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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Flirting rules

Everyone must have found out that there is at least one guy or girl in their circle of friends that are so flirty, they can whip out a conversation with strangers (of opposite gender) with a snap of finger and get a good feedback instead of getting slap and insulted. Where the fact that you are afraid of getting rejected and ridiculed has successfully rooted you in the bachelor category. You want to know the secret in their success..

well let me tell you what one of the secret is..

It's not to be afraid of failure and just do it...

the 1st step that you have to take is to take a deep breath, approach the person and start a conversation. It doesn't have to a pick up line. For all I know no matter how cool a guy think his pick up line is, he will never get the girl to fall for him just because of that line, especially if the girl finds him annoying. So scrap that.. just use a normal opening line that doesn't start with " are you tired?....", "how much does it cost for you to sleep with me?" or anything like that..

find an object that's around her (preferably something that she's holding and the one that she owns) and make a question out of it. (If you're gonna ask "does that dildo you are holding do a great job satisfying you?", you should get out of there before the cops come, you peeping tom!!).

Make sure you don't look tensed and stiff, calm down and try the best to look natural. DO NOT SHOW YOUR LACK OF CONFIDENCE to her, you may think it's cute being like that but alot of girls don't find men like that attractive. CONFIDENCE is the new sexy, repeat after me.

CONFIDENCE is the new sexy...

right.. let's continue..

there are several ways to start a conversation with someone, one of them would include your friends... let me think of an example.. hmmm... let me see.. ahh

last Tuesday I accompanied my friend to a gym that he applied but wanted to terminate his membership. There are receptionists there and of course I found some of them that are cute. So in order for me to start a conversation with them, I used my friend as an ice breaker.. (this is not really a good way to use because you maybe will upset your friend but it really works well.. ). You see when this receptionist asked my friend why did he want to close his account there, I sneakily butt in and told her that my friend said to me that he didn't find anyone attractive enough to motivate him from keep on going to the gym. She in turn answered to me that aren't the receptionists there attractive enough? and thus I get to continue on having a conversation with her... until one my other friend spoil it all and I have to stop there... but I guess I can go back there and continue on the conversation if I wanted to but I guess that they just want me to sign in...

oh, my friend didn't manage to terminate his membership but instead applied for another package because he got ' persuaded ' by one of the girls there... hehehehe

Okay once you got a respond from her and feel that she's into having a conversation, it means that you're in the game, well done on the 1st move. But remember that it doesn't mean that you won't be kicked out of the game. So you'll need to keep the conversation going..

1st, make sure that you keep at a safe distance.. not too close that she'll feel uncomfortable (because you are a stranger to her at this point) but not too far because you want to show her that you are interested in her. How do you know when you have to stop at a certain distance? Notice her body language, if she's starting to shift her body away from you, she doesn't feel comfortable looking at you in the eyes anymore, fold her arms.. something like that.. if you finds out that, step away abit and continue on the conversation. When she's comfortable with you, you two will get closer eventually.. so don't push it and let things fall into place themselves..

oh, a tip. If you met her in a crowded and noisy place, don't shout out.. lower your voice abit so she'll have to lean over to you to listen to what you have to say... that sometimes work.. ;)

There are several points that you have to keep in mind when having a conversation..

keep a positive conversation, so that you won't leave her with an impression that you are one depressed, loser and whiner. So keep your sad sob sob story to yourself until the time when you are more closer to her... so deep personal thing is a no-no subject in having a conversation with someone you barely know..

Remember that everyone , no matter what they told you they feel about it, likes to be complimented. So compliment her away. But keep it brief and general... don't explain it unless she ask you too..

stop looking at her boobs and listen to what she is saying for once.. try to turn whatever she said into a open-ended question, this will show that you aren't just interested into getting in her panties but that you truly interested in her as a person. Oh, you can sneak a peek once in a while so that you won't fall asleep while you listen to her yap.. and remember to get her to ask you questions too, because if she didn't ask you, it will only mean that she only want someone to listen to her yapping, thus she is not interested in you.

So you get her to talk to you.. you two are friends now!! whooppie!!

Remember that getting rejected does not mean it's the end of world, sure your friends might laugh at you if they found out about it but they will worship you once you get the thing right. Just keep on practicing and eventually you will find someone that are equally interested in you as you are with them.

Don't look at me as someone who get whoever he wants. My number of rejections are more than success but hey, at least I can break that ice... can you?


  • Waaaah ... Mr.Flirtatious ... can write a book dee ... or at least publish a paper!

    By Anonymous louyau, at 10:41 AM  

  • =___=

    why do i get a feeling that you are being sarcastic?

    don't answer that

    By Blogger hteekay, at 11:01 AM  

  • CONFIDENCE is the new sexy...

    But, confidence was the old sexy when I was young ... it hasn't changed!!!!

    Other way not to get slapped is to offer to slap yourself for them and save them the trouble.

    By Blogger Dabido, at 3:52 PM  

  • My appologies but I TAGGED YOU

    By Blogger Dabido, at 4:07 PM  

  • sorry to be a bad sport dude.. but I hate meme.. -___-lll

    there's no way that you will ever made me do a meme!!! no way!!!

    unless if you happen to be a hot woman that enjoys free guilt sex..

    and sorry but pasting your face on a woman's body won't be accepted

    By Blogger hteekay, at 4:23 PM  

  • Kenny - nothing in the world says that you HAVE to do a Meme, so don't do it.

    All I did is tag you ... doesn't mean I am MAKING you do it. (Besides, you seen me as a woman ... and an orangutan ... and interviewing a Sperm whale ... and everything else)

    Besdies, my site is where Meme's come to die. I often get memes, but everyone I tag refuses to do them ... so you are in the Majority by not doing them! lol

    Cheers mate.
    (p.s. I am a hot orangutan who enjoys guilt free ... nah, just kidding.)

    By Blogger Dabido, at 5:27 PM  

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