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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

how time has change

Today, my supervisor (a mother) asked me how much does a PSP costed, she've noticed that her nephew had bought one from Hong Kong and her 12 yr old son are pretty much smitten by that thing. (I would be too!). After telling her how much that thing costs (which should be less than RM1000 but no less that RM900 by now), with her mouth gapped wide open and her eyes buldging out she said " I guess I should just buy a playstation for him then ".

" Are you buying it as his christmas present or something? " I asked.
" No la, it's just his UPSR was over and I promised him that I'd buy him a videogame as reward "
" Wah, you people negotiate 1st for the reward? "
"ya la.. "

Kids nowaday are so lucky...

Back in my days, I dare not to ask for anything in return for good marks that i get from exam with my parents. It's just something that I thought was too much to ask after they give me good care for years. Well I don't actually come from a rich family to begin with. My parents owes several loan sharks back in the day when our restaurant went bankrupt and my dad got ripped off by his best friend. So we don't really have the moola to buy anything fancy and I never asked them for any present since then. But my super parents or shall I say supermum manage to put the family back into one piece and helped us get through the day (there isn't a day that I didn't thank god for her). The only toys that I would get during that time were toys from that Doraemon lookalike box called Ding Dang and much more expensive and have better biscuits than Ding Dang toy snack called TORA.

Anyway I remember the 1st time I own my own videogame ( which is an outdated micro genius at that time, because others have been playing Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo for years already ). It wasn't really a good idea to buy it without consulting with my parents 1st. I've used my two years of ang pow moneys and my savings to buy that console and my parents wasn't really pleased with that. I got scolding of my life for one night after that and my parents almost sold off the micro genius to someone else. But fortunately for me, nobody want that outdated thing. So i get to keep it and made an agreement with my parents that I'd not play with it too much that it would affect my studies.

But now when I stroll along the mall, I'd see teenagers and sometimes little kids have those niffty gadgets hanging on their neck and in their pocket. Gameboy SP, micro, DS, PSP... dammit! don't the parents know that they are spoiling their children??!!

I remember back in the day I was so happy when I bought my 1st handphone (NOKIA 3310) after working for a year but quickly find my phone as outdated when I saw a kid (around 11 or 12) talking on his NOKIA 8850 (which have just came out at that time). How crazy was that? A kid, who doesn't even work, can afford more advanced handphone than a worker. And during that time, most of the teenagers own a handphone.

I continued on using that NOKIA for five years before I've decided to buy another one. Which I can say that the damn NOKIA 3310 is one heck of a handphone. I've dropped it hundred of times and yet until now it still works perfectly. Never once had I take it to a shop to repair it. People don't make good handphones like that anymore.

Anyway there was this one time that I saw kid throwing a mighty tantrum at a videogame store just because his parents won't buy him a PSP.

"But honey, you have just the gameboy (SP) as your birthday present." his parents said..

"I don't care, Jason have it ( I assume that Jason is his friend, or that show off snob at school. ) and its better than this one!!!"

What the fuck with that? If I did that with my parents long time ago, my dad would have bitch slap me and ask me who's the daddy right there and then ( wait, that doesn't sound right... ).

Kids should really appreciate the life they are living now... (talking like an old geezer)

Dammit I feel so old talking about it..


  • i totally agree.. kids nowadays..

    do u know that my friend's 12 year old brother is using a sonyericsson P910?


    kids nowadays.,.. they dont even know what black n white phones are

    By Anonymous smashpOp, at 11:11 AM  

  • gawd!!!

    i want sonyericsson w800i... TT_TT

    By Blogger hteekay, at 11:17 AM  

  • I dont think they know what a film camera is already ... Kids ... too lucky to be true ... :)

    By Anonymous louyau-mike, at 9:24 AM  

  • Hmm... my brother has tonnes of games for his PS2 console. Then again though, back then where got pirated games and downloads from the internet? :P

    By Blogger Kurios1978, at 2:18 PM  

  • who says doesn't have.. u think all those snes and genesis catridge are original? pls.. plus last time snes has the disket drive add-on so you can dl all those games to diskets(the most number of diskets required for 1 game on snes would be 6, which is tales of phantasia from namco). DAmn, i'm so geeky!!!

    i've mastered on how to spot an original or pirated catridges the last time.. by simply inspecting the sticker, the packaging and by weighing it by hand.(again, damn i'm so geeky). But of course, catridges weren't so cheap because it is much more complicated to reproduce unlike disc where you just need to burn it..

    By Blogger hteekay, at 2:56 PM  

  • hah...the unspoiled kids are around too, just less obvious. what to do, new middle class people.

    By Blogger lainieyeoh, at 5:06 PM  

  • Ha ha ha, actually, diskettes were around the time when I was already growing out of gaming. Sounds old eh? :P

    By Blogger Kurios1978, at 9:13 AM  

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