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Friday, January 27, 2006

A week planned for CNY

After waiting for a year, its time to go back to my hometown!! woot~!..
Maybe some of you will be thinking that "cher! What so good about hometown? KK's life is as not robust as KL's one.. " But to me, its a big deal. Call me a family man or mummy's boy. But I can't wait to go back there to meet my family, my nephews and good ol' KK city!!

I have a whole week planned..

Image hosting by Photobucket 1st, work for half day today...

Image hosting by Photobucket then, fly back to KK, meet my family tomorrow

Image hosting by Photobucket not to forget of course, rake as much hung pao as I can

Image hosting by Photobucket after that,reunion with my old buddies.. hello friends.. I missed you all!!..

Image hosting by Photobucket yam seng with my ex-colleagues and actual friends and drink myself silly(I don't know those people in the picture, stole it from somewhere.. )

Image hosting by Photobucket meeting some girls and getting laid (I wish!)p.s. not gonna dye my hair pink... besides, that's not the point of this picture

Image hosting by Photobucket drink some more before I go back to KL

Image hosting by Photobucket count on how much I get from my hung pao's..

Image hosting by Photobucket count how much I lost... which will be alot since "the older you get, the less money you get from hung pao" rules..

Image hosting by Photobucket bid my families and ol' buddies farewell and fly back to KL

Image hosting by Photobucket and back to work... haih~~~~

Happy Chinese New Year!! Gong Hei Fatt Choi!! Gong Xi Fa Chai!! Selamat Tahun Baru Cina!!

Kindly send me hung pao to cover my expenses ya? hehe

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

doong doong chiang!!!

This is only a joke, take it with a pinch of salt, if you are hurt by reading this in any way, then take the pinch of salt and rub it hard on your wound.. thank you..

choi san tou!!!!!!

well, I don't know if he ever visit me yet, I've been spending money faster than I earn lately. Pretty ironic that God of Prosperity are suppose to bring wealth to home but we've been spending alot to welcome him... Losing huge amount of our money instead of gaining more..

At KK Sabah there, there's even one Choi San that go to houses 'asking' for hung pao. How ironic is that??

Choi San were last spotted hanging around angmoh at kam san...
relaxing in his multi-million penthouse. He would occasionally visit chinese restaurants and laundry shops at china town to ask for hung pao.

Most of the Chinese there suspected that he is just asking to 'protection money' and work with some triad, but angmoh just treated him as an tourist attraction.

Image hosting by PhotobucketRumour has it that Choi San Yee has sold some of his license to McD and came up with a burger that represent his wealth. Charging a set with RM 8.80 (as '8' represent wealth in chinese society) he has successfully trick people (including me.. sniff sniff) into thinking that eating it would bring prosperity to oneself when the reality is its just something that's similar to burger king's black pepper burger..

Joking only ar, don't be mad lar... I'm bored mah.. Don't feel like working when there's holiday around... I'll be on my flight back to KK this Saturday night for one week so probably won't be updating anytime soon. Not to say that I have alot of regular readers so I guess noone would miss me here. But just to inform whoever that have come across this blog..

I can't wait to go home. Mummy's cooking waiting for me there! woot!
Still thinking of what to answer the 'ultimate' question that relatives would throw onto me whenever I'm home...

How to answer when they ask..

"So... have girlfriend oledi or not??" -___-.......

Monday, January 23, 2006

short and simple 2...

Went to shop with Eric at Sungei Wang... going shopping with someone who doesn't have specific idea of what he wants is really not a good idea... but he manage to get a t-shirt (finally)... bought myself a RM19.90 t-shirt from radioactive and RM 40 shoes... thought I spent it well because its way below my budget, but buying two shirts for my dad otherwise prove to be pain in my wallet.... RM 119 to be exact.. even I never spent that much money on two shirts...

All those walking, cramping with so much people seem to be too much for me, and now I'm sick... in my office, typing this post while i sniffing in my snot and feel kinda light headed from the pills that I had just now...

Friday, January 20, 2006

The thin line that guy didn't know exists...

Okay, this is what I've learn from reading an article (cough*woman'smagazine*cough cough!) and from asking a bunch of female friends that I've known of to clarify it.

Men, for centuries has treated the art of flirtship as part of the ritual in courtship. Men flirt so that in the end that if they succeed, they would found their own mate and ultimately go to the 'next' level of relationship *sex baby!!*. So they would naturally assume a woman who flirts back in any way would mean that the woman is indeed interested in him and he would likely get into her pants her as his soulmate...

But there's a term woman use that most men didn't realize about..


As oppose to men's term of fuckbuddy.. As in a partner 'in crime' that offers pleasure with no strings attached, flirtbuddy is term woman used for someone who they flirts with just for fun. Meaning they have no intention of taking that kind of relationship further and the poor guy would ultimately wasting his time and effort on this particular woman if he thinks that he have any chance with her at all.

Most of the time, female that have committed herself to a relationship would play this kind of dangerous game. Because most of time they flirt with guys that know she have a boyfriend and wouldn't mind about it because naturally to guys, they would end up thinking that she is a perfect candidate for a fuckbuddy. Meaning she have a boyfriend to take care of her while all she want from the guys she flirts with are only pleasure. Half of it are true and the other of it are not as what as those guys think of. She does flirt for pleasure, but not in sex term. So don't mistakenly think that woman thinks like guys do..

keep in mind that
guy's mind... pleasure = sex sex sex, orgasm..

woman's mind... pleasure = cuddling, attention, care, deep-talk, fun, foreplay, the big-O, etc etc.... and .... sex. (if it's last long enough).

So to the guys, please do becareful when you flirt with an attached female colleagues. Don't think that if she flirts back it will mean she will eventually dump her boyfriend to be with you (unless she's really into you and you know it) and be careful not to fall into those traps. Because for all I know, she only treat you as her flirtbuddy and nothing more. She's playing this game because she only want the attention from other men to prove to herself worth and still a desire of all male species beside her boyfriend.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

chrono trigger remake???!!

sorry for putting up another youtube clip but this is for my own reference only...

its a clip done by a huge fan of chrono trigger..
squareenix should hire this guy and make a remake of this wonderful game!!!!!
too bad instead they put a stop to this guy from remaking it..

I want to play like that!!!!!!

damn, I wish I can play like her... time to dust off my guitar!

Where have the passion gone to?

Image hosted by

It's been so long since I draw anything..... I'm starting to feel that I'm losing my touch. It's not that I'm losing interest in it or anything. In fact I'm planning to animate once I get a computer and maybe learn a bit of flash. But whenever I grab paper and pencil, my mind rebels and I can't think of anything to draw.. and even if I did have something to draw, it usually stopped halfway because of my limitation of drawing skills. I can't copy the exact image in my mind...

And hanging around with a bunch of friends that all of them can draw, and I mean really really well. (well, they are a bunch of animators and illustrators). Is really discouraging me to draw. I can't help but to compare mine and theirs, and doing that always resulting me feeling bad and blaming myself for not improving my drawing skills.

Will I ever find the passion to draw again? I certainly hope so...

Monday, January 16, 2006

Port Dickson trip was great

Although the girl that I asked to go with me declined to do so, it was still one of the best trip I had these past years staying in PJ. I should do it more often...

I called the girl a week before the trip, let's just call her J, she is another Sabahan that I knew through a friend and we talked alot the first time we met. She's working at putrajaya now so it is hard to continue getting in touch with her because for one, she's bloody hardworking, freakinly hardworking that she worked until 10 pm every weekday and saturday. And two, she goes to church every sunday. Finally the last reason that we couldn't get in touch more often is that I don't like to talk on the phone (I'm more into sms'es) and she prefer to talk than sms..

kenny : hello, I wanna know if the person answering this call is J
J : hahaha, yes it is me, and in case you are wondering, I am still alive.
Kenny : that's good to hear.
J : okay, you don't usually call me so it must be something important. So what is it?
Kenny : -___-... I had to call, because you never reply my sms'es. Plus can't I call you when I misses you meh?
J : hahaha, its very unlikely that you'll miss me. You have alot of girlfriends around, where got time to miss me one? (I don't know why EVERY girl I known think of me like that, I'm still single dammit, why the hell do you girls want to keep me from committing to a relationship?)
Kenny : I'm still single lar... why do you say that?
J : cher, if you're still single, then who are you waiting for?
Kenny : Still waiting for you la!
J : hahahhaa, true or not? what did you ate? the mouth so sweet one?
Kenny : I'm being truthful okay? anyway that's not the reason I call you. I wanna ask you if you have anything to do this weekend?
J : me ah? hmm.. I gotta work on saturday the whole day. What do you want to do?
Kenny : oh my colleagues and I are planning to go to PD this weekend, and they ask me if I want to bring anyone with me. So do you want to go or not?
J : OOooh, so you couldn't find anyone and then thought of me la, who am I? you're last resort ah?
Kenny : Where got? you're the first person I ask le (which is seriously true)
J : hahaha, don't lie lar. You playboy type always have one ugly girl as a last resort one.
Kenny : Huh?? I am a playboy meh? I don't flirt much you know? (which is partially true). So you wanna go or not? we're staying there for one night.
J : wah? staying for one night? like that cannot la, I have to work on saturday until night and I have to go to church on sunday.. plus I'm afraid of you mah hahahhaa..
Kenny : Afraid of me? afraid for what? I'm not a big gorilla... (dai sing sing).
J : Hahahahhahaha! Sorry la but cannot ler..
Kenny : Come on la, we're gonna have a great time there.. hehehe ( I don't why I start to grin and giggle like a pervert at this point)
J : hahahhaa, really cannot ler....
Kenny : -____-lll okay lor...

I think at some point, I really scare her shitless.

Anyway, the trip was great dispite I was without J to accompany me there. I have 'made some friends' with the children at the resort when we were at the pool. Actually maybe it's just me that thought that we were being friendly, I think the kids think otherwise.
Ermm, I think maybe they don't enjoy being tossed into the pool when we were 'playing' on the floating platform there. Because after I thrown all of them into the pool (there were five of them), they climb back up and ganged up on me... but boy did we have good laugh over it.. I hope.... O_O
My colleagues find it weird to see the oldest one in the group play around with a bunch of 9-10 year old kids.

Saw a teenage girl (quite good looking) slip and fell into the pool byherself, I don't think she will ever go out again after being laughed by me. I don't know why that hit my funny bone, but I was laughing so hard it hurts. The girl was nowhere in sight after that.

At night we have one of the nicest steamboat I ever had, maybe its because beers and pork were included. We start eating at 8 pm, stopped at 10 pm and walk along the shores, looking and listening for some bush-action there (I heard that there are alot of couple doing their 'thing' in the bushes. So I thought it would be funny if I scared the shit out of them while they're doing it, why do I find it funny? I don't know why so stop asking me) and continue on the steamboat session until 1 am.

I got home around 1pm and saw Eric walking out of the apartment (we live in different block). He asked me if I wanna have lunch with him, Ayon and Ed. So I got back to my apartment, threw my bad into my room and went to have lunch with them. Eric was going to gym later on to have his weekend warrior work out and the couple Ayon and Ed planned to go to One Utama later on, so I tagged along with the couple. (yes, I know. I'm so kacau daun). We bought some clothes for CNY and now I still have shoes to buy yet. Planning to go Sungei Wang this weekend to look for it. Anyone know where to find cheap good shoes? Go with me this weekend and show me where, and I'll treat you lunch. ;)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Short and simple

today I found out that I went to work with my jeans unzipped... only to realised about it after I sat down on my chair...


going to PD later.. chiao

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Flirting rules

Everyone must have found out that there is at least one guy or girl in their circle of friends that are so flirty, they can whip out a conversation with strangers (of opposite gender) with a snap of finger and get a good feedback instead of getting slap and insulted. Where the fact that you are afraid of getting rejected and ridiculed has successfully rooted you in the bachelor category. You want to know the secret in their success..

well let me tell you what one of the secret is..

It's not to be afraid of failure and just do it...

the 1st step that you have to take is to take a deep breath, approach the person and start a conversation. It doesn't have to a pick up line. For all I know no matter how cool a guy think his pick up line is, he will never get the girl to fall for him just because of that line, especially if the girl finds him annoying. So scrap that.. just use a normal opening line that doesn't start with " are you tired?....", "how much does it cost for you to sleep with me?" or anything like that..

find an object that's around her (preferably something that she's holding and the one that she owns) and make a question out of it. (If you're gonna ask "does that dildo you are holding do a great job satisfying you?", you should get out of there before the cops come, you peeping tom!!).

Make sure you don't look tensed and stiff, calm down and try the best to look natural. DO NOT SHOW YOUR LACK OF CONFIDENCE to her, you may think it's cute being like that but alot of girls don't find men like that attractive. CONFIDENCE is the new sexy, repeat after me.

CONFIDENCE is the new sexy...

right.. let's continue..

there are several ways to start a conversation with someone, one of them would include your friends... let me think of an example.. hmmm... let me see.. ahh

last Tuesday I accompanied my friend to a gym that he applied but wanted to terminate his membership. There are receptionists there and of course I found some of them that are cute. So in order for me to start a conversation with them, I used my friend as an ice breaker.. (this is not really a good way to use because you maybe will upset your friend but it really works well.. ). You see when this receptionist asked my friend why did he want to close his account there, I sneakily butt in and told her that my friend said to me that he didn't find anyone attractive enough to motivate him from keep on going to the gym. She in turn answered to me that aren't the receptionists there attractive enough? and thus I get to continue on having a conversation with her... until one my other friend spoil it all and I have to stop there... but I guess I can go back there and continue on the conversation if I wanted to but I guess that they just want me to sign in...

oh, my friend didn't manage to terminate his membership but instead applied for another package because he got ' persuaded ' by one of the girls there... hehehehe

Okay once you got a respond from her and feel that she's into having a conversation, it means that you're in the game, well done on the 1st move. But remember that it doesn't mean that you won't be kicked out of the game. So you'll need to keep the conversation going..

1st, make sure that you keep at a safe distance.. not too close that she'll feel uncomfortable (because you are a stranger to her at this point) but not too far because you want to show her that you are interested in her. How do you know when you have to stop at a certain distance? Notice her body language, if she's starting to shift her body away from you, she doesn't feel comfortable looking at you in the eyes anymore, fold her arms.. something like that.. if you finds out that, step away abit and continue on the conversation. When she's comfortable with you, you two will get closer eventually.. so don't push it and let things fall into place themselves..

oh, a tip. If you met her in a crowded and noisy place, don't shout out.. lower your voice abit so she'll have to lean over to you to listen to what you have to say... that sometimes work.. ;)

There are several points that you have to keep in mind when having a conversation..

keep a positive conversation, so that you won't leave her with an impression that you are one depressed, loser and whiner. So keep your sad sob sob story to yourself until the time when you are more closer to her... so deep personal thing is a no-no subject in having a conversation with someone you barely know..

Remember that everyone , no matter what they told you they feel about it, likes to be complimented. So compliment her away. But keep it brief and general... don't explain it unless she ask you too..

stop looking at her boobs and listen to what she is saying for once.. try to turn whatever she said into a open-ended question, this will show that you aren't just interested into getting in her panties but that you truly interested in her as a person. Oh, you can sneak a peek once in a while so that you won't fall asleep while you listen to her yap.. and remember to get her to ask you questions too, because if she didn't ask you, it will only mean that she only want someone to listen to her yapping, thus she is not interested in you.

So you get her to talk to you.. you two are friends now!! whooppie!!

Remember that getting rejected does not mean it's the end of world, sure your friends might laugh at you if they found out about it but they will worship you once you get the thing right. Just keep on practicing and eventually you will find someone that are equally interested in you as you are with them.

Don't look at me as someone who get whoever he wants. My number of rejections are more than success but hey, at least I can break that ice... can you?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Chinese New Year is coming!!

And I still haven't got my bonus yet! T__T.. So I have to be careful on what I spent my money on... which is a shitty thing to do... because I can't control myself from buying unuseful magazines and addictive comic book. But I shall redeem myself from buying any comics anymore!!! right after I get my hand on One Piece, Death Note, Naruto, JoJo's bizarre adventure, FHM, STUFF, KLUE, MOBILE WORLD... etc etc...



I consider myself as lucky because I'm not addicted to novels, well I do love to read it (those thriller ones, not those jiwang so romantic-that-i-will-stab-my-eyes-with-my-thumb-until-it-bleed-
the-eye-juices-out) whenever I can borrow it from my housemate (without asking 1st) because novels are damn expensive lar.. die lar if I add novels into my to-buy list every month..

So right now I don't have that much budget to buy new clothes for my Chinese New Year celebration, plus I'm going to PD with my colleagues this week, so I guess I'll be only buying a shirt, a pants, and shoes (cough*cheap*cough) for this year and using back to my a-year-old-torned-up-but-still-comfortable-lucky-underwear (>__<). God, I'm so poor... where's Choi San Yeah when you need him??

I do hope that I get the bonus at least a week before Chinese New Year so I can bring some things back to hometown. Maybe I should get a girlfriend before this end of the month so I don't have to sit through those CSI question when I reach home...

I think all those who are singles and chinese will know how it feel to be questioned "So, do you have girlfriend?" over and over and over by every single person that you know of.... and being 25 now is not helping the issue at all. But on the bright side, at least you get a little variety in the question.. "So... 25 liao... still got no girlfriend ar??"

O_O.... =___=" ... .-___-"" sigh~~~*

I won't be taking all my annual leaves on Chinese New Year this year like the last time because let's face it, spending two weeks rotting at home because your friends start working before you do really suck ass. I had my taste of it before so no more thank you. I think my parents don't want to relive the days when I was unemployed for 2 months after I get my diploma. Having a couch potato that is like a blackhole that suck your gorceries dry are not a nice thing at all... even I hate myself for being one before.

Hmmm, I wonder if my nephews will hug me if he finds out that I didn't get him a present?.... sigh..

Being an adult is no fun at all kids, I'll be holding that thought of growing up faster if I were you, you guys should enjoy the life where you don't have to earn your own money while you can, sure you think that you can finally buy stuffs that your parents won't yourself, but you won't have enough money to begin with.


Oh look at the time... I should go to work now and prepare myself for some girlfriend hunting...

Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy bourthday to me~~~~

Yesterday I went to One Utama with two of my friends looking for some chinese new year clothes... but alas only one of them manage to find what he like... the other two of us planned to go to sungei wang to look for more radical clothing next week.. and after that we go to eat ikan bakar at Petaling Street (chee cheong gai) there. Who wanna join us?

Eric wanna search for punk look, and I just want to make my mum go "what the uck?!" when I get back to KK for Chinese New Year. (yeah I like to suprise my family liddat.)

Oh yeah, all of you (well those who are in the same era as mine lar) must have seen baywatch right? I bet you guys haven't seen a real life baywatch in the city one... I present you carparkwatch!!!

that is the lifeguard post there.. not kidding ler....

I think I saw david haslehoff there..

hmm.. since I don't enough friends that know my birthday is today (I'm a sad guy liddat).. I'm just have to wish meself happy bourthday!!!!!! (sob sob, pathetic) oh, any of the people who are reading this better make sure you wish me a happy birthday or else... >=D

feel free to send me presents!! (if you don't know my address its ok, give me yours and i'll be there to pick it up! wahahahhaah!)

Nothing much changed.. still good looking if i might say so myself...

bought meself a stud for me bourthday... (yes, that's what happened when you don't have girlfriend to buy it for you..yes it is sad)

when I reached the office, guess what I see?
me colleagues bought me a pressie!!! sob sob so touched... (finally after all those painfully months of reminding them, it finally pays off! bwahahahaha!!)

it's not ticking, so I guess its not a bomb...(unless if they use a digital clock, then I'm screwed..)

happy face... sorta... more like perverted.. but being pervert is a happy thing.. (to me..? O_O)

ohh.. a card... hmm.. i got a feeling that they are calling me a cow.. =___=

oh... its from the drafting department! thanks guys!!! now I'm gonna harrass the acounting department until they get me a pressie!! mwahahahahhaa!!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Geek's galore~~

On the last post I didn't get to put up 'normal' pictues of us gang... so now I present you the freak show!!

Image hosted by
Eric finally join us...

Image hosted by
C'mon Eric, you can at least smile a little...

Image hosted by
There ya go..

after the eating session is done.. it's camwhoring time!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Awww Eric, show us your assets!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
what the hell are you doing Sandra?

Image hosted by
What the heck, just join in la!

Image hosted by
Charlie has ran out of Angels and have to make do with these freaks..

Image hosted by
Kenny : come on, let's do this!


Kenny : You guys suck!

Image hosted by
Bunch of hornies..

Image hosted by
HDB is Ed's slave sex.

Image hosted by
something's not right about this picture.

Image hosted by
This is more like it


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Great work Mr. Policeman!

Image hosted by

1st it's the nude ear-squat case, and now it's the arrestment at Paul's Place...
I wonder what they gonna do next to top those off. And judging by their effort. They can do it!!!

Woowoowoo!! I'm rooting for you! suprise me more mr. policeman!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Geek's sorta party fest on new year's eve.. O_O

I had a blast on New Year's eve. Even tho' it wasn't those hardcore party and only two person were consuming alcohol (excluding me.. *shock!* I actually decline an offer of beer. O_O). It was still one of the best I had. Great company of friends does make all that difference. (seriously, I'm not being sarcastic here)

Image hosted by
The stuffs to start a eating frenzy.

Image hosted by
The good looking bouncer that have to keep unwelcome guest (pesky fly<-- yes just one. A HUMONGOUS ONE!!) at bay..

Image hosted by
Sandra aka Sandora aka Sandy aka the big sista! in our group and ED cleaning up and preparing the seafoods (seafoods <-- heh~ in chinese-hakka it sounds like ass. Still tickle me funny bones everytime someone says they want to eat seafood. To me, they are just saying that they want to eat ass~)

Image hosted by
WOW, they looked kinda like husband and wife... So loving... so weird... O_O mixed feeling... (I hate if someone i know is dating someone else that I know.. it feels like.. incest.. which is like.. ewwww~~)

Image hosted by
Ed's cutting off some of his pube-opss seaweed for the steamboat. I don't know what is he so happy about so don't ask me...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
the arrival of two attention whores.. =P HDB with his I-went-bankrupt-and-my-life's-a-disaster look and his sister Acom with her gypsy look.. XD

who was supposed to help us prepare the steamboat but left us out to dry with excuses such as it's raining and we're too dressed up to help you guys. -___-lll

Image hosted by
Raymond.. who moves so much I can't take a decent picture of him...

Image hosted by
Let the feast begin!!!

*didn't take any pics afterward because I was too busy stuffing myself. >_<* that picture above is actually from the cleaning up part pictures coz I didn't take any pictures of us starting the feast.. hehe? O_O (wah, so many picture mentioned in one line.. my England is no good) after all that chaos, comes the moment that every lazy ass (such as myself) would hate.. cleaning up..

Image hosted by
EEEuuurrggghhh... too full to move any muscle......

Image hosted by
Hire a gypsy maid now!! not only she cleans well, she dresses well too!! she even do a gypsy dance while cleaning up!!;)

Image hosted by
I'm doing my part of cleaning up...well not really, those are not my hand there..

after all that.. we ate some dessert that the couple Ed and Ayon made for us.. ice-cream with cocktail fruits..

Image hosted by
ED : Better appreciate that ice-cream, it takes alot of effort to open up that can of cocktail-fruits

Ayon : Yeah, and it takes alot of effort to resist the temptation of the ice-cream too! MMMMmm... ice-cream~~ <3.

Later on we did something that I never thought I do on New Year's Eve... NO, not a group sex... We played pictionary!!!!!

Image hosted by
Oh my gawd, how much geeky can we get..

The strange thing is.. we actually enjoys it!! O_O

Our groups consists of comic artists, animators,a draftman and a... a.... errr... bookworm chef. But if you think that any of us drew good during the game, you are dead wrong. All of our drawing skill has reduced to the level of 5 year old kid. Which Acom approved of.. =D.

Don't believe me? well take a look of this example.. drawn by a rising comic artist star Hadibi. Who draw for the comic magazine JOM.

Image hosted by
In case you are still guessing what that is, that is a ranch my friend..

Of course there are some exceptionally good drawings that helped my team into victory. (They so lucky to have me in their team! =P). Behold, the picture of the champion's masterpiece!!

Image hosted by
Yeah!! take that Picasso!!..

Oh, in case you are wondering what is that suppose to be.. it's a safety pin.. -__-lll