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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Fighting over girls.. Are girls a prize?

This is the scenario... Miss Janice = MJ (not a real name) is in some kind of relationship with MR. James = Ja (not a real name either), its call some kind because they have been dating for quite a while and Ja are definitely in love with MJ. He's the type who believe in true love, believe that everyone has their own other half, believe that... well you get the idea. But MJ doesn't treat it as real deal. She loves being with Ja, as he gives her comfort and lots of security. Being only 22, MJ feels that she is not ready for a real relationship. You might say she is commitment phobia, but she's not the type who would easily let go of an relationship. Have you ever feel that way? I know I do.

Even though MJ loves being with Ja, she felt there's some spark missing between them. Ja is a responsible , mature than his age kind of guy. He's a perfectionist, he got a schedule and he stick to it. MJ on the other hand has only reached adulthood, she wants to have fun, she wants experience all types of relationship, she's experimental. She's keeping her option open.

Then came along Jerry = Je ( not a real name!), Jerry is a fun loving guy, he has the charms, he's adventurous, he's spontaneous. Something that Ja lacks, one night of meeting in a club, Je and MJ quickly got acquainted and have been together behind Ja's back for two months. It was never intended to be a serious relationship but MJ and Je has a special chemistry going on between them. They both has slowed down on seeing other dates, and tend to spend more time together. Slowly but surely Je fell in love with MJ, he has stopped fooling around and were ready to commit into this relationship with MJ but there's something that Je didn't know, MJ is with Ja. MJ didn't tell him because she feels that it wasn't important. She didn't lied, she's just keeping the information from Je, and she didn't treat her relationship with Ja as serious.. but she does loves Ja very much, she loves him as much as she loves Je.

In time, Ja found out about the affair. He caught Je and MJ dating and quickly approach MJ for an answer. MJ didn't know how to react. She just stood there, looking at both Je and Ja, the two demand for answer.

Which one does MJ loves? MJ didn't know how to answer that. She loves them both. If she was given a choice, she would choose to be together with both of the men. She began to cry as both of the men she loves fight with each other. Like male two lions trying fight for the right to get the female lion, they are fighting for the prize , MJ.......

Do the guys realized that the winner doesn't necessary get the girl?

Monday, March 27, 2006

What a pat poh!!!

This event happened on 9am this morning (Which mean that I was 30 minutes late to work, ack!)..

Reached office, was walking past the accounting, human resources and the engineers department. (the drafting department is at the end of building).

was walking past the pat poh of the my workplace, let's call her Mrs. S (there has to be one in each company huh?)who strangely trying to open up a conversation with me ( which doesn't mean anything else but to gossip ).

Mrs S : So , you went to watch a movie last Saturday at One Utama huh?
Me : Huh? (how did she know that?).. Oh yeah I did....
Mrs S : Well, who is that girl la?

Miss Curry and Kerry (not their real name) overheard us then quickly butt in.. (oh great!)

Kerry : What girl?

Me : Yeah, What girl? I don't know what you are talking about.
Mrs S : Eh don't lie la, I saw you talk to the girl for a while and then she left and waved bye bye to you...

(Of all the people who can possibly saw me, why does it have to be her??!!!)

Kerry : OOoohhh... Someone's dating liao..

Ms Curry : way, no wonder la last Saturday you seem to be rushing to go home...
Me : Its not a date la! I was watching the movie alone. And happens to bumped into her.
Kerry : RRrrriiiggghhhttt... I don't think that you're the type who watches movies alone one..
Ms Curry : Yeah, he's not that type.
Me : Wei wei, don't talk like you have known me for ages la.. We only known each other like a year ago. How would you know about my character?
Mrs S : Heh, men are easy to read one. Like reading a book.

(you mean those gossip magazine right? You couldn't possibly be reading a book.. )

Ms Curry : Wait, don't steer away from the topic le... So why did the girl left right after the movie har? Aren't you two supposed to go lovey dovey after that?
Kerry : Maybe the girl is afraid of him le? You know la, men.. like buaya like that..

All three laughing.. I just walk away while the three keep on chatting about god knows who..

Another episode of my life... -___-

Oh yeah, watched V for Vendetta liao... its a good movie. Somehow I felt like I'm watching Phantom of the Opera... who instead of peeping on a girl and sing opera, go off killing authorities and reminding people of their rights.

Got my pc on Sunday!! woot!!! But I'm broke right now, sigh~~~ But am getting my pay by couple of days.. Yay!!! (emotional roller coaster there. LOL)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Studies and careers

These days and years. The 'standard' requirement for people to get a decent paid job is getting higher and higher. During my parents' time , they only need to be an appretience to whoever willing to teach them. Both of my parents only manage to study till standard 3, after that they have to stop schooling due to family's financial problem. At the end at my dad's side of the family, my uncle (the youngest one) manage to finish high school. My dad ending up working as a contractor and my mum was selling vegetables and snacks in pasar malam.

During my sibling's time, they can start working after form 3, SPR doesn't provide a job with good pay but it can manage to get you an office work as clerk. Which during that time was considered as a very good job because you'll be sitting and working under a shade. Not like other works that require labor power and mixing cement under the blazing hot sun. Even better if you were working in a bank. Typical Chinese parents love those who works in a bank. HHHmmm... Must be the idea of having a son in law who works around money excite them. Anyone who passed SPR can and have extra money with them can start studying in college to take any course that they prefer.

During my time. UPSR doesn't mean anything but a requirement to get in high school, the same applies to PMR, which is only a requirement to get to form four. And the minimum requirement to get into college is SPM. Getting a diploma is must if you want to get a decent job with decent pay. This was the era of semi-skilled worker. But I remember that time, company's was starting to look for higher requirement like degree.

Day by day, the standard time for children to spend on studying are increasing, from 6 years to 12 years. And now the standard or should you say the minimum time you have to spend on studying now is to get a diploma which is to add around 2 1/2 years to it. Meaning some of people are starting to work at a later age. Somewhere between 19 to 20s. By few more years when the minimum requirement to get a decent paid job would be raised again (a degree). And that would add another 3 or 4 years to it. Meaning the next generation would start on working on the age 24 ++ . And a decade more the bar would be raised again....

Do you see a pattern there?

If a man per say. Thinking about getting a career 1st before considering getting married. It means that most likely he would get married during his 30s, have children of his own and start to worry on how to get his children who are 20s when he's 50s (which is near retiring period) , through the college or university years. In which can add a quite heavy burden to the man (he only have few more years of working until he retires) because after the retirement, he and his family will have to depend on pension money to get by... Which could post a huge problem if he didn't start saving money during the time that he started to work. (and I still haven't add in another matters to consideration, like the value of money that will change in few decades time)..

This is a problem that human is facing nowadays...... Should we do something about it?

Man, this is the sign of someone getting old....... -___-

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Convenient? My ass la!!

Okay, I know I'm suppose to be in hiatus. But the stupid Rapid KL angered me so much by their stupidity that I have to get it out or else I'm gonna find a club and bash at any random people I encounter.

To all who lives or work in KL should know that Rapid KL now has changed their bus transportation system right? I was all okay with it and glad thinking that they are taking action to curb the problem of people getting crappy public transportation service. But later I found out that they are gonna change the route of the bus that I take to my workplace (prior 3 days before the official new route, I don't know why they didn't inform it earlier, maybe they were trying to avoid people from complaining about it). Quite frankly I hate the new bus system, its a pain in the ass!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Found this stupid flyer sticking on the window of the bus that I took.

Okay usually , I have to take a bus from Bangkok Bank near the central market there to my work place which is at Jalan Segambut. The trip is quite far and I have to go through three zones (the zones indicate how much you have to pay). But I was okay with it because I only have to take one bus to get there.

But the stupid bus system that they are using now are the buses only go around in their respective zones. So it means that instead of taking just one bus, I have to rotate between three buses to get to my work place. And I have to pay RM 4 for a one day trip, that's extra RM1 more plus all of the trouble I'll be going through.

Image hosting by Photobucket
On the left is the old route and on the right are the new routes. So as you can see, instead of just taking one bus to go to my work place, I now have to take three buses. Pretty fucked up I must say.

Plus if given the situation where I missed all three buses, I have to wait 10 minutes (if miracle does happen and there is no traffic jam) for each buses. So adding it all up , I have to wake up 30 minutes earlier than the time I usually wakes up (at 6am) if I don't want to be late for work, so it means that I now have to wake up at 5.30 am!!!! blardy fack!!!! All those trouble, with fare increased by RM1 again!! OMGWTF!!!!oneoneone!!!yatyatyat11111!!!!


So now I'm gonna take the metro bus which only reaches the road on Jalan Ipoh, and have to take 20 minutes walk to my work place. At least I'm gonna be fit (and die earlier from inhaling smoke coming out from the cars).

That's it!! I'm buying a fucking bike!!! (or maybe a kancil i guess)

Monday, March 13, 2006

SOooo... what's up?

wha? pardon?? you thought i was dead? well sorry to disappoint you but I'm still alive and kicking. Nothing outrageous happened to me lately.. hmmm.. come to think of it, I missed being in weird situation. At least I'd have something to blog about.

You know one bad thing about having a blog is that you can't never retell story to your bunch of friends that you have blogged before.

Kenny : You know last week I was in the LRT and.....
A friend : Oh that, I knew that already, read it on your blog...


Kenny : Really? then two days ago I was walking alone in.......
A friend : Oh that, I knew about that too, read it on your blog.
Kenny : But I haven't blog about that!!! =____=
A friend : OH.... oppps.. hehehe..

Right now I'm just waiting for my pc to arrive so for the time being I'll be in hiatus mode (yes, finally your prayer has been answered, go buy a chicken to thank your god).

Until then... pray hard if you wan't me to be in hiatus forever.

Friday, March 03, 2006

My life, is like a sitcom...

Okay, I really don't know why, but my life, it seems, is like a sitcom but with the consequence. Sometimes it gives a good laugh and sometime its just plain weird. But unlike sitcom,sometime those weird situation are not as funny as you thought it would be. Well maybe it is, since my friends laugh at it (and on me) when I told them but I assured you, it's not so funny when it happened to you.

okay this happened yesterday , when I was on my way home. As always I boarded the putra LRT to get home, and as usual the LRT is packed with people. But yesterday was especially packed. I pushed my way in (or rather, being pushed in by the people behind me). So I have no place to maneuver at all. Since I don't have a place to hold on to on two of the four sides that I can face on, I have two choices in where I want to face at. One is looking at a guy face to face (he's at almost the same height as me) eyes locking at each other and feeling each other's breath blowing through the neck or face the back of a woman. Deciding not to rehearse the role of the cowboy in brokeback mountain with that guy (plus he have bad breath) I choose to face the back of the woman. The woman was with her friend that were facing me. And they both knew that I'm facing that woman. But because of the amount of people inside is really high. I felt uncomfortable because I keep on struggling not to make contact of my crotch with her ass (she is quite plum, and her behind is quite 'well-build'). And with the constant pushing and her 'well-build' behind are not helping with my case at all.

Finally when the train reached the next station, some of the people got off and I have the chance to change my position before the others came in. So I turn and now her behind is now against my right thigh where I keep my wallet at back of the pocket in my pants. And right after that, we are back to the pushing and grinding stage again. The woman and her friend thought I couldn't hear them because I was listening to my mp3 player. But what they didn't know is, I didn't turn the volume high so i overheard them talking (we were very close to each other so I couldn't help overhearing it).

The plum woman : Eh, I think the guy behind me is having a boner la! (sounds irritated)

her friend : *peer over her to look at me, in which I intentionally look at the other way* He's not facing behind you la! How can you feel his boner like that?

The plum woman : But i felt something hard poking my behind le....

-____- , hey lady, there are other things that are hard beside the big willy you know??? Like my muscle ;) and my wallet. You are grinding your ass on my wallet la!!!

I couldn't help but gave her friend the "what the hell, I'm not a perv.! look"

her friend : Sshhhh.. I think he heard us la! giggles giggles..

So there you go, another episode of weird thing that happened to Kenny! I have alot of weird experience boarding the putra LRT. But one that I really couldn't forget is the one I got harrassed by a sex-crazed Indian woman (it happened before I started this blog), but that's another story to tell on another time....

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Alternative rides...

But before that...
All those metal pounding happening just below the office are getting on my nerves!!! AArrghhh... how I wish I could just go downstairs, take the hammer from their hand and pound on their heads!!! It's really testing on my patience and sanity.

Anyway with all this fear over the RM 0.30 increase of petrol's price, I think alot of people who initially wanted to buy a car would now stop and giving a second thought about it. Or maybe they just went to buy a car since it is a necessity, or maybe they buy it now since the bank will increase the interests rate on car loan soon. Seriously being to dependent on technology could cost you, and this is one good example.

Well there are ways to deal with it. To be not affected by the soaring fuel price, we need to go back to the old technologies before fuel consumed engines are born. Because let's face it, the fuel won't get any cheaper, and alternatives powered cars still has a long way to go. Even if they have it now, the price of the car can and will cost you an arm and a leg.

So after brainstorming for 5 minutes, thinking what kind of transportation that could take place of those petrol powered one. I present you the alternatives for transportation!

Image hosting by Photobucket
yep, the town country wagon. With spacious area inside and mobility ensured, this is a choice of all those housewives who enjoys shopping, This is the next Volvo wagons ladies and gentlemen!

But for all of you ghettos who would want to be caught dead driving this beauty, no fear, because I understand the your need to drive more muscled vehicle. So without further a-do....

Image hosting by Photobucket
I present you the all terrain steel wood wagon!!! this SUV is the next Humvee killar. It's fully customizable from top to bottom so you can start calling MTV to pimp this ride!

The only downside of these vehicles is they are powered by gravity. So anyone who lives in flat land will have to figure out on how to get these babies moving...

But never fear people-who-lives-on-flat-land, because I have figured out a solution for your problem. I present you.....

A bull cart with boy-with-his-foot-stuck-on-the-wheel!! (boy with his foot stuck on the wheel is included, but the bulls aren't, so you'll have to find those yourself). This baby doesn't need any car insurance because if you had an accident and your bulls ends up dead, you can ask that bastard who ran to it to pay a handsome amount of money. Just count in how many times this bull can reproduce and whatever else that you can count about that are related to the bull. (Anyone who did hit a bull or cow in kampung should know how they process on how much you have to pay for it).

And lastly for those who already own a car and don't want it to end up as metal scrap in the garage, well you could always........

use your pet to pull it.....