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Monday, January 16, 2006

Port Dickson trip was great

Although the girl that I asked to go with me declined to do so, it was still one of the best trip I had these past years staying in PJ. I should do it more often...

I called the girl a week before the trip, let's just call her J, she is another Sabahan that I knew through a friend and we talked alot the first time we met. She's working at putrajaya now so it is hard to continue getting in touch with her because for one, she's bloody hardworking, freakinly hardworking that she worked until 10 pm every weekday and saturday. And two, she goes to church every sunday. Finally the last reason that we couldn't get in touch more often is that I don't like to talk on the phone (I'm more into sms'es) and she prefer to talk than sms..

kenny : hello, I wanna know if the person answering this call is J
J : hahaha, yes it is me, and in case you are wondering, I am still alive.
Kenny : that's good to hear.
J : okay, you don't usually call me so it must be something important. So what is it?
Kenny : -___-... I had to call, because you never reply my sms'es. Plus can't I call you when I misses you meh?
J : hahaha, its very unlikely that you'll miss me. You have alot of girlfriends around, where got time to miss me one? (I don't know why EVERY girl I known think of me like that, I'm still single dammit, why the hell do you girls want to keep me from committing to a relationship?)
Kenny : I'm still single lar... why do you say that?
J : cher, if you're still single, then who are you waiting for?
Kenny : Still waiting for you la!
J : hahahhaa, true or not? what did you ate? the mouth so sweet one?
Kenny : I'm being truthful okay? anyway that's not the reason I call you. I wanna ask you if you have anything to do this weekend?
J : me ah? hmm.. I gotta work on saturday the whole day. What do you want to do?
Kenny : oh my colleagues and I are planning to go to PD this weekend, and they ask me if I want to bring anyone with me. So do you want to go or not?
J : OOooh, so you couldn't find anyone and then thought of me la, who am I? you're last resort ah?
Kenny : Where got? you're the first person I ask le (which is seriously true)
J : hahaha, don't lie lar. You playboy type always have one ugly girl as a last resort one.
Kenny : Huh?? I am a playboy meh? I don't flirt much you know? (which is partially true). So you wanna go or not? we're staying there for one night.
J : wah? staying for one night? like that cannot la, I have to work on saturday until night and I have to go to church on sunday.. plus I'm afraid of you mah hahahhaa..
Kenny : Afraid of me? afraid for what? I'm not a big gorilla... (dai sing sing).
J : Hahahahhahaha! Sorry la but cannot ler..
Kenny : Come on la, we're gonna have a great time there.. hehehe ( I don't why I start to grin and giggle like a pervert at this point)
J : hahahhaa, really cannot ler....
Kenny : -____-lll okay lor...

I think at some point, I really scare her shitless.

Anyway, the trip was great dispite I was without J to accompany me there. I have 'made some friends' with the children at the resort when we were at the pool. Actually maybe it's just me that thought that we were being friendly, I think the kids think otherwise.
Ermm, I think maybe they don't enjoy being tossed into the pool when we were 'playing' on the floating platform there. Because after I thrown all of them into the pool (there were five of them), they climb back up and ganged up on me... but boy did we have good laugh over it.. I hope.... O_O
My colleagues find it weird to see the oldest one in the group play around with a bunch of 9-10 year old kids.

Saw a teenage girl (quite good looking) slip and fell into the pool byherself, I don't think she will ever go out again after being laughed by me. I don't know why that hit my funny bone, but I was laughing so hard it hurts. The girl was nowhere in sight after that.

At night we have one of the nicest steamboat I ever had, maybe its because beers and pork were included. We start eating at 8 pm, stopped at 10 pm and walk along the shores, looking and listening for some bush-action there (I heard that there are alot of couple doing their 'thing' in the bushes. So I thought it would be funny if I scared the shit out of them while they're doing it, why do I find it funny? I don't know why so stop asking me) and continue on the steamboat session until 1 am.

I got home around 1pm and saw Eric walking out of the apartment (we live in different block). He asked me if I wanna have lunch with him, Ayon and Ed. So I got back to my apartment, threw my bad into my room and went to have lunch with them. Eric was going to gym later on to have his weekend warrior work out and the couple Ayon and Ed planned to go to One Utama later on, so I tagged along with the couple. (yes, I know. I'm so kacau daun). We bought some clothes for CNY and now I still have shoes to buy yet. Planning to go Sungei Wang this weekend to look for it. Anyone know where to find cheap good shoes? Go with me this weekend and show me where, and I'll treat you lunch. ;)


  • Maybe J is scared as she's seen the picture of you on that kiddie ride! :-)

    By Blogger Dabido, at 4:11 PM  

  • nah, she don't know that I have a blog..

    By Blogger hteekay, at 4:20 PM  

  • hey! glad to hear you had fun!

    so how's the PD beach? clean?

    and got spot any bush action? :P

    By Anonymous entwined, at 1:43 PM  

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