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Monday, April 17, 2006

Tourists or bloggers?

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  • woi! i see jumping people! r u talking about me! :(

    By Anonymous smashpOp, at 10:48 AM  

  • smashpop : what, i'm not saying its a bad thing.. XD

    By Blogger hteekay, at 2:14 PM  

  • i see smashpop in the pic! wahahahaha

    By Blogger piffles, at 8:23 PM  

  • I have to agree with Smashpop, as soon as I saw the jumping people, I thought of his blog! lol

    I like the Mandatory peace sign as well! :-)

    By Blogger Dabido, at 6:23 PM  

  • faster update! i wanna see next episode! lol

    u wont draw some ppl taking pics of food right?

    By Anonymous smashpOp, at 11:35 PM  

  • hahaahahaa me too... the first thing that caught my attention r the jumping ppl and smashpop comes to mind

    By Blogger pikey, at 12:12 AM  

  • muahhaaa..nowadays..bloggers are busy taking picture...even professional than tourist jor...kekek..tat's good sign lo

    By Blogger Jo, at 10:22 AM  

  • Wahahahaha. SHIT. We're going to do that tomorrow and we're going to look SO WEIRD.

    By Blogger Elaine, at 11:42 PM  

  • piffles : its only a figure that jumps, how can people connect that with smashpop?

    dabido : thanks! did you noticed that person lying on his/her belly? I draw that based on furong jie jie. You might know about it if you frequent to Kenny Sia's blog! XD

    smashpop : unfortunately my internet connection in the office has been cut off, :( so I won't be able to update as much as I want to. But I'll be applying for a line soon...

    aiyak, so I guess I have to throw that idea away then? oh well, back to the drawing board.

    pikey : gosh, I sure hope people jumping off from building reminds you of him... O_O..

    touch wood! sorry. lame joke..

    Jo : camwhores unite!

    elaine : shit indeed! :D I can't wait for that moment! ahaha..

    By Blogger Haizum, at 12:15 AM  

  • Oppppss!! dammit, I forgot that acom was using the pc.. :P

    that was me by the way...

    No, I didn't have my sex changed! >_<

    By Anonymous hteekay, at 12:17 AM  

  • I do frequesnt Kenny Sia's Blog. I don't often comment there, as he gets about 100 comments a day, and I think he's only ever replied to one of mine once! [Which I don't blame him for ... so many comments] lol

    So, I just go to read, and can't be bothered reading through all his comments, or commenting much unless I think of something I think is cleaver or funny to say! :-)

    By Blogger Dabido, at 11:49 PM  

  • yo

    By Anonymous jen, at 12:28 AM  

  • wtf is acom !!?!??! scary shiet

    By Anonymous smashpOp, at 1:11 AM  

  • u look diff in person!

    was nice chit-chatting with u! have a nice week ahead!

    By Blogger calvism, at 2:23 PM  

  • ur pic will be up on my next post.. chil.. lol

    By Anonymous smashpOp, at 1:15 AM  

  • winner of the best blog meet post goes to...THE OTHER KENNY!!

    By Anonymous Jayelle, at 3:42 AM  

  • *LAUGHS*

    I hadn't logged off when he took over to use the computer and commented as me.

    By Blogger Haizum, at 7:15 PM  

  • HAHAHA that's really funny!
    and why no girls one? are you being sexist?
    *raises an eyebrow*

    By Anonymous expectation, at 12:58 AM  

  • You must be really proud of that cartoon ... it's been here for ten days! :-)

    By Blogger Dabido, at 12:21 PM  

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