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Monday, April 03, 2006

Akedemi Fantasia's brewing another Mawi?

My housemate, Hadibi and his sister Haizum decided to try their luck in getting to musical industries by joining the new season of Akedemi Fantasia's audition. Akedemi Fantasia is quite well known to Malaysian especially to those who own a satellite TV Astro and has a broad audiences who watches them religiously. It's a reality talent show (yes one of those sms based voting show) where the winner is chosen by majority votes (and its where people with average talent can win the contest, provided they are able to woo the audiences and if they know any friends and families that are rich and willing to spend a huge amount of money to vote them).

It's very much like American Idols except that its a show of people with lesser talent. (alot of people gonna hate me for stating that. >_<). A show where majority of audiences are Malays. (I'm not trying to state that racism's involved, because I know the 1st winner of the show is a chinese.) But I must state that my housemate and his sister are a talented bunch (Hadibi is also an artist in local comic magazine called JOM, a magazine that's gaining more and more readers now but frankly I don't read them. hahahhaa ). They can sing really well and both of them are into R & B and pop songs. (Although I must state that Hadibi does get on my nerves sometime by singing really loud in his room, especially late at night). His sister has been invited to sing in several functions and her voice is quite powerful for a small 'sized' young woman (small in term of vertical attribudes, above average in weight.. hehehehehehhe . Just joking Haizum, pls don't kill me! >_<)

So anyway, they went ahead to the audition located ... hhhmmm... somewhere at Bukit Jalil? somewhere there la. They went out of the house around 9 am and finally got back around 2 am... No I didn't type that wrong, and yes its two in the morning. All that I could say is, they have wasted their time and effort for nothing in return. But I guess they did take a step (although its a side step . XD) that hope that they have learn something from the trip. Something like Haizum does have the ability to attract male. (well I'm the one who learned that lesson. >_< . After knowing her for a long time, I don't see her that way.)

And if you screwed up your lyrics just for one bit during the audition, you're out. For it has a huge followers, the audition are bound to have lots of people trying out their luck too, so it's natural that the event would last the whole day (the whole 24 hours to be exact). So the juries and the judges who have to sacrifice their ear and butt, sitting and listening to thousands and thousands of people (which I think that majority of them are not talented but are encouraged by their parents and friends, poor saps!) for hours would naturally get impatient in time.

At least that's what Hadibi wanted to believe, somehow I get a feeling that he's in denial that he' just not appealing enough! : p

So as the result, Hadibi got kicked out in the 1st part of the audition and Haizum is out after three (?) sessions... -___-...

I think mainly because both of them are singing English songs and don't have aduquete knowledge on Malay songs. And Akedemi Fantasia now it seems, trying to brew another Mawi clone, seeing that the recent winner has raked in an incredible amount of money and fame. As the local entertainment industry's motto goes. " Milk something that works until it dries, and replace it with something that's exactly the same. Why you ask? because it sells! who cares about fresh ideas, we are not willing to take the risk! "

Okay, I made up that motto, but really, after seeing those local movies showing the same plot and the same artists over and over again. I think I got the motto right.

Oh by the way, I hate Mawi. He's an overrated artist. (I think I won't be able to go out anymore if Mawi's fans are reading this.. )


  • 'local entertainment industry's motto'

    The motto is ALL ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRIES throughout the world. Especialyl HOLLYWOOD, who can't make a decent movie to save their life in the last few years! :-)

    All the best for Hadibi and Haizum.

    By Blogger Dabido, at 9:11 PM  

  • i enjoyed V for Vendetta.. :)

    if you really need a dose of fresh movies, I suggest trying those indie movies. Some of them produced really nice movies.. don't try experimental ones tho' it gives me headache most of the time...

    By Blogger hteekay, at 2:16 PM  

  • so brave of you to kutuk. i wish i dared. ;P

    By Blogger piffles, at 2:31 AM  

  • piffles : ala.. biasa la.. few people go to my blog what.. hahaha!

    By Blogger hteekay, at 9:53 AM  

  • At least I have the courage o audition you coward! lol

    By Blogger Hadibi, at 2:58 PM  

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