it's late at night when your boyfriend won't in any chance do the same thing. You would find out that you best friend from the opposite gender treats you better than your boyfriend. Do you know why? because the guy wants you to think so. They want or sometimes unsubconciously want to be your boyfriend.

Don't believe me? you can experiment with your guy best friend. (without tellling him of course). But of course do it at your own risk because you may lose your friendship with this guy if its get out of hand. Flirt with him more often, when you are talking to him, make more physical contact. Touch his hand, shoulder , anywhere you like but keep out of the crotch area unless you want a free sex service from him. Ask him to taste the food from your dish, drink from the same straw that he uses just to know what his drink tasted like. You know , those thing that you usually do (or maybe don't at all) with your boyfriend. Then observe his behaviour. Does he look really happy this couple of days? Does he flirt with you more often? Does he call you more often? Did he slightly rolled his eye when you mentioned you boyfriend to him?

If he didn't react like I've mentioned above, ask him. "Are you gay?"

I don't know about girls but a guy make friend with girls based on attractiveness, he's attracted to you, therefore he wants to be with you. Therefore he will treat her better, most of the time better than the girl's boyfriend. It's something that no guys can deny. And most of them will deny it.

But don't worry about it girls, he is attracted to you, but most of the guys that are in this situation won't take any advantage with you. (unless he's a bastard in disguise). Sure he wants more than just being friend, but he won't sabotage your current relationship just to be with you (again unless he's a bastard). He just giving you that special treatment so that maybe someday you would give him a chance in case you broke up with your boyfriend. So it's all good.

You can make most of this advantage given to you. Because they are willing to do so. ;)

Oh, if you are wondering. "Then if like that , how do not so attractive girls get to be friend with the guys?"
Most of the time , it's the girls who take the initial move of getting to know each other. Or if the guys made the move 1st, most of the time it's because they want a connection to get to know your more attractive friend...

Guys are bastard that way...

I'm a bastard too...