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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sorry for the built up suspense

What? So I lied, I promised to tell you what happened to me yesterday. But hey, it was a holiday okay? Even bloggers need a day off.. hahhaa..

Okay, so I tried to draw a comic out of the event that happened on last Monday yesterday (feeling a little confused about the time? Well don't worry, me too!) . But you know, there were time when people tell themselves that they will do a specific thing on a specific time since they are a day off tomorrow but never get around to do it at the end because they thought "Hey, this is holiday man, why should I bust my head trying to work this out?" and finally successfully bumped around the whole day instead getting the task done.

Well that happened to me yesterday.. LMAO..

So instead now you will have to bear with me and read through the story with grammatical errors instead.. Or just skip this and leave comments like "Hey, where's the comic you have promised me huh?" , or "You lazy bum!", or " I can't believe how incredibly handsome you are! I love you!". Its your choice.. Although I would like to read the last line from a girl... And no dabido, you can't leave comment like that....

If I can get my lazy ass to continue the comic or maybe do another new one tonight, I WILL POST IT TOMORROW. I promise.. (cross my heart....... And fingers)

So anyway, last Monday , as usual I was on my daily routine, the radio alarm blast music loudly, I woke up, turned the volume down and went back to sleep, telling myself that I will wake up when my handphone alarm rang, which is approximately five minutes after. The handphone alarm rang, I woke up , turned if off and again went back to sleep for the next five minutes...

Hey, its Monday okay? I hate waking up early on Monday...

So I finally woke up 10 minutes later than my schedule, took a short shower and went out of the house under 20 minutes. After I dressed up for work of course, you think I'd go out to work naked meh?. So I took the Putra LRT from Kelana Jaya to Masjid Jamek, interchange to STAR LRT from Masjid Jamek to Titiwangsa and wait for my bus there (stupid new public transport system!)

I manage to catch my time and was fairly early that morning. So I waited there for a while and then a bus came, I didn't saw the number of the bus but I saw an old man that I recognize (because he works at same area as mine) boarding the bus, so without checking the bus number, I boarded it ( by now you know where this is going right?)

I took out my KLue magazine and start reading it while listening in to my mp3 player throughout the bus trip , the old man was sitting behind me..

After a while, my guts are telling me that something's wrong here, I'm suppose to reach my stop 10 minutes ago. So I took a peek out of the window and was stunned that the view outside is alien to me. I don't know where the hell I am now and where the hell this bus is taking me. Trying to comfort myself by saying that the bus driver is taking another route to avoid jam, I look behind me searching for the old man to assured that my intuition is right.

Then I feel a cold sweat seeping out of my face, my blood seems to drawn away from my head. The old man is not there anymore!! He got off early and I didn't realized it. So I am now lost and late to my work. I calmed myself down and try not to look like a panic ape jumping and banging around in its cage. There are ladies around mind you. But I was worried that if I got off in this middle of nowhere, I won't know where will I go next, so I just sits down and wait for the bus to go back to the Titiwangsa station.

But half an hour later, I found out that I am in Gombak, on my way to Zoo Negara. (WTH??!!) , I'm waaayy off track and now really set to panic mode. Later the bus reached an PUTRA LRT and I got off and took the train back to Masjid Jamek. Gombak station is the second last station for PUTRA LRT and Kelana Jaya is the other end of the station for LRT. So I manage to get from one end station to another...

How f*cked up is that? My supervisor called me that time , and because I was too disoriented, I told her the truth and it never crossed my mind that she will tell the others about it, I thought that maybe she'll make up an excuse for me. Boy was I wrong..

So I finally reached my workplace one hour and a half late. I took the back door, trying to elude the human resources and accounting departments, since the pat pohs are there and surely will trying find out what have happened. I almost manage to sneak through and suddenly a loud "miao miao" sounds came out of my pants. No silly, I didn't keep cats in my pants. It was my stupid ringtone. My supervisor called me again. Blardy hell, didn't I say that I'll be late but I am coming??

So the whole sneaky business didn't work out and the whole human resource , accounting and engineers department looking at me trying to sneak my way through to my place. SHIT.
And apparently my supervisor told the pat poh in the human resource department (which is the mother of all pat pohs, she is the one pat poh to rule them all) the reason I was late. So I am the clown of the month. DOUBLE SHIT.

I asked my supervisor why she have to tell that mother of all pat pohs the truth, she said that she told her not to tell anyone about it. RRRIIIGGGHHTTT.... You think that she can even keep her mouth shut for a nano second? She's THE pat poh dammit, the pat poh to rule them all!!! The only secret that she keeps are secrets of her own. SHIT!

Long eh? XD


  • aaawwwww,is that all? I thought it was something more serious than that....XP But yea,that sorta experience can really really cramp your day.And getting the malu experience after that...whhoooaaaa...sorry to hear!


    By Blogger Sandra Khoo, at 10:45 AM  

  • Hahahaha. I remember getting on the Ampang instead of Sri Petaling train to get to work.

    By Blogger Albert, at 11:25 AM  

  • so cham. last time i kena the same thing to, on board KTM ... took the wrong train, and only realised when the conductor asked for my ticket. basket. that time was listening to walkman, so didn't know he asked for it earlier. he accused me of being lansi instead.

    anyway, HR ppl usually their job is to be pat la, no offence to anyone doing HR. =P

    By Blogger piffles, at 11:37 AM  

  • Aww....poor kenny..
    now i know why u late liao..aiseh
    next time dun trust ur old man liao lah...ur 6 sense might not accurate if u dun open ur eye big big look at the bus number lar..then u will end up take a silly tour around the KL of no where lo.
    make sure next time dun do it again lo.
    it was happened to me once, many yrs ago while i still in college. After my training, i took the bus back home.I dozed off in the bus, slept silently in my dream land. So i missed out the station i need to get down, when i opened my eye realised that i was in mid of nowhere...gosh!whole buss left only me sitting there with the bus driver. End up i need to pay another trip bus fair to get back home, took another 1.5 hrs. So whole trip bcame 3 hrs to get home. LMAO!
    Well, HR known as KBC..very sam pat..very kay boh one.. my place also like tat, they always go after ur backside, very politic one.
    Now they even check why we late for 5 min, i late for 5 min they can make up i late for 30 min, FUCK lah! then i work late ppl keep quiet la..what the heck! Then my boss already ass hole one lar... today whole damn day i was so stress n piss!!

    By Blogger Jo, at 12:46 PM  

  • I'm here to say hello too! :)

    By Anonymous kyels, at 1:44 PM  

  • sandra : you were hoping something really nasty happen to me?? you evil bwitch! XD

    albert : aahhh the good old days ya? XD

    piffles : ya me very charm, could use a hug from u now.. sniff sniff..

    JO : I could use a hug from u too! :)
    WWooohh there pony.. so much angst there, maybe you should change your job.. XD

    kyels : why harloowww~~

    By Blogger hteekay, at 2:27 PM  

  • 'And no dabido, you can't leave comment like that....'

    Awww, but that was my comment of choice! I'll leave a different one instead!

    'you think I'd go out to work naked meh?'

    Yes, just to get those Aunites talking! :-)

    After all, it would certainly stop them talking about why you were late! ;-)

    By Blogger Dabido, at 4:57 PM  

  • I'm here to say hello! :p

    btw nice blog, loved the comics ... hehehe

    By Blogger Liz, at 12:33 AM  

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