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Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year's Resolution..

I know its the time of the year that every bloggers are tempted to relive the whole year, to wonder at they have achieved and what they have done wrong. Most of them will probably talked about what had happened in their life during the days of 2005 and start posting what new resolution they have for 2006.

I say Fark that, resolutions are nothing. Most of the resolutions made are impossible to accomplish , nor they will make an impact on your life if it does came true.

Fat kid (during new year's eve) "next year I will lose that extra pounds on me!! Yes I will do it!!"
Fatter than before fat kid (during near the end of next year) found out that he's alot heavier than last year because he celebrated his success of diet the last time by going to all you can eat buffet and stuffed himself silly for the past few weeks.. "HMMMmm, I gained 10kg more than last year.. well, at least I did lose that extra pounds before I gained this. Well next year I will lose that extra weight!!"

it's a vicious cycle!


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