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Friday, December 02, 2005

can guys and girls be just friends?

Can woman and men really be just friends? Of course they can, if the guy finds the woman ugly...

This is what crossed my mind when my really attractive colleague ask me the question. Yes I am attracted to her, yes she have boyfriend, no I don't tend to steal her from him. But by knowing the fact that she is 'owned' by someone , something that you can't have. Makes her even more attractive. It's something that I'm cursed at, maybe I'm not alone in this.

That's why you girls would find a particular male friend that treat you really well, they are considered as hell, they never get mad at you. They would fetch you even though it's really late and far away from where they stay. They would answer your call even though it's late at night when your boyfriend won't in any chance do the same thing. You would find out that you best friend from the opposite gender treats you better than your boyfriend. Do you know why? because the guy wants you to think so. They want or sometimes unsubconciously want to be your boyfriend.

Don't believe me? you can experiment with your guy best friend. (without tellling him of course). But of course do it at your own risk because you may lose your friendship with this guy if its get out of hand. Flirt with him more often, when you are talking to him, make more physical contact. Touch his hand, shoulder , anywhere you like but keep out of the crotch area unless you want a free sex service from him. Ask him to taste the food from your dish, drink from the same straw that he uses just to know what his drink tasted like. You know , those thing that you usually do (or maybe don't at all) with your boyfriend. Then observe his behaviour. Does he look really happy this couple of days? Does he flirt with you more often? Does he call you more often? Did he slightly rolled his eye when you mentioned you boyfriend to him?

If he didn't react like I've mentioned above, ask him. "Are you gay?"

I don't know about girls but a guy make friend with girls based on attractiveness, he's attracted to you, therefore he wants to be with you. Therefore he will treat her better, most of the time better than the girl's boyfriend. It's something that no guys can deny. And most of them will deny it.

But don't worry about it girls, he is attracted to you, but most of the guys that are in this situation won't take any advantage with you. (unless he's a bastard in disguise). Sure he wants more than just being friend, but he won't sabotage your current relationship just to be with you (again unless he's a bastard). He just giving you that special treatment so that maybe someday you would give him a chance in case you broke up with your boyfriend. So it's all good.

You can make most of this advantage given to you. Because they are willing to do so. ;)

Oh, if you are wondering. "Then if like that , how do not so attractive girls get to be friend with the guys?"
Most of the time , it's the girls who take the initial move of getting to know each other. Or if the guys made the move 1st, most of the time it's because they want a connection to get to know your more attractive friend...

Guys are bastard that way...

I'm a bastard too...


  • don't really believe in platonic relationships myself, have to say.

    By Blogger lainieyeoh, at 3:47 PM  

  • Girls, IMO also look out for looks more often in contrast to their partner's personality. Also, IMO guys can never get along with any nice looking girls and just stay as friends. There will ALWAYS be an urge to hump or shag the girl.. oh well we were made that way :S

    try this little amusing but somewhat true(to some point)

    By Anonymous k0n, at 11:22 PM  

  • erm...there's always possibility a guy can be a good frenz of a gal. why not? coz i do have such good looking guy as my fren and we have nothing happen and no futher state of development. Eventually, we hav some sparks but it doesnt work out , so better be frenz. Certain u will share with this kind of special fren instead of with your bf/ gf. trust me..there always be mutual n true frenship existing, but also depends on individual. most of the guys only try hard to get gal jump into their bed only. dun you think so? hahahhaa

    By Blogger Jo, at 12:00 PM  

  • "Eventually, we hav some sparks but it doesnt work out"

    that doesn't mean that he has lost any feeling on you.. spark can be rikindled le...

    trust me la, the way guys think are so much different than the way girls think

    By Blogger hteekay, at 3:27 PM  

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