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Friday, December 23, 2005

Chistmas is near!

AAaaaahhh.. Christmas is here! woot!! Or maybe I shouldn't say 'Christmas' since some people from another religion might get 'offended' by it... like saying that is a Christmas tree would get anyone who are not Christian to think "Those bastich Christian are so not considerate of other religion. Who cares if it is to celebrate Christ's birthday? It doesn't mean you can go say out loud Christmas!!"...

Oh wait, I'm not in United States, and I'm not even Christian. Pheww~~
I seriously think that Americans have too much free time in their hand.

Anyway, I'm not here to ramble about that now.. (since Kenny Sia have already did).
Christmas is the season of giving, the season of receiving, the season of getting real drunk and getting laid, and to wake up tomorrow and be shocked to find out that the mate you have been humping on last night pee standing up. No, I haven't experienced that before. But don't you find it funny if your friend did have that 'pleasure'? It's not?... okay lor...

Santa must really hate sending gifts in Malaysia since well you know, our house doesn't have a chimney. The only way he could get in is through the windows or doors. Which could be proved as really dangerous because we could mistaken him as a buglar and beat the hell out of him when he got stucked on the window ( and he will, since he's a jolly big ol' chap to begin with, and the windows are so small for him to get through ). Imagine your dad, pulled out his metal bat, ran toward poor Santy who got stuck on the window and start swinging hard at him..

Santa : "HO HO HO ... Hi there chap, can you kindly help m... hey , what are you doing with that bat? HO HO .. OOWW!! OOOuUUCCHH!! stop it, I'm santa!!"

Daddy : "yeah, and I'm Batman!" *keep on swinging the bat at Santa*

That's why Santa gave the responsibility to the parents to buy presents for their own children here. But parents are just humans, they tend to make mistake. So don't get angry at your parents when they bought you another T-shirts for the 15th times and not the PSP or PS3 that you keep on hinting them to buy. For god sake, standing in front of the plaything that you want and keep on staring at it while your parents try to drag you away from it won't make them buy it. So stop the foolishness and if you really want that thing, keep on stomping and cry as hard as you could while pointing at the girt you want while scream on top of your lung that you WANT THAT THING. If they give in and really bought the gift you want, e-mail me and tell me it works so I can use it on my parents, and if they hand you over to foster home well... it's you mistake for listening to me in the first place.

And its lucky that Santa has stopped letting children sit on his lap, or else he might end up like Jacko. Since when such an innocent and cute practice that has been done for generations turn into as child's sexual harrasment? And stop wondering if Santa's getting a boner by just having children sit on his lap. It's not right. Unless you noticed that Santa's hip is in motion and his face is showing an orgasmic expression, He is not a child molester dammit, let him do his job peacefully.

Oh this is the time of the year that my surname will the heard all over the world. Sometime it annoys the heck out of me, but this time I'll let it slip. After all, it's a season to be jolly!

HO HO HO!! Kenny Ho want to wish all you out there Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


  • *laughs* I think YOU might have to much time on your hands Ho, considering you ARE supposed to be working while you're ranting about so and so. But then again, it might be BECAUSE of work that you're ranting, eh? hehe

    Man, this is nuts. I think since I've been here, I've only seen you like 5 times. And we live in the same house! HAhAhhA. Now I get what you mean when you say you don't see much of my brother anyhow. =Þ We'll see about tonight, since tomorrow weekend all. =D

    By Blogger Haizum, at 1:46 PM  

  • SSSSSHHHHhhh!!! you want me to get fired is it??

    By Blogger hteekay, at 2:56 PM  

  • And a Happy New Year! :D

    By Blogger Sandra Khoo, at 9:55 AM  

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